Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies and Specials

Christmas is almost here! It is my favorite holiday of all time! Something I love to do during this holiday is watch a lot of Christmas movies and Christmas specials. Even though there are a lot of great ones, there are also a lot of bad ones. Which we shall discuss here.
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1 Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa

Heck yes, it's worse than The Emoji Movie. In fact it is The Emoji Movie of Christmas. Even those awful flash-animated reboots look like perfect movies. The Rapsittie Street Kids belong on the naughty list. If you ever see it, prepare to cringe!

I found this piece of crap on You Tube. I can't believe it had Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid), Nancy Cartwright the voice of (Bart Simpson, Millhouse, Ralph Wiggum, and Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Paige O'Hare (Belle from The Beauty and the Best (1991)), and Grey DeLise (the voice of Vicky from The Fairly Odd Parents) were in this trash!

If you watched the Nostalgia Critic review, you can see how bad this special is. And apparently a lot of the things I’ve added to this list were reviewed by the Nostalgia Critic. That’s a coincidence by the way. Just pointing that out. Absolute worst thing about the special, by far, is the animation. It makes Foodfight look like a Pixar film. How do they manage to mess up this badly? It’s unbelievable how something with animation this bad would be allowed to exist. What happened here? Well apparently they spent most of their budget on hiring well known voice actors. Mark Hamill, Nancy Cartwright, and even Jodi Benson. Although, her character in this special is more tolerable than Ariel. So it’s a step up for her. The animation is so bad that it’s hard to look at. They move in ways that no human beings move. It’s just so horrible. It hurt my eyes looking at it.

Holy mother of God this is a monstrosity. Its animation makes Norm of the North look godly

2 The Star Wars Holiday Special The Star Wars Holiday Special Product Image

This one’s very obvious. Probably the worst thing to come from Star Wars. It’s worse than Attack of the Clones and the Clone Wars combined. It was technically the second Star Wars movie to ever come out as it came before Empire Strikes Back, but it wasn’t released theatrically. I don’t even consider it as part of the Star Wars canon. Yeah, someone started a petition to remove The Last Jedi from the Star Wars canon and it actually got thousands of signatures. So that is apparently where the franchise crossed the line. Not this. Seriously though, this special is so bad that even George Lucas was embarrassed by it. He even attempted to get rid of any available copy of it. And keep in mind this guy went on to create Jar Jar Binks years later. Well at least he wasn’t responsible for creating Rose Tico. A girl from The Last Jedi who is debatably worse than Jar Jar. She totally is by the way. Nothing in this holiday special makes any kind of sense. It’s nothing but random scenes ...more

"Life Day" Wow how creative.

*thinks I love it*
(2 seconds in)
*Throws avacado at T.V.*

3 The Christmas Tree The Christmas Tree Product Image

A lot of people claim this to be the worst Christmas special of all time. And while I don’t consider it to be the worst, it is still very horrendous. There was actually a team of animators that worked on this thing. But just look at it. There was no effort put into the animation at all. The voice acting is also very awful. All I was able to hear was children reading scripts. Which is what they were doing but they’re not supposed to make it sound like they’re just saying what’s written on paper. There was no emotion in their voices. I didn’t believe anything they were saying. I can see why this is considered one of the worst. They didn’t even try.

"You always win when you are good" no you don't, that makes no sense! Even for Christmas!

So bad, its good

You should LOOK at nostalgia critic's review.

4 Eight Crazy Nights Eight Crazy Nights Product Image

This move had potential. But it was so full of juvenile humor and product placements, no one seemed to care.

The animation is good, but that's the only good part of it

Unwatchable. Not suitable for bad movie night.

This movie was funny!

5 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Product Image

I actually used to like this movie back when I was a kid, but nowadays, I don't like it as much anymore. The plot is already overly convoluted as it is, but the songs make it worse. And for me, while all the songs were cheesy and stupid, they're all so bad that it's hard for me to determine which one is so bad it's so good or just so bad that it's horrible. Ugh, I can't be the only one who always bangs my head and either closes my ears or mutes the volume while closing my eyes and peaking to see if it's over whenever I see Cousin Mel and her assistant sing about suing Santa's pants off and- oh no, IT'S STUCK IN MY HEAD AGAIN! SOMEONE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!

Grandma got run over by reindeer and that's pretty much it the movie is really unfocused it constantly switches from one plot to another one minute it goes from a guy trying to buy Grandmas store to Grandma getting run over by Santa and go missing to the Jake searching for her why Santa didn't just drop her off at the hospital is beyond me or better yet he should have dropped her off at their house instead of waiting almost a year, then switches to Mel scheming to get Grandpa to sign over the store to her, then filing a lawsuit against Santa.

Thank God Cartoon Network is no longer airing this movie, as it is on Freeform now. This movie drove me mad whenever it aired on CN.

They abuse grandma!

