Top Ten Worst Christmas Songs of All Time

Yes, the annoying, trite little jingles that radio stations across American insist on playing over...and....over.....and over.......

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1 Mistletoe

Listen to this song? Nah, I'd rather eat a smelly boot.
There isn't really any one thing I can pinpoint about this song that makes me dislike it; I pretty much dislike everything about it.
Let me make this clear, though. Justin Bieber is arguably the artist that people tend to have the strongest feelings about, both good and bad, and let's just say that I definitely don't have strongly GOOD feelings toward him. So it's just possible that I might be judging this song too harshly, just because of who is preforming it.
That being said, this song is weak. I forgot the chorus two thirds of the way into the song, and then I had to be reminded what it was when it came back again. It doesn't have a great beat, and the vocals... but that's just blaming Justin Bieber again, and personally, if his vocals are in any song, I immediately like it less.
The lyrics are sappy, and in my opinion, they don't really exhibit the true spirit of Christmas, but you know, at least they aren't like ...more

Why isn't this the worst...

Not the best song! Definitely it got annoying I just wanted to bash my head in the wall and die after hearing it 6 billion ' times on the radio!

Admit it, you guys only hate it because it was sung by Bieber. I hate him too, but stop hating him this much. All because of 1 song, he's rude? Grow up. - TeamRocket747

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2 Christmas Shoes

A horrible song. It takes a horrible, misguided meaning from an already dark tone that rings to the depressing tune of an "inspirational" e-mail your family members send you around the holidays. The song is about, yes, a boy's mother who is dying for certain reasons and he decides to buy his mother some Christmas Shoes presumably the night that she will die.

This song would have been fine if it carried along the message that Christmas is the time to be together as a family. It shouldn't carry the focus of the importance of purchasing material goods in the name of pleasing your mother who, I imagine, would probably prefer you being by her side in her dying moments. I wouldn't mind if the song just ended with "I put the money down, he said 'thanks' and walked away", but instead the message carries on into a dark, evil moral that only Veggietales could churn out while in a bad mood.

"I knew that God had sent that little boy to remind me what ...more

Absolutely awful. Even as a Christian, this is toxic and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The instrumentation for a somber song like this is very calculated in execution, trying to make you feel something that isn't there. But these lyrics...this is vile. I respect that they want to worship God, but there's nothing to climax to, nothing that you can hold onto. It's a ragged boy buying some shoes for his soon-to-be-late mother who will never wear them, and that boy just so happens to show the singer the true meaning of Christmas. One thing though: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF Christmas THEN?

This isn't the worst Christmas song ever (that goes to Do They Know It's Christmas), but oh boy does it come close. - WonkeyDude98

Who wants to here a song about death during the most wonderful time of the year?! I know I don't. I've shed enough tears durning the year so don't act like I'm a cold hearted person! It's highly inappropriate! If this song was an Easter Song, I could tolerate it because Easter is a more somber holiday, but Christmas is a celebration of life and a time to enjoy your family! It's there to end the year on a good note, not to have a pity party! Christmas is a time to forget all of your troubles and be joyful! What a way to ruin somebody's holiday!

Most depressing song ever

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3 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

This song is disrespectful to elders, kind of depressing, and way too catchy!

I hate this song its mean, horrible ton elderly people, and too catchy. A kid sung it once, it was not cool at all. They even say she was drunk? It influences kids to like the one that sung it. I just cannot believe how disrespectful this song is to elderly people. If the person who made this song was trying to be funny, EPIC FAIL NOT FUNNY. Plus it is not good for the holiday spirit. I have it stuck in my head now. I can't stand it anymore. HELP ME. Wow this is a lot of complaints, did not expect such a long comment... Well yeah bad song.

It's about a grandma dying and they say she was drunk it's so sad I HATE THIS SONG!

Ok people are taking this song way to suriously - codydoestuff

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4 Santa Claus Has Got the Aids This Year - Tiny Tim

The song is quite horrific, you cain't hardly hear it, and the worst voice imaginable - he is so drudgy, the bass and melody are so abysmal - and it isn't even funny - ya kinda disgusting that it's about AIDS during Christmas - and I think offensive to people with AIDS

This, I think, needs to be much higher up. - PositronWildhawk

Why isn't this number one? Just look at the title!

