Top 10 Worst Chowder Characters

I hate Chowder and here's the worst characters from this disgusting failure of a show. If you like Chowder that's fine just don't overreact to this list.

The Top Ten

1 Chowder Chowder

Annoying and downright obnoxious. Not to mention his voice is IRRITATING beyond belief.

2 Panini Panini

Just as unlikable as Chowder. Not to mention practically stalks him and can't take no for a answer.

WAY WAY WAY worse than the title character. Come on. - 445956

3 Reuben

Quite obnoxious and annoying in all honesty.

4 Chestnut

Unlikable like most Chowder characters are.

5 Kiwi

Somewhat annoying.

6 Kimichi

Just as annoying as Chowder himself.

7 Shnitzel

One of the only likable characters.

8 Gazpacho

Again not horrible but only because I needed ten entries.

9 Truffles

The only semi- decent character add to her because I needed ten entries.

10 Mung Daal

He's basically the Squidward of this show to be honest.

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