Top 10 Worst Christmas Stories That Could Be Written


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1 Merry Christmas in Poopland

Poops celebrates Christmas in poopland (NO OFFENSE) - CerealGuy

2 Cannibal Christmas Eve

People start eating each other in Christmas - CerealGuy

3 Texas Christmas Massacre

People getting killed by Leatherface in his Christmas fool house - CerealGuy

4 A Very Racist Christmas

People become racist and starts terrorizing different ethnic people in Christmas - CerealGuy

5 Pink Sheep

A pink sheep has a mission to find his penis in the North Pole - CerealGuy

6 How The Snail Kills Kids

Snail is on a loose to kill kids and become their slaves in Christmas - CerealGuy

7 A Very Lulz Christmas

Terrorist kidnaps Santa and brings him to their base to bring an alcoholic Christmas - CerealGuy

8 How Trevor (GTA 5) Stole Christmas

Trevor steals all the Christmas presents and he blows all his neighbour houses - CerealGuy

I just laughef at this story more than Pink Sheep.

9 Cannibal Holocaust 2 ft.Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber stars at Cannibal Holocaust 2 in Christmas Eve, Justin Bieber is chased down by Santa in the woods full of blood as Santa want's to kill him - CerealGuy

10 Coca-Cola and Christmas

The Coca-Cola man gives Coca-Cola to all people in Christmas but Mr. Christmas didn't like the idea so Mr. Christmas brings Fanta Man - CerealGuy

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11 Christmas Story Meets Barney
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