Why is some Bieber song higher than this, joking about aids, bad song? - TeamRocket747

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5 Santa Baby - Madonna

This song is very disturbing. It's also REALLY annoying. Really, it just makes me sick.

"Think of all the fellas, I haven't kissed"?! What kind of lyrics is that?! So the song idea is that this person kissed many people and wants to kiss Santa?! I might be wrong, but Santa is married to Mrs. Claus! Who would want to make out with Santa?!

Worst Christmas song ever! The dance team at my old High School used to dance around in spandex w/ santa hats to this tune. Traumatic memories.

This song is pretty catchy and relaxing but the lyrics was just... undispicable.

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6 Please, Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)

I've never heard of this song, but it sounds terrible. And you know that if it says daddy, it's most likely either sung by or directed to young people.

Dear God what was that?

Terrible, terrible song with terrible, terrible lyrics!

Now people definitely take grandma got ran over by a reindeer to seriously. WHEN THIS EXIST!? - codydoestuff

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7 I Farted On Santa's Lap - The Little Stinkers

What the heck kinda sing is this?!

I think Britgirl would like this song... - Turkeyasylum

I haven't heard this song, however I can tell that I probably don't want to hear it...


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8 All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

Can't listen to it. Nice when you're young. And people who don't vote for this still need their front teeth.

The kid talking is super annoying - minongirl77

That wasn't a kid but a adult singing in a high pitch voice who was singing and his name was George Rock who was the lead vocal for Spike Jones and his City Slickers.

Creepy lyrics sung by a grown man trying to sound like a child, but he really just comes across sounding like Herbert the Pervert. Wonderful. - Spark_Of_Life

Danny Kaye and Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters did a uniquely comical version of this song. - bigg3469

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9 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Shut up awesome song an amazing classic

Depend on who sings it. Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons and The Jackson 5ive and Tiny Tim had better versions that that stupid Jimmy Boyd singing it and who in Hell told that kid he can sing?!?!?


This gets played over the radio all the time at work, how it even qualifies as a Christmas song is beyond me.

This is the worst who would kiss santa and be okay with it. You do not know were his lips have been. And you should not be kissing santa if you have a husband wow. (This should be in part at the top

"Santa" is probably just the kid's father dressed up as Santa - but the kid doesn't understand this. - Treacle

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10 Wonderful Christmas Time

Seriously a horrible, horrible song all together. Considering the hit machine that McCartney and the Beatles were, this is a sad inclusion in their career. The incessant mind numbing keyboard is the WORST sounding piano EVER! And the delay in the chorus just doubles the sickening experience. That setting should be removed from every keyboard to ensure musical torture like this is never produced again.

To the person who said this (Who in the world would buy this song). What is wrong with you. Paul McCartney is great. Justin Bieber is way worse than Paul McCartney. The Worst Paul McCartney track is better than the best Justin Bieber track or from any teen pop artist. Rock Christmas music is better than any other type of Christmas music since Rock is the best type of music. I know you said nothing about Justin Bieber but I said all this since the track is not that bad.

Every time I try to defend McCartney over Lennon, my friend the Lennon fan asks "Who wrote the better Christmas song? ". And he has me dead to rights. This song is one of the main reasons I don't like listening to Christmas music radio stations in December. Apparently they all think this song is cool because it's by McCartney. Well, he's written a lot of great music, but this boring piece of garbage doesn't qualify.

Pure. Deep. Hurting. Especially when you work the holidays and your employer plays it over the PA system once an hour.

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11 I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

The girl singing is amazing, she has charisma, improvises lyrics perfectly, and just has a great voice.

That said, this song is awful. It is basically what an adult would think a kid would want for Christmas. It's also unreasonable since the child would probably die the second she gets the hippo. Hippos are dangerous. - WonkeyDude98

Ugh. Ever since I was a kid I've hated this song. Kid singers are the worst by default, with rare exception, and she is the worst of them. Not to mention that it's a completely stupid thing to want for Christmas - or any holiday. I hope the hippo eats her.

