Top Ten Worst Cities In the United States


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1 Detroit, Michigan

I live right off Eight Mile, and have worked in Detroit as a delivery driver for a few years. I have never been robbed although there are hundreds and thousands of abandoned houses some blocks have one occupied house plenty of blocks have none. But being an outsider, you can drive through Detroit and have nothing to worry about. It's when you are in area's you do not belong when you are in danger, mainly engaging in illegal activities like drugs. Unfortunately there are a lot of innocent people who do get robbed and unfortunately murdered. So in closing Detroit is a rough run down City with limited police resources. The new mayor is trying to help bring it back but it is an uphill battle that is being lost. But Detroit has a stigma for being very bad and dangerous when in all actuality if you are not somewhere you shouldn't be like buying drugs or committing crimes and you are just minding your own business, 99.9% of the time, you will be just fine.

Super dangerous, tons of crime, and BANKRUPT. I live an hour away from Detroit. Most of the suburbs are nice, mainly Macomb and Oakland county (I have two houses, one in Rochester and one in Saint Clair Shores ) But anyways, Detroit sucks. By the way, if you're moving to the suburbs 5 minutes from Detroit, bring a gun... You're gonna need it...

1# most unfriendly and dangerous in the USA - Epicx

The place of crime. There is nothing but crime. Crime. Crime. Crime. - TeamRocket747

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2 Chicago, Illinois

Seriously, Chicago invented the skyscraper, Ferris wheel and Cartoon, it's got more history than most cities as young as it is. what type of idiot would vote this as bad?

An idiot that is not blind to the black-on-black genocide that occurs in this city every single day, despite never reaching our T.V. screens. An idiot who sees through the bull stories of white cops shooting black civilians, when everyday there are more black civilians killed by fellow black civilians. These stories never make the news because they can't be glamorized and marketed into a national sensation like a white cop shooting a black man who was coming at him aggressively. That's the type of idiot that would vote for Chicago on this list. Guess that makes me one. - theOpinionatedOne

Why is Chicago on this list. I live here and I love it.

Opinionated One is correct. Once a fine city it is now a crime ridden cesspool. Sure the violence is concentrated in certain areas but I'm sure you can say that about most cities. Liberal administrations have destroyed the American cities from the awful education systems to deteriorating infrastructure. And mayor Rahm Emanuel is a Obama mouth piece with a blind eye to all the violence. - SOX3005

Despite living rather close to Chicago myself, I can tell you quite a bit from personal experience. Chicago has it�'s goods, and bads. it is definitely overrated. imagine New York, but more messy, perhaps. it may be one of the more popular cities, but it is messy, and dangerous. car crashes and deaths daily. - zoocksycootserana

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3 Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey

Terrible cruel people like to watch children and people suffer. So many there hurt and afraid, try to stay safe hiding in their homes but fail. Worst corruption and organized crime and terror working together behind a veil of the worst dirtiest jurisprudence in history, censorship and cruelty to any who won't keep quiet. Any who could expose put in grave danger, leave and don't come back is good advice. People only stay because they don't believe the system and many evil people could be that bad, only listen to lawyers after too late. Read up on the holocaust and see what communities caused it, to whom and why, more common than most think and so is the blowback.

Only devout racists and hateful radicals should move to Bergen County, in and around Englewood and the filthy County Capital Hackensack, unless you watching your loved ones being slowly eaten alive. Not much different in much of Central or North Jersey, across from the big cities are the worst.