6 Dexter vs. Santa Claws (Dexter's Laboratory)

I've already ranted on this episode once, and I'll give my thoughts on it again. Everything about this Christmas episode just screams mean-spirited. I get morals aren't the point of every cartoon, but here, it isn't just the Broken Aesop that's the problem. Probably more than half the episode just outright INFURIATED ME! Ranging from, but not limited to: Dexter sucking at rapping about Santa not being real, his stupid theory that Santa is just his mom and dad posing as him in spite of all the glaring flaws in his thesis, enacting animal cruelty by pulling a reindeer's antlers out by force, Dexter literally trying to murder Santa (who he thinks is his dad, which makes no difference since it makes it sound like he wants to murder his OWN FATHER) by chasing him down with a fighter jet and missiles, shaving Santa's beard off in a sadistic fashion, destroying all of his family's Christmas decorations and presents and essentially ruining Christmas for his family, and to top it all off, ...more

Dexter literally tries to kill Santa Clause and ends up destroying Christmas for his family.

7 Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

445956 - Christmas does not need to have anything to do with religion nowadays. Its just a time when we can have FUN. There is no such thing as Christmas in the Bible. Open it and find the word Christmas. It was just for Christians to ruin holidays celebrated by Romans and Celtics Saturnalia and Yule by turning it into their birth date for Jesus who was supposed to be born in the summer.
So lets all forget religion and have Christmas as fun. Dinners, gifts, music, decorations, party all night.

I hated every second of this special! This is the angriest I’ve been at Disney in such a long time. It’s not because they released in theaters with Coco, pretty much the entire thing itself is terrible from beginning to end. Why would they make Olaf the main character? I can not imagine why they would do that. They even made him dumber than he was in the movie. Which made the humor not just unfunny, but also annoying. I only laughed once throughout the entire thing. I was bored most of the time. Even the songs are dull! They got different songwriters to work on these ones. I don’t know why they couldn’t get the original songwriters to do the ones in this. Ironically, the original Frozen songwriters wrote the song Remember Me in Coco. Which is an amazing song. Anyway, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure sucks. Everything about it is bad.

Josh Gad voices Olaf. Josh Gad is Jewish. Why did they force him to do this

I love olaf's frozen christmas, it's my favorie christmas specials.

8 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause Product Image

I visited the Walt Disney Studios lot a couple weeks ago and got to see the Santa outfit that was used in this movie in the archives exhibit. Anyway, Santa Clause 3 is easily the worst of the Santa Clause movies. The first one pretty good, the second one was forgettable, and the third one is absolutely awful. One thing I really enjoyed was Martin Short as Jack Frost. I thought he was a pretty funny and enjoyable character. The rest of the movie, however, isn’t very enjoyable. There were a lot of jokes I didn’t laugh at. The writing was very poor. I also thought the editing was bad. I still very much enjoy the first movie for what it is. It’s too bad its sequels don’t have the same charm that the first one has.

Erid D. Snyder put it very poignantly in his review about Tim Allen's performance in The Santa Clause trilogy; "The first time with enthusiasm, the second time with affection and the third time for a paycheck".

9 The True Meaning of Christmas - Teen Titans Go!

EASILY the worst episode of Teen Titans Go! And that is really saying something! The Titans don't get presents because they're on the naughty list. And when they go to Santa's workshop disguised as elves, they cause a bunch of trouble. Cyborg gets an elf fired, Beast Boy makes Rudolph quit, Starfire and Raven harm sentient gingerbread, and Robin destroys the toy factory. And they wonder why they haven't been getting presents. The episode has a very bad message for children. It says that the true meaning of Christmas isn't about being with family, it's about nothing but presents. It's probably meant to be a joke but they certainly don't make it sound like one. It even says that even if you're naughty, you can still be rewarded. The Titans were apparently naughty for 3 years which lead to them not getting any presents. However, they ended up being even worse and still managed to get presents? This doesn't make any sense! They don't deserve anything! This is by far the worst episode of ...more

Worst teen titans go special ever. Starfire thinks there is a second Christmas after the other titans beast boy, raven, and cyborg tell her just because she gets to go to her home planet for Christmas. They should know her brain is like a sponge.This episode is awful at least the night begins to shine was good.

I wouldn't call it the worst TTG ep, but it was still pretty bad.

Teen Titans Go must be eradicated!

10 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Product Image

The Enchanted Christmas is the second worst Beauty and the Beast movie. This could’ve been great. A Beauty and the Beast movie that takes place during Christmas sounds like a great idea. But the film was poorly executed. The Beast is so unlikeable! He has no reason to hate Christmas. The reason they give us is that Christmas was the day when he was cursed, but it was his own fault that the curse happened. Also, after Belle nearly drowns while getting him a Christmas tree, he locks her in the dungeon. Even though she was trying to do something nice. Belle also never seems to stand up for herself whenever the Beast acts like a jerk. Which is very out of character for her. I don’t remember any of the songs. They’re all just forgettable. There’s an angel character in the film and I thought she was really annoying. This is not a good movie. But it’s still better than Belle’s Magical World.

