Top Ten Worst Cities In America to Live In


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1 Hackensack, New Jersey

Worst criminal corruption in US cause most terror in the US and world today. Hackensack filthy capital of terrorists and corruption working together in one building City Hall/Courthouse devolving from there. Prosecutor, sheriff, police and officials (State, County and Local) worst abusive criminals in US and cause or center of most Islamic, Libyan, Neo-Nazi terror in US and NYC and 9/11 attacks and more recent. Chief of Detectives Sherman shot wife in head with police gun claimed suicide, then committed as arraigned, more recent head shooting'terror' related. First principal to keep quiet about crime and corruption and evil people or all turn against and follow to destroy starting when very young. Worst corrupt influence on incompetent politicians causing the terror in the world today from Bergen County's evil and hateful people, you know who they are, read the lead CIA agent who spent 10 years following bin-Laden explain who is the cause - now and has been from the worst parts of New ...more

Bad sopciopathic Judges order schools can use human experimentation on students ruling 'behavioral modification' with drugs on perfectly healthy and bright girls is 'standard practice' ruling anyone complaining about Apartheid schools as found by Rutgers University in New Jersey as hyper-segregated which is illegal in New Jersey and specific cases of troubled schools with children suffering and even repeatedly attacked are ruled 'delusional' as parents try to protect their children and are subjected to documented extreme cruel and inhuman treatment and even illegal abduction. Federal court actions just recently overuled a Hackensack County judge accused of being 'delusional' himself for fraudulent and absurd rulings now documented in federal appeals, injuctions and suits to protect and free studfents illegally and unconstitutionally abducted by the State but the Apartheid and 'regional segregation' illegally goes on and so does the 'behavioral modification' greatly frighening parents ...more

Hackensack Bergen County Prosecutor Grewal closest they could find to Zawahiri (is that him? ), Zawahiri/Grewal charges anyone complaining of corruption, abuse and terror and also refused to charge Christie over BridgeGate. FBI targeted Hackensack High Schools when from ISIS videos, or saw Grewal's picture - Honor, Integrity, Respect - Hackensack furthest in world from it.

Hackensack capital of Bergen County New Jersey Worst hellish nightmare Court (Melchionne and psychotic sociopathic DCPP henchmen among others) orders forced injected psychotropics to anyone they victimize or want to keep quiet about severe corruption, malfeasance and abuse and orders forced non-consensual committment to the worst involuntary medical centers in history to children (including Bergern Regional Medical Center) to permanent harm with dangerous experimental psychotropics and overdosing until they can't speak and suffer nightmarish horrors.

Stay away and keep your children and families safe from these monsters until better federal oversight becomes available, allready have federal oversight as the worst in US but has failed to protect the people and children of Bergen County from their literal Hell. Suicide and terror common to those whom they commit crimes against and try to keep quiet about their corruption, terror and worst racism/aparthied crimes against humanity. ...more

2 Detroit, Michigan

There is high crime rates and bankruptcy, I suggest you live in Toledo or anywhere in Michigan except Detroit or Flint. - Connor360

Detroit is a huge ghetto with gangs, drugs, terrible schools (look up Detroit public school crisis and you'll see), filth, crime, graffiti, people without shirts, crazy rude drivers, etc. who would even think about living or visiting here?

I would vote the Bronx, but the reason why Detroit is worst is because is Eminem's city.

Oakland, California is worse - bobbythebrony

3 Los Angeles, California

High crime rates, high levels of smog, earthquakes, heavy traffic, overpopulation, and droughts are what make this city bad. Live anywhere around LA except downtown or in the hoods. - Connor360

4 Bronx, New York

I live here and it's absolutely diagusting, ghetto and gross before I wrote this comment. A roach was about to crawl in me but I flashed it of funny right? But true and the apartments are really dirty.

The Bronx and even the state of New York are horrendous!