Many Englewood people suffer constant harassment, torture and defamation and character assassination and worse to people and their children. Schools are dangerous. Web search on all the drive by murders, police torture videos and multii-million dollar suits and charges against Englewood police and city. Bergen County known for Islamic and Libyan Terror with many ISIS and al-Qaeda arrests and FBI targeting Hackensack high schools to stop ISIS infiltration with videos, many school bomb threats with bomb threats also to Bergen County Court House Judges who have the worst reputation in the United States, even ordering 'forced injectible psychotropics' to parents trying to save their kids from criminal abduction and involuntary commitment to terrible centers such as Bergen Regional Medical Center, all reminiscent of history's worst including Edwin Ellenbogen the NJ State Eugenicist and original State Psychologist who was sentenced to life imprison for the sole responsibility of the murder ...more - johnf

Englewood Bergen County New Jersey Police Captain Sherman shot his wife in the head on Christmas Eve exactly 10 years to the day from JonBenet Ramsey's heinous child murder followed immediately by Clinton's Child Welfare which resulted in billions to remove chilldren from good parents at the whim of corrupt terror-like DCPP, NJ DYFS/DCPP rated worst in US under continued federal oversight in New Jersey for the past 15 years for extreme abuse to children. Englewood police known to residents as the worst dangerous corrupt thugs in the US making 5 times police salaries with ex-police chiefs among others known for canvassing neighborhood terrorizing women and children in their homes and schools to drum up hundreds of false arrests against parents and harming children. "Murdered in New Jersey": Chief of Detectives Robert Sherman of Englewood Bergen County New JerseyShot wife in Head after several death threats. Police and jurisdictional/prosecutorial terror and corruption at all ...more

4 Camden, New Jersey

Who says it's just oppressed Camden. Don't think Democratic Fascist/Communist New Jersey and police have been keeping it that way for decades along with Newark - they say so in wealthy parts of Cherry Hill, doubt Princeton much better. And Islamic Patterson? Try the rest of Camden County and even worse Bergen County for the real terror and organized crime and corrupt friends. Don't forget where the 9/11 terrorists came from or Cherry Hill Fort Dix Terrorist. The 9/11 pilots leisurely drove into NYC after spending a nice summer in North Jersey. The WTC bombers leisurely flew back from Jersey City after a week or so, must have been bored. Camden is too poor for them to live and they use them anyway, apparently target practice and maybe arms and drug sales and the best medical practice for all those young doctors to learn - on gunshot wounds - little Hitlers, just ask. Experimental drugs need someone to practice on especially kids. Doctor's from the South Side of Chicago are pretty clear ...more

Even leaving the crime rate (which is considerable) out of the question, have you seen it? It's hideous!

First of all, this should be 2nd (above Chicago, NYC, and Anchorage). The crime rate is TERRIBLE. Chicago and NYC are good, and Anchorage is very good so I don't know why it's there.

A crime-infested concrete wasteland that takes up space and doesn’t necessarily do anything else.

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5 Hackensack, New Jersey

Worst criminal corruption in US cause most terror in the US and world today. Hackensack filthy capital of terrorists and corruption working together in one building City Hall/Courthouse devolving from there. Prosecutor, sheriff, police and officials (State, County and Local) worst abusive criminals in US and cause or center of most Islamic, Libyan, Neo-Nazi terror in US and NYC and 9/11 attacks and more recent. Chief of Detectives Sherman shot wife in head with police gun claimed suicide, then committed as arraigned, more recent head shooting'terror' related. First principal to keep quiet about crime and corruption and evil people or all turn against and follow to destroy starting when very young. Worst corrupt influence on incompetent politicians causing the terror in the world today from Bergen County's evil and hateful people, you know who they are, read the lead CIA agent who spent 10 years following bin-Laden explain who is the cause - now and has been from the worst parts of New ...more - tjkk

Horrific Hackensack Chief judge for the County recently ruled 'behavioral modification' with drugging of innocent healthy children in schools is 'standard' and stated parents complaining must be delusional and unstable. Parents of girls who are intelliigent, have great self-control and maturity and even considered 'sweet' are complaining their children have been involuntary subjected to these 'treatments' and are aftraid of schools with children reporting (corrupt) DYFS and police presence in schools watching children. Many kids taken and placed with 'foster parents' known to be starved and beaten/bruised with complaints going unanswered or children then victimized with many parents 'terrified' after talking to DCPP case workers or school authorities including the best medical professionals leaving the country after extreme abusive contact. Others bringing suit.

