Worst Christmas Gifts Ever


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21 A Broken Computer

Who needs that? Just asking...

22 Onions Onions
23 The Holiday Sweater

I don't mind getting a sweater for Xmas!

But somehow on that Ed Edd 'N Eddy Christmas episode when Ed finds the large consignment of presents for him, but finds out it's all underwear, socks and Sh! t (Forgive me for swearing! )

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24 A Piece Goldfish Food

I don't know if the person who put this on the list was talking about Goldfish Crackers or fish food. - Freddy_Fazbear

Goldfish Crackers! The snack that smiles back!

How would you even see it to know what it is? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

25 Temporary Tattoo Kit
26 Justin Bieber Concert Tickets

I'll take then because people will pay decent money for them and I would sell them to a teenage fan girl - Sabbath

That is the worst grift ever

That'll make perfect fuel for an open fire!

This is the worst christmas present to get a spoilt child!

This should've been at the number 1 spot!

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27 Foam Letters


28 A Swarm of Bees

You: I can’t wait

Tears open the wrapping paper

Bees come out

You: not the bees ahh

29 Microscope

That would be cool. - SovietZephyr

30 A Lemon With an Smiley Face
31 A Singing/Dancing Christmas Tree
32 A Cheap Watch
33 Chia Head Statue

Its creepy. Why don't you just get a flower and plant it? It's the exact same thing. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

These are gag gifts. No one in their right mind would want one.

34 iPhone 6

These disgusting pieces of glass are the reason why people get ran over and fall off cliffs, etc.

I would like an iPhone6 - PatrickStar

They break almost instantly

Only voted for this because WHY in the world would this be a bad Christmas gift? Its number 1 on my list!

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35 Fake Phones
36 A Broken TV
37 The Singing Fish
38 Justin Bieber Visits and Sings

I could probably turn this into something good. I'll take off his accessories (jackets, scarf, piercing, extra clothes), get his hair, signed pictures, and recordings of him singing songs he will never realese, and get a fourtane.

39 Diaper

Especially when they're filled

A boy actually got this for Christmas." - Freddy_Fazbear

Ew! Who wants a diaper for Christmas? But hey, at least if someone got that I would be laughing. Especially when it is full. - Freddy_Fazbear

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40 Ouija Board

Something about those things are evil.

I don't even allow those at my pizzeria!

These things are pure evil.

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