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281 Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies V 1 Comment
282 Maya & Miguel Maya & Miguel

Remember that really dumb episode where they met an amputee kid with one arm?

You're out of your mind if you think this show is good

You're out of your mind if you think this show sucks its actually good

Her ponytail spins! Stupif

283 Oh Noah V 1 Comment
284 Plum Landing

Please, more like DUMB landing!


285 Pingu Pingu

The old one is so scary because once I had a nightmare about it when I was 4. Pingu walked in my room with the old theme song playing and then he walked up to my bed, bit my foot twice, and went out while the music stopped. - FinnsWorld

Liars this show is my fave!

This was cute.

Yanks hate British cartoons, they prefer their own crap.

V 1 Comment
286 EiEi Yoga

Gimme fruity pebbles abd I'll let you ride my bike

What is this show?


287 Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave

This show is just jeopardy but with CGI animation and is meant to appeal to kids. The main characters are bland and have almost no distinctive traits. Ruff ruff is the hunk. Tweet is the girl character everybody loves or hates. Dave acts like some guy who appears sometimes to deliver some pointless line. And Hatty, he's obviously a pedofile. The show makes no sense at times (Cough, cough, the episode where Tweet claims she lost her giggle). I hope this show gets canceled soon.

The hamster is the devil

Hattyl is satan himself -I-

288 Larva

This show is so stupid seriously a few worms dancing my siblings think it's the best show ever and there 7 and 8

V 1 Comment
289 Poko

Yeah, you tell him! I added this show on the list! By the way, that show IS spelt Poko, they just did not know it. - FinnsWorld

Who cares it's still an idiotic show

Where are his parents? And he doesn't even have a babysitter! - FinnsWorld

V 3 Comments
290 Ella The Elephant

I'm never a fan of this show, I hate Ella the Elephant with a burning passion! - FinnsWorld

"I'm Ella, and I problem solve in the stupidest ways."

A magic HAT? Seriously? - FinnsWorld

291 Numberjacks V 1 Comment
292 Milly, Molly V 1 Comment
293 The Numtums

If you're talking about the new series then it deserves to be far lower down they have dumb names exactly like the telly tubbies in fact it's a complete rip off

294 Iconicles V 1 Comment
295 Get Squiggling

This show makes my farts stink like tuna and crunch berries

296 Zack and Quack

Finnsworld is a goon

297 Turbo FAST


298 The New Woody Woodpecker Show

If we never hear that laugh again, it will be some reasons, playing tricks or pranks or pecking out the hell of something. And woody woodpecker's voice sound very annoying! He also calls "BEAGLE" lots of times! WORST SHOW EVER!

299 Happy tree Friends Happy tree Friends Happy Tree Friends is an adult animated flash series created and developed by Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro and Warren Graff for Mondo Media.

This show has mini-movies and causes lots, and lots and lots of BLOOD! It will take you to Happy Tree Freinds world. This show is a pisser!

THIS IS NOT A KID SHOW! I literally laughed when I saw this up here. It sounds like a kid show but it is HORRID

300 Chloe's Closet V 1 Comment
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