Hackensack capital of Bergen County New Jersey Worst hellish nightmare Court (Judge and sociopathic DCPP henchmen among others) orders forced injected psychotropics to anyone they victimize or want to keep quiet about severe corruption, malfeasance and abuse and orders forced non-consensual committment to the worst involuntary medical centers in history to children (including Bergern Regional Medical Center) to permanent harm with dangerous experimental psychotropics and overdosing until they can't speak and suffer nightmarish horrors.

Stay away and keep your children and families safe from these monsters until better federal oversight becomes available, allready have federal oversight as the worst in US but has failed to protect the people and children of Bergen County from their literal Hell. Suicide and terror common to those whom they commit crimes against and try to keep quiet about their corruption, terror and worst racism/aparthied crimes against humanity. New Jersey ...more

6 Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is the most miserable city to live in, after Detroit for obvious reasons. The weather is ridiculous, the sports are awful, the police are almost as bad as the rampant crime, the city is filled with homeless because the economy here has not recovered, which is also why there's so many boarded up businesses and homes. The only saving grace is it's cheap (comparatively) because no one wants to live in the mistake on the lake. - klue

YouTube Search: "HASTILY MADE CLEVELAND TOURISM VIDEO" & "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video: 2nd Attempt". Both videos summarise Cleveland very well.

Homeless, street gangs, crack cocaine, boarded up homes and closed factories dominate both Cleveland and East Cleveland.

Fun times in Cleveland again!
Come on down to Cleveland town everyone!
Under construction since 1868!
See a river that catches on fire!
So polluted that all our fish have AIDS!
We see our sun almost three times a year!
This guy has at least two DUIs!
Flats look like a Scooby Doo ghost town!
Don't slow down in east Cleveland or you'll die!
Our economy's based on LeBron James!
Buy a house for the price of a VCR.
Our main export is crippling depression!
We're so retarded that we think this is art!
Could be worse, but at least we're not Detroit!

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7 New York City, New York New York City, New York The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

I have lived in NYC my whole life, and let me tell you something. This city used to be great. Then, it became so safe that the slightest incident of violence is considered a crime against humanity (although there are murders everyday). the people here (mainly non locals and al sharpton) complain about every little thing that happens in the city and labels it as racist. Many people come here from around the country, mainly coming from towns with 2,000 people, and they are complete hipsters. They thin the only thing to New York is manhattan, so they rent an apartment on 5th ave in manhattan along with their 17 roommates. Not that the locals don't have roommates, its that these no locals are living in expensive places a week after moving in, when some 5th generation New Yorkers who have worked their butts off their whole lives can't even buy these places, when they are the ones who ruined it. on top of that, these non locals mostly come from conservative states, but for some reason they ...more

I lived here for a long time and so glad I moved down south to Florida. New York sucks and is highly overrated. All the people there hate each other, no one has manners, and all the buildings look the same now because these Hipsters bought and knocked down the unique and detailed buildings that were once there, then turned them into generic looking high rise condo garbage. Not to mention it's full of trash, there are homeless people everywhere (regardless whether they are good or bad people), the rents are ridiculous, and everything is unaffordable. Also, there's Police involved shootings here constantly and everyone who runs this city is a greedy politician who only cares about money and attention to themselves. Absolutely terrible place to live. I really hate this city and so glad I left.

Look, New York City. You go to your local train station and enter Grand Central. You will go out through the doors and there it is! New York City! The place where you see these people walk around. Guys with NO shirts, women with crazy dresses in their bags, and people walking around in theses creepy costumes (like a Shrek costume) taking selfiess to little kids. You also see on some certain parts, there are shady places where buildings are dirty, and people never come in them or Come OUT. I heard LOTS of shows take place in NYC. Well, it has too much buildings and no place for a person to live, except really EXPENSIVE hotels. Make it take place in a state that MATTERS! Like Connecticut. NYC just sucks in ALL of the attention. Then, who needs Hollywood?! You also see a lot of men with zits walking around wearing jackets. And that is where the 911 event happened.
So there it is, the one and only New York City! Never go there.