I'm sure you secretly hate Michael Jackson, but don't wanna admit it, cause he sang as a child. - TeamRocket747

That little girls voice is very annoying! This should be in the top ten because it makes you want to strangle a pig then jump off a cliff

People take this to suriously - codydoestuff

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12 Christmas Tree - Lady Gaga

This song is awful and just plain stupid. I don't think that anyone was asking for a song about sex using Christmas-themed innuendos.

Christmas songs sung by the same woman who Loves Judas? No No NO. Gaga stick to what you know by acting like a freak, wearing dresses made out of meat & singing pop songs (which I think are equally as awful as your Christmas song). But just Leave the Christmas songs to the Michael Buble's & Mariah's of the pop world.

Lady Gaga personally isn't a bad singer, but this is my personal worst song of hers. I mean, Born This Way had a good meaning, but she goes from supporting your inner self to making out, with a few festive innuendos to make sure it's still Christmas-y.

Come on, Gaga, you can do much better. - Swellow

Even ignoring the blatant inneundos that are completely unnecessary, it just plain sounds awful. That. One. Synth. Over. And. Over. And. Over.

Still better than Judas, though... - WonkeyDude98

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13 Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid

This song has a good message about caring about others, but it still has a self-centered tinge to it.

"There's a world outside your window
And it's a world of dread and fear
Where the only water flowing
Is the bitter sting of tears
And the Christmas bells that ring there
Are the clanging chimes of doom
Well tonight, thank God it's them instead of you"

Excuse me? We're supposed to be thankful that others are suffering, just because they're not us?

Sure, the song tells us to "feed the world," but this still doesn't change the fact that it comes across as insensitive to people in developing countries. This song is worst than "The Christmas Shoes." At least with "The Christmas Shoes," one could argue that God would be taking care of the dying mother when she gets to heaven (a paradise), and he would find a way to take care of the little boy. Maybe God intended the man (in which the song is sung from the ...more

Not everybody in Africa is Christian. They don't need to know it's Christmas. Very offensive.

I feel I should like it, but it's patronizing, condescending with horrible lyrics

Is that Rudolph on the cover?

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14 Drummer Boy - Justin Bieber

You only hate it cause it's Bieber. Stop bashing Bieber, Bieber's overhated. - TeamRocket747

Dumpest sing - Lunala

15 I Pooped on Santa's Lap - Toilet Bowl Cleaners

"I Pooped On Santa's Lap", "All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth", "I Farted on Santa's Lap", "Santa Claus Has Got the Aids This Year". Dang, these names are insane! Can't believe you'd want to celebrate the birth of Christ by hearing a song about how some mall Santa got pooped on by a little kid. Pretty funny to think about, though. - Donut

The name of this band... - Harri666

Do I need to explain why it's on the list?

What the hell? - Lunala

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16 Cameltoe (Mistletoe Parody)

So Wrong.

17 The Twelve Days of Christmas

This song is so annoying and repetitive and the gifts are trash like who would want a partridge in a pear tree over an Xbox or something like nobody even knows what a partridge in a pear tree even is - Gunner224

Not that bad, except for the Muppet version. Miss Piggy's line for 5 gold rings makes one want to puke with disgust.

Right up there with 100 bottles of beer on the wall

Too long, too repetitive, seems like it will never end.

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18 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

I think this is in list more for our hatred towards the artist than the song itself. This cover of the song is awful.

Bieber should Quit singing all together, especially quit at singing Christmas songs anyway. He is ruining the Christmas vibe when his crappy songs come on the radio. He sucks! (By the way I am a teenage girl & I can't stand Bieber's music so not all girls are in love with him)

Not a bad song all around, but Bieber's version is horrendous.

This song is so bad I don't care who sings it its just horrible

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19 Baby, It's Cold Outside

Uh what?

Dean Martin and Ray Charles both did wonderful versions of this song!

The lyrics are horrific! The date-rape tone is just too uncomfortable.

Agree! My grandma sings this song all the time. gets annoying. But it is a good song sometimes, but not all the time. - Toptenner106

It reminds me of Bill Cosby

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20 Santa Hates Poor Kids - Yfm Music Video

This sounds like a terrible song! I've never listened to it but it sounds like crap! Why would Santa hate poor kids?

Ugh! This song stinks

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