Top 10 Worst Choices Made by Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

Both of those cartoon companies have screwed up and here are their worst chances they've made.

The Top Ten

1 Shoving Teen Titans Go down other's throats - Cartoon Network

Do I really need to explain this one?

2 Hiring Christina Miller - Cartoon Network

Stuart Snyder is by far a better president than Christina Miller ever will be. I can't wait to make my two duo lists explaining the worst things about their respective presidencies later this month. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's obvious how bad that turned out...

3 Having Teen Titans Go being the only thing on the schedule - Cartoon Network

This ruins the chance of people to see good old shows like Edd Edd N Eddy or new shows like Adventure Time which makes next to no variety at all.

4 Cancelling shows because toys didn't sell well - Cartoon Network

Who honestly cares about how well a toy sells? It doesn't mean a show should be cancelled because of it. *COUGH COUGH* Young Justice and Symbiotic Titan.

5 Focusing on Spongebob too much - Nickelodeon

I get that he's the mascot of the channel but their are other good/ important Nickelodeon cartoons to focus on.

6 Focusing on live action shows instead of cartoons - Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon

When Cartoon Network did this back in 2009 it was pretty bad... now that Nickelodeon's doing it on Teen Nick and Nicktoons it's just as bad.

7 Making shows based on annoying YouTubers/ videos - Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

FRED: The Show, The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange and Bread Winners enough said...

8 Not airing any of their older cartoons or providing a balance between their old and new cartoons - Cartoon Network

Self explanatory at most.

9 Green lighting the Power Puff Girls reboot - Cartoon Network

A bad and very cringe inducing decision...

10 Turning down Adventure Time for Fanboy & Chum Chum - Nickelodeon

Why on earth did they choose Fanboy & Chum Chum? It's not funny, appealing or interesting at all! Oh well at least Adventure Time is doing well on Cartoon Network.

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