Nice city but it's HUGELY overrated. - JakePlaid

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8 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the sixth-most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 1,567,872 and more than 6 million in the seventh-largest metropolitan statistical area, as of 2016. Philadelphia is the economic and cultural anchor more.

There are security guards in fast food restaurants, and gangs everywhere. This place is garbage. - lm93

And they call this the "City of Brotherly Love", but that name is so laughable when you look at all the crime. People get murdered every day here.

I was stuck in traffic for an hour there over a TREE. - Mariomaster63

I live in Philadelphia. It’s nice except there’s too much crime activity going on.

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9 Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California

A mess of roads and concrete rumored to contain homes and businesses

Beautiful women. Best beaches in US. Warm, no snow or hurricanes. Making waves in job market with high pay. +++ - tjkk

No job opportunity (unless you like working at disney world) No time because of work (or lack thereof) for the beach. Women are not beautiful, they are average. High crime rate as well. AND THE TRAFFIC. - SoldierOfFortune

I lived in LA, 26 years born and raised then I moved to neighboring Orange County (way safer). Avoid southern and downtown LA as that area is infected with illegal gangs, criminals, pediophilic homeless people, and drunk idiots. - TopTenHaters

Too many cars chase in la - SpencerJC

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10 Anchorage, Alaska

Why is Anchorage on this list? I live here and I love it here! The thing that disappoints me is when people always say that it is so cold. I know it can be cold here, but that's only for about five months in the winter. In the winter it snows A LOT, but this year for 2014, it still hasn't snowed yet (It's late November, and it usually starts snowing in early October! ). But for Spring, Summer, and Autumn, it is so beautiful. The grass turns bright green, the forests are the greenest ever, it it reaches up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's pretty hot for an average temperature in this location (Fairbanks, which is also on this list, reaches up to 100 degrees! No lie there). Anchorage is no boring at all, we have two zoos, and our own local indoor waterpark, which I heard is one of the biggest indoor waterparks! We have malls just like in other states, we have fast food, restaurants, stores (like Costco and Walmart), we even have our own special supermarket: Fred Meyer!
Anchorage ...more

True that it can be chilly, at times, but that's what jackets were invented for.
What kind of an idiot said there is not much to do here?
Spectacular hiking, sightseeing, photography, fishing, hunting, kayaking, boating, sailing, bicycling, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, wildlife viewing, gold panning, anthropology, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, botany, dirt-bike riding, astronomy, geology, and just plain exploring the most amazing natural landscape on the planet.
If all you want to do is sit on your butt playing video games, what difference does it make where you are?

Seriously. Anchorage is a great place man. What has the lower 49 come to with the stereotypes that we have frigid weather all year. Summers in Anchorage have an average high of 76 degrees, and the winter temperatures are only a frigid -13 degrees, which is higher than Minneapolis! Anchorage also has tons of animal conservation centers, and the Alaska zoo, and tons of places to view moose and their babies! I also reccomend the Great North Brewing Company Valley of the Moon Park, and Bear Tooth Theatres. And if that's not enough, you can view the midnight sun. That's right, during the months of June and July, the sun never sets!

Anchorage has rape and stuff

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11 Newark, New Jersey

Used to live near there. Driving in some neighborhoods looked like scenes of bombed cities in wwii films. And lots of gang activity.

Highest crime rate, slummy, dangerous, ranked one of the worst 5 cities in the United States. Organized crime central in New Jersey including the 5 families.

I was there with several people whose company I enjoyed and a Brazillain and Mexican and while they pretended to be nice in that 'in' area I would be afraid to walk 1 block along at night, I had a very uneasy feeling like something bad was going to happen to the nice guy wishing good will towards all - like right idea wrong place.

