Top 10 Worst Christmas Foods and Drinks

The holidays are approaching (already December) and a lot of good treats and goodies are produced around the holidays, but a few of these I cannot stand and I usually tend to skip them. Here we count down what you guys think of the worst Christmas foods.

The Top Ten

1 Stuffing

Stuffing may be known more as a Thanksgiving food but it is also a Christmas food served at most Christmas dinners. And I despise it! Sometimes it just makes me gag, and it looks like dry vomit. - Phillip873

Wow, as a fan of stuffing, I think you're being a bit too harsh towards it. - mattstat716

Seriously though, there's much worse food than this. - mattstat716


2 Apple Cider

I cannot stand apple cider, or really anything apple. In fact I pretty much don't like anything apple, it is just the taste that makes me gag a little, I don't know why! - Phillip873

You put Brussels Sprouts under this?!
What?! - mattstat716

3 Cranberry Sauce

I simply do not like cranberries. - Phillip873

4 Brussels Sprouts

These are typically served with Christmas dinner and I do not like these! - Phillip873

I dislike those more if you hate brussel sprouts so much you can vote them up - Phillip873

These are so bitter!

5 Christmas Pudding


It's more common in the UK but I have tried it and some of the ingredients I don't really like. It comes together kind of bleh. - Phillip873

6 Fruitcake

People hate these cause they reportedly break your teeth

I don't really like fruit cake much to be honest. - Phillip873

7 Eggnog

Not a fan of it personally, and it tastes nasty in excess for me too. - Phillip873

8 Sweet Potatoes

I prefer the mashed potatoes. - Phillip873

Why is this here?

9 Apple Pie

Expressed my distaste for apples already, putting this lower since it is more popular. - Phillip873

10 Peppermint

I like peppermint unless I have too much of it by itself, then it doesn't taste very good. - Phillip873

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