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11 Christmas with the Kranks Christmas with the Kranks Product Image

All the Kranks wanted was to skip the Christmas holiday season and go on a cruise and their selfish neighbors refuse to let that happen so they spend day in day out harassing them and never giving them a moments peace and just when the Kranks are ready to go on their cruise in horrible bad timing their daughter Blair who had left in the beginning of the movie and the reason why they decided to skip Christmas and go on a cruise calls and tells them that she's coming home for Christmas now everything changes Nora who was on board with the idea of skipping Christmas completely turns on Luther and now Luther has to suck it up and ask for their neighbors for help in setting up for Blair's arrival at first most of them don't want to help them one of them even says "Why Should we help him" considering the fact that they spent a majority of the movie harassing them they at least owe em that much then VIc Frohmeyer the neighborhood leader convinces them that they should do it not for Luther ...more

Wow. There isn’t a single likeable character in this movie. The whole plot of the movie is that Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis decide to skip Christmas, but the neighbors refuse to let them. Yeah. Their neighbors are absolutely unbearable. And yet, the ending suggests that the neighbors are right despite them acting like idiots throughout the film. It actually made me side with Allen and Curtis. And it doesn’t seem they decided not to skip Christmas because they just decided not to, it felt like they decided to celebrate to get the others to stop bothering them. The message of the film is absolutely terrible. The humor is also very painful. It is such a bad Christmas movie.

this was my aunt's favorite.

12 Fa-La-La-A-rooney (Liv and Maddie) Fa-La-La-A-rooney (Liv and Maddie) Product Image

It was at THIS POINT that I officially started to realize WHY this show is so hated, AND feel like I should hate it too! Keep in mind the fact that the actress who played Jenny Keene in this episode (Ella Anderson) is also Henry Hart's bratty sister Piper in Henry Danger. And even BEFORE this episode, she was a bratty angry orphan in A.N.T. Farm. So basically, EVERY character she plays is a brat! Makes me wonder if she's really that bratty in REAL LIFE. Also, let's be honest. The toilet humor in this show wasn't TOO severe, UNTIL this episode. Same thing with the mean-spirited undertones and bad writing. But ever since this episode, Liv and Maddie SERIOUSLY took a nose-dive in quality. And THAT'S when I lost faith in my sanity for loving this show. The saddest part is that this wasn't even the worst episode, DESPITE being the first bad episode. But what this episode and most of these other awful movies and specials have in common is that they ALL are mean-spirited, badly written, and ...more

13 Christmas Danger (Henry Danger)
14 Home Alone 3 Home Alone 3 Product Image

Don't believe Roger Ebert's testimony that it's better than the first two. It's not.

15 Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House Product Image

I remember that this cash grab was poorly written, terribly acted and a horrible sequel through and through.

I wanna punch that stupid look on that kids face so hard.

Worse than Home Alone 3 by a long shot.

16 The Swan Princess Christmas The Swan Princess Christmas Product Image

I just wish there was only one Swan Princess.

17 The Grinch The Grinch Product Image

It really betrays everything that was amazing about the original book and special. I hate it to no end.

Gay version of the grinch, although the 2000 sucks more because of gay Jim carrey

18 Second Christmas (Teen Titans Go) Second Christmas (Teen Titans Go) Product Image
19 Caillou's Holiday Movie Caillou's Holiday Movie Product Image
20 The Nuttiest Nutcracker The Nuttiest Nutcracker Product Image

Wow. I’m just, this movie is so balls to the walls insane. It’s just so chaotic, with all of the ugly, unneeded characters. As far as the story goes, it sounds like a wattpad fanfic made by a 10 year old. Just, no.

Basically, how the story goes: There’s an uncanny valley barbie doll called Marie who wants to marry a nutcracker, but is upset about Christmas because her parents are stuck in a blizzard, being the entitled brat she is.

Meanwhile, literally OUT OF NOWHERE, these anthro nuts pop up and explain the origin of the nutcracker to this ugly peanut kid with his unsettling twitching body. His body moves like he’s having a stroke half the time.

There’s also a Jamaican nut, low-budget comic relief cashew, grandpa testicle, stereotypical sheriff peanut and miss lady almond (who, keep in mind, was given an oddly human body, compared to the other nuts, who are just nuts)

Meanwhile, barbie’s younger brother breaks the nutcracker and he’s locked ...more

21 Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas Product Image

what? I liked it, it's very good.

No! I love this show who ever put this here is a 🤬

22 Rudolph & Frosty's Christmas in July Rudolph & Frosty's Christmas in July Product Image
23 Santa Claus is Comin' to Town Santa Claus is Comin' to Town Product Image
24 The Star (2017) The Star (2017) Product Image
25 Barney: Night Before Christmas Barney: Night Before Christmas Product Image

Barney’s Christmas movies are terrible!

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