Had the misfortune to be stranded at Newark airport, years ago, had to run a gauntlet of rude and unhelpful staff until I could get a return flight home & all I can say is that if the airport is anything like Newark, itself, then I will be glad to never see it again in this Life or the next!

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12 Atlanta, Georgia

Weird people there, always being hit up for money, many criminals! Watch yourself, I had strangers trying to move in with me. Definitely a Moocher place!

What this is so awesome. The Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke I live here and bro it's awesome. - DivaDirectioner

Super Stupid - 420,000 Population, 800,000,000 Million Stingy Bugs. The Distance Between Birmingham & Atlanta was 146 Miles. How Short is that? Pretty Damn Short, Midwest & Central Canada are better than Atlanta. - jayjay0607

Couldn't do it way to many std's and down low action going on for me that's how you get caught up banging a chick that messes with somebody on the DL now you got that die slow - mountainhawk

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13 El Paso, Texas

El Paso is one of the safest places in the US, but it is across the river from one of the most dangerous places in the world. The biggest threat here is some one who thinks that being rude makes them a big man!

RIGHT at the border of the Mexico border, there might even be some drugs there. - TopTenJackson

The Cops are Dumb and even the Sheriff are Dumber

It's a Mexican city without crime you can only find Mexicans

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14 San Diego, California

Unfortunately, I was born here and lived here until I was three years old. I then moved elsewhere and it is not too much better, but at least not as OVERRATED as this place. Like on T.V., this place is painted as a surfing beach paradise, but in real life it's a nightmare. Some neighborhoods have extremely high crime rates and violence. The people are shallow, immature, and mean-spirited. There are no indications that you are near military property, like this has to be the only city in the world where military bases are not secured and have barriers. Like I saw at least 3 military bases unmanned, it would be ridiculous if a tourist was arrested for trespassing not knowing this backwards city didn't have military bases with barriers. Also, the cost of living is ridiculous. The only nice houses are in the north county and north side of the city (La Jolla, Caramel Valley), everything else is under-sized, no A/C, and extremely overpriced. Dog owners are douchebags here too and let their ...more - just32

San Diego sucks. Boooring and weird. From dislike to hate for anyone from outside. Make the mistake of thinking San Diego is the great and fun Southern California? Wrong. Nothing to do except drive north to Los Angeles. And get cheap bad drugs by driving to Tijuana in your low end 'TJ' car since it will get stripped. Some crap companies to watch out for with vicious and dangerous people, not the place to go for a new job since that would a big bad mistake. Try Silicon Valley or LA or San Francisco, maybe.

Here's the problems: too sunny for me, pointless beaches that lure you in, pointless mountains, pointless deserts without water, too neutral, boring weather, and people that leave the toilet seat up. - imacg4

Why is this even on the list? Ideal weather, much to do, and much less stressful then LA. San Diego'ss worst neighborhoods aren't even bad enough to be considered ghetto.

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15 Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is a beautiful city of course it has dangerous parts but every city has dangerous areas. Maryland is an amazing state.

I was born here, The city is very huge, But when you go there for 10 minutes you wont come out alive.

I live there if you ever go on a vacation pick somewhere far far away from here you will not survive

I really stay away from Bodymore murderland just watch the Wire you will change your mind really quick - mountainhawk

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16 Providence, Rhode Island

My neighbors used to live there. Though it is the capital of the smallest state I don't think it's bad. It doesn't have to be pretty to be good

It doesn't have to be big to be a nice city. There is a great bike trail there and only live about 45 minutes away.

A pretty dang small city. - TopTenJackson

I use to live in Cranston which is next to providence and providence is not that bad until you get to branch ave or olneyville

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17 Cheyenne, Wyoming

Moved to Cheyenne from Los Angeles for an easier life. This was the worst decision I've ever made. This place is mind-numbing. There are no good paying jobs. The cost of living ISN'T what everybody thinks. It's either you live in houses in a nice area, that cost as much as houses do in Los Angeles, or pay significantly cheaper for houses with homeless people meandering about and the smell of that refinery killing respiratory systems. The weather sucks, where it's either winter or Spring/summer. The nicest months last only 4 months, and winters are long, windy, and cold. It's a pain to drive in. Having to keep yourself from sliding and falling, having to clear your windshield of snow, having cars not start because of the temperature, this place is the worst place ever. Nothing to do whatsoever, except Frontier Days, and that's even a stretch to call it "fun".