The Bronx, New Jersey, and Manhattan are the worst places of New York because of high crime rates and pollution. Live in Brooklyn or Queens. - Connor360

The Bronx or Detroit, hard decission, but them I remember Detroit is Eminem's city so I voted Detroit.

5 Cleveland,Ohio

It has high levels of smog. Go live in Columbus or Cincinnati. - Connor360

6 Miami, Florida Miami, officially the City of Miami, is the cultural, economic and financial center of South Florida. Miami is the seat of Miami-Dade County, the most populous county in Florida.

Cuban revenge and they're hardly the only ones. Most can't speak English and those aren't even the ones I'm worried about. I'm anti-racist but White People stay away because they don't like you there.

Blame the transplants from New York, Massachusetts, or the BosWash region.

Where to begin. Gangs. Rednecks. Old people. CRIME. Pollution. Drunks. Strippers. Drugs galore. I hate Miami!

It is polluted. Live in Orlando instead. - Connor360

7 Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.

I lived in San Jose and had a wonderful, healthy and happy life there. Then I have moved to Las Vegas NV and living here last 4.5 months. I am really hating this deadly dry heat. People are not friendly here.There is nothing to enjoy here than Casinos with lots of smoke, strippers, drunk people and crime (I wonder why they call this is "SIN CITY"! ). They say cost of living is very cheap! I can't even find fresh Vegetables and Fruits. Health Care sucks. What is the point thinking cost of living is very cheap when we can't get fresh Vegetables, Fruits and good Health Care. Who wants to live in a SIN CITY (Hell City)!

Strippers, drunks, and crime are enough for this overrated place to make the list.

Easy place to go bankrupt. Don't live in Nevada at all, live in Arizona or California. - Connor360

I would live here. I love Vegas!

8 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pollution and high crime rates. Live in Philadelphia. - Connor360

Th Only Reason To Come Are For The Steelers And Kennywood. That’s It. Anything Else SUCKS.

Avoid Pittsburgh!
Visit Buffalo, NY instead.

9 Manhattan, New York

Manhattan is the worst! And so is New York!

Heavy traffic, overpopulation, limited space, smog, and high crime rates. Live in Brooklyn or Queens - Connor360

Um, Manhattan has none of that. If it did, why is NYC the best city in the world?

10 Chicago, Illinois

Detroit > Chicago

Chicago is pretty trashy, in certain areas. The downtown of Chicago is the only reason I even go there. - JakePlaid

Not too bad except for bankruptcy, live in neighboring areas of Chicago. - Connor360

Chicago actually has a higher murder rate than Detroit.

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11 Seattle, Washington Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, Washington.

I lived 2 hours north of this place by car. In a sunny day, go out and enjoy the weather. If not, stay home. - PizzaGuy

Too much rain. Live in the suburbs of Seattle. - Connor360

12 Memphis, Tennessee

At least 5 murders a night

13 Bridgeport, Connecticut

I once got my tires and doors stolen here

14 Boston, Massachusetts

Cheating Boston! Go to Hell, Boston and Massachusetts!
Philadelphia > Boston

Too bad the Capital of Massachusetts has gotten or got a bad reputation.

Really terrible drivers, a dirty atmosphere, and during rush hours it is HELL - kaitlynrad11

People there are so rude. I visited Boston in 2016, and a subway worker near City Hall was being extremely rude to me when I asked her how to used the subway. She made me cry. She’s a middle aged black woman. I hope she gets fired for horrible customer service. Also one of my older cousins said that people were being rude to her as well.

15 Houston, Texas Houston is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas and the fourth most populous city in the United States, with a census-estimated population of 2.312 million in 2017. It is the most populous city in the Southern United States and on the Gulf Coast of the United States.

High crime plus racial and sexual prejudice. That’s all

16 Gloversville, New York
17 Yakima, Washington
18 Toledo, Ohio
19 Salinas, California
20 Compton, California
21 Richmond, Virginia

Levar Stoney.

22 Pasadena, Texas
23 Pontiac, Michigan
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