Worst Christopher Walken Movies


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1 Nine Lives (2016)

Good job at getting something right - 445956

You left out Balls of Fury and The Country Bears. - egnomac

I heard some people hate this movie so that,s why I added it - Sausagelover99

Correction: "I heard that some people hate this move, so that is why I added it" - SteelCity99

2 The Dogs of War

I hate dogs that's why I added this - Sausagelover99

3 Annie Hall
4 Pulp Fiction

Another messed up list! Pulp Fiction, Deer Hunter, Annie Hall and Jungle Book were amazing in my opinion.

Seriously Connor...?

If this wasn't so sad it be pathetic. - egnomac

5 King of New York
6 Envy (2004)
7 Balls of Fury
8 Man on Fire

Worst movie ever whoever likes it I will light them on FIRE (get the pun) - Sausagelover99

Correction: Worst movie ever. Whoever likes it will be set on fire (get the pun? ) - SteelCity99

9 Kangaroo Jack
10 The Country Bears

The Contenders

11 Gigli
12 The Jungle Book

I hated this movie, I really can't stand Disney making live action remake's of their classic animated movies mostly because they lack the heart and soul of the original. - egnomac

I saw it in theaters. It was pretty good.

13 Blast from the Past
14 Man of the Year
15 Antz
16 The Affair of the Necklace
17 The Stepford Wives
18 The Deer Hunter
19 Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser
20 MouseHunt
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1. Nine Lives (2016)
2. The Dogs of War
3. Pulp Fiction
1. Balls of Fury
2. Nine Lives (2016)
3. The Country Bears



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