Cheyenne is home to the least populated state in the United States but I can understand why people hate this place but I don't live there

Cheyenne is really safe and beautiful!

Wyoming is impossibly expensive based on real estate and food costs, the weather is horrible 7 months out of the year, the people are unfriendly and arrogant...deadly combination...the pretty vistas get real old, real fast. But a post card as save yourself the misery.

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18 Birmingham, Alabama

Most uneducated unworldly racist city I have been to. They look inwards not outwards.

Yeah those gangsters need to die! And gun criminals!

.It has become terrible in the last 5 years

They stay on the first 48 so with that said Helll NOO but they have some sexy women - mountainhawk

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19 Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, Washington.

I live there, Seattle is one of the least homophobic/racist places in the US.

What the? How is Seattle on this list? Its an awesome city! - TopTenJackson

Screw all of you who voted on this spot I'm not weird - Ghostcreeper123

One word: traffic...

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20 Miami, Florida

Overrun by Cubans who can't speak English and hate and deride Americans. WithTrump now they think most people who aren't from Mexico or Cuba should be in jail. My family that lives in Miami hate it there and say better not to visit due to the hostile environment - not a good place to retire. Airport is in a bad area use alternatives.

I live in Florida, and love it. However, I have been to Miami, and, on the outside, it looks impressive, but on the inside, its crowded, noisy, and full of crooks. Someone put a boot on my dads car, and he had to pay 90$ to get it off! The person who put it on said we were there for hours and left the plaza. What a liar. We just stopped for a bite to eat! I just wish the place had less thrives and was cleaner... - wolfythefree

Well I don't see you guys complaining about the heat in California. Is it just because you guys are too stubborn to admit? By the way, no hate intended. ANd no hate back please

Cool to visit and that's about it - mountainhawk

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21 Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.

Guys u don't know what your missing, The Food is fantastic, Great service, however lots of Criminals and thugs, however imagine without those dang No good Criminals off the streets than Are u happy? Good, this city has lots of fun and lots of shopping. Walmart is where most crimes occur. Trust me its not bad.

Fun, gambling and Ameriica's worst mass murder in front of a Nashville singer who only ran as he saw people slaughtered in front of him and said nothing.

I live in Las Vegas. When others think of Las Vegas they think of gangs, homeless people, strip clubs, and drugs. In reality, it's a pretty nice place. Yes, there are strip clubs and homeless people, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I love it here.

Now its enough... Why is Vegas on this list? It's the best place in the universe. With gambling legal...the attracts millions of people. The night life is very cool.

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22 Gary, Indiana

If the creepy abandoned buildings don't turn you away, the smell will.

Hole of the states

23 St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis, Missouri

One of the highest murder rates in the country

Should be way higher - ikerevievs

I've lived in St Louis for all my life. And believe me, there's a lot of stuff to do, and there's nice storms, but I HATE STL

Downtown st louis is nice.but the rest of st louis is awful!

24 Flint, Michigan

2 murderers and a hamster are running for mayor down there! The hamster might just win...

I live in Michigan and I stay far away from Flint.

The water crisis makes it less safe than the south side of Chicago

They can't even drink their own tap water! I feel sorry for them!

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25 Fresno, California

You know there's over ONE HUNDRED gangs there?. Fresno has to be more dangerous than Chicago.

You know there's over ONE HUNDRED dangerous gangs there? Fresno has to be worser than Detroit.

26 Huntington Beach, California

Yeah the beach is horrible, the weather sucks. I highly recommend you all stay away. Especially all the inlanders.

