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1 Nothing

I understand if parents are too poor to buy anything, but what if they are rich millionaires and still don't get any toys for their children on Christmas day? That's a bit rude.

This should be number one

What's the point of gifts when you get nothing? - EpicJake

Kids wake up and run to the tree and there’s nothing
Kids:dad we’re are the gifts?
Dad:you get nothing you lose good day sir!

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2 The Obama Chia Pet Head

This is like one of those Miley Cyrus hair designers. Who'd even keep one? I'd throw it in the trash. And I'm a hoarder.

Be thankful it wasn't the trump chia pet head!

Something about those things creep me out

It's only a bad Christmas gift if you're:
1. A conservative Republican.
2. Someone who hates Barack Obama.
3. Someone who watches Fox News 24/7. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Coal

Put a lot of pressure on it (and I mean millions) and you will get diamonds! - SanicHeghog123

I'm gonna do this laugh out loud

This is a terrible gift, even for adults.

Coals for naughty kids.


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4 A Dead Animal

I deeply agree. How can any person receive a dead animal for Christmas? HE'LL/SHE'LL TRACK GERMS!

I'd feel bad for the animal. No animal deserves to be treated with abuse.

Brian Griffin would disagree! - westofohio

5 Self Help Books

Seriously, get a councillor or a therapy! Don't leave your children miserably reading a book that tells them what's wrong with their life.

Says, 'Here--this is what I think is wrong with you. '

6 Monkey Bobblehead
7 Pajama Jeans

I hate it when my parents gave me clothes for Christmas. I to be honest don't care about clothes.

What!? There's such a thing as pajama jeans!? : O

8 Justin Bieber CDs

This is my worst nightmare

LOL, I agree this - 05yusuf09


Who would want to hear his ear-bleeding, cringeworthy muic? Not Me! No way, no how!

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9 The Snuggie

What is the purpose of these things? - RiverClanRocks

The cheapest marketing plot ever. It's just a bathrobe you wear backwards. You might as well gift them their bathrobe with a peice of paper telling them to wear it diffrent. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Socks

Socks suck for a Christmas gift. (Pun intended)

I can't get the pjunchline mate

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? The Clapper

These have to be a gag gift. #1 for a re-gift. - CrueMcabre

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11 Snakes

My dad is terrified of snakes. He'd never give me a snake. Thank god, pythons can choke you and cobras can poison you.

Imagine opening up a present to find snakes in it! - Freddy_Fazbear

Move this to the bests list

12 The Re-Gifted Gift

I hate these. If you're not gonna give me a quality gift then give me nothing at all. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

When I was given this, I want to throw this to his/her face

I got one

13 Poop

If I ever wanted poop, I'd go to the bathroom and make it myself. Is this a joke gift?

14 The Fruitcake

This cake is gross. What is it made of anyway? The bakers probably wipe random crap off the counter into a bowl & make it into batter. - ruJILLous

15 Underwear
16 Bubsy 3D

Who wants a video game that looks like it's unfinished? Bubsy 3D is the worst video game of all time. - EpicJake

Bubsy 3D is a game with such terrible graphics it looks like it's half animated and the producers were too lazy to finish it. It's also really annoying how Bubsy keeps advertising the game and saying stuff like ''What cool platforms! " and stuff, no, Bubsy. This is not ''cool''. And this game is so poorly made, there's barely anything to do and it can probably make people sick. JonTron was right every word he said about this game.

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17 Insects

Kinda depends what you mean by insects,if you mean like in a frame that's fine but if its like a clothes moth or a poisonous spider live that's bad

True.They are like diarrhea poop.

No offense, but these are terrible pets. They die in a week, I know because I had a pet Lemon Beetle and I gave it food, I looked after it and it still died instantly.

And most insects can make you sick. Some caterpillars spread a deadly disease, and centipedes and millipedes can make people sick.

18 A Time Bomb

Especially when it's gonna explode in 3 seconds. - Freddy_Fazbear

Tag on xmas present: Merry Christmas to little Bobby.

19 Weapons
20 A Boring Book

Well, as long as it isn't among the following,

1. Twilight (Not the unicorn, the book)
2. 50 shades of grey
3. Any autobiography of some Z list celebrity (Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Etc.)

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