Huntington beach is the best beach ever! You probably have never been there and you just are judgy!

Shut the hell up. The beach is a great place to live. - Mcgillacuddy


27 Jacksonville, Florida

Hillbilly, redneck, police state, Nazis, Jews, crime, drugs, usual scientific racism, hate, oppression, bribery, corruption, violence, police shootings, most anti-traditional liberal deep southerners who hate northerners around. Hit children - legal - to keep them quiet - almost as bad as New Jersey on hating their own children. Great beach but they'll arrest you for a beer and bring your own fun, none there. Backwards, hate education or getting ahead and think everyone should be the same, poor and beaten down maybe picked up from communist Cuba - eeechhjk.

Recently lost murder capital of Florida crown to Miami.

Jacksonville is a great place to leave.

I LIVE here and there is nothing bad about it

28 Boulder, Colorado

It's the Peoples Republic of Boulder! Enjoy the few amounts of businesses and non-government jobs, extremely expensive homes, and the persecution + discrimination of Republicans and Christians! Your ideal town if you love communism and having no control over your life!

Ahh beautiful small Boulder, where JonBenét Ramsey's Heinous Christmas Eve Killers Still Roam Free. I bet it was Colorado "Child Services" to get Clinton's ASFA passed months later whereafter *millions* of children were and still are unconstitutionally abducted, kidnapped and hostaged while tortured, made sick and dead by the Parens Patriae abomination - what more could a serial killer want for Christmas?.Check Englewood New Jersey exactly 18 years earlier to the day when their Chief of Detectives shot his wife in the head with his police revolver on that Christmas Eve and then did the same to himself when her sister complained that was evil even for them and which they still do today in Englewood and to hundreds to thousands of innocent children and women and families everyday of the year with 400,000 terribly and unconstitutionally abducted today as I write - perpetual evil the best legal teams are still fighting to stop - wish us luck. Similar to the Lindbergh Crime of the Century ...more - tjkk

29 Jackson, Mississippi

So racist and stupid. I live here and its hell. I want to leave and go live in California. nothing to do.

I like it

30 Tampa, Florida
31 Toledo, Ohio

Nothing to do more than once. No fun access to the river. No swimming at the one beach on Lake Erie half the time due to pollution. All food and store chains, one mall, no regular activities offeted. You can go to the zoo and museum so many times. Hordes of teenage moms on welfare. People act ghetto. Blacks & whites are racist against each other. Shootings are so common not all make news. Foreclosures abound. Houses are abandoned. Road construction is neverending. They tear down and rebuils so much nothing historical is left. Businesses leave. No notable musicians come here. Nothing to do on a regular basis but eat out and shop. The mall has had gang shootings. Thugs walk into the street to stop cars. Everyone steals with no remorse. Litter is everywhere. Cops take hours to respond and don't even do that for car accidents without injuries. Women in spiked heels with handicap tags run into the store. People with no tags park in handicap spots as if those spaces are for royalty.

32 Oakland, California

Oakland is nice in some parts. SOME.

33 El Centro, California
34 Washington, D.C.

Who ever said that it's controlled by republicans are only referring to the 10 people with power... The other 6 million (probably 7 million by tomorrow) are as liberal as it gets. Very rude people here that will stab anyone in the back to get power. The most southern city in the north meaning you wont be getting any of that southern hospitality here. If you have any regards to the well being of anyone but yourself then don't move here.

Ruled by Democrats who think they rule the world. Danger to anyone who likes Trump or anyone who would Drain The Swamp. Once he stops joining them.

Worst city every worse drivers and rudest people ever

Why are people rude

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35 Riverside, California

4 people killed in plane crash - SpencerJC

36 Fairbanks, Alaska

If we are about to vote Alaska cities the worst of the list, we can vote all the cities of North Alaska... come on guys, the are much worse cities in the south states

It MIGHT be too cold.

37 Long Beach, California

I come to live with my uncle in Long Beach, California during the summer. I can't say it terrible, but it's okay.

38 Trenton, New Jersey

All the cities (except for Cherry Hill) are the worst because it's New Jersey! It sucks in New Jersey and also in New York.

39 New Orleans, Louisiana

When you have to put a cage around your air conditioner to keep the thugs from stealing the copper pipes, you know it's a bad place. Katrina was a gift from God because it allowed people who were too poor to move the opportunity to get out of a multigenerational trap.

Talk about a sewer! Dirty, high crime rate, decadent, the only good thing there is the food!

It really not that bad if you don't live their you shouldn't comment anything bad at all.

New Orleans is not dirty, it's just the crime rates might be a little high.

40 Rochester, New York
41 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There is awesome stuff to do their and it's historic. - funnyuser

I'm from pittsburgh, This is a bit offensive to me.

This city is awesome! I don't live there but I have been there and it is really fun! Cities rock! - RiverClanRocks

I live like 3 towns away from this,so I go there a lot - AnnaRoblox

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42 Buffalo, Wyoming

Kinda sounds like buffalo wings

43 San Francisco, California

This city should NOT be on this list. San Francisco was actually among the top five cities in the country with the most decent days a year. However, when it's cold in San Francisco, it's... COLD. Of course, there are earthquakes, and other downsides (SF is too liberal for my taste, as well), but I love San Francisco and I am proud to live 24 miles away from it. Let's just face the fact that the city is very educated, EXTREMELY beautiful, and it has amazing food. There is so much rich history and so many big companies, and every time I see a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, I feel more attached to the entire Bay Area in general. SF doesn't even have that many major ghettos, the only one I can name is Skidrow Ave., which isn't even that extreme. In addition, SF is a unique city, and it's way more so than New York or Chicago. (Note - I don't want to sound biased, I've never been to NYC or Chicago, but I'm sure those cities still have their charms. ) SF has cable cars, and NYC has, ...more

San Francisco should not be on this list. It is never too hot and never too cold. The bridge made it famous. Downtown may be busy but it's a nice place to be. - EpicJake

Smells like trash, tent city everywhere, homeless in every corner. - SoldierOfFortune

Never gets too cold? Mark Twain once wrote "The coldest winter I ever had was the summer I spent in San Francisco". The place is like an icebox except for about 3 weeks a year, usually in the early autumn.

The most homeless in all of america - SoldierOfFortune

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44 Hell, Michigan

There is such thing, I was on a travel channel show called extreme towns, there's a restaurant that has some very spicy wings, and a Halloween themed ice cream shop, and a gift shop

This is actually a real place. Not kidding. - Turkeyasylum

I remember hearing about this on bbc news and hell being 'frozen over' - Harri666

The name of the city explains itself

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45 Kalamazoo, Michigan
46 Anaheim, California

Beautiful women abound, too bad they don't like people passing thru. Otherwise blah. Everyone knows Disney World, home of the child eating alligators and terror, is better.

They got Disneyland

Disneyland STINKS!

They took one thing away from Disneyland... TOWER OF TERROR :( - ThemeParkChasers

47 San Bernardino, California

Home of terror. High schools force students to write the Holocaust was faked. Open terrorist not only sat on anti-terror committee but was food inspector for San Bernardino public schools. San Bernardino Police have many charges and convictions for severe televised abuse to people before the terror attack and also run the prison with $1 Billion dollars in lawsuits by federal government against them for severe torture to inmates in the prison the Sheriff's Office and police run which has been rated the worst and most dangerous in the US including to people put in for minor victimless infractions.. Gangs roam free and people need to watch out for those also.

San Bernardino has had one of the worst reputations for being a dangerous place to avoid for decades.

A lot of tiny flies in san bernardino or a lot of crimes - SpencerJC

48 Dora, Alabama


49 Omaha, Nebraska

Home of the worst child terror, torture and government cover up in history - the Franklin Scandal. Senator DeCamp and (Murdered) CIA Director Bill Colby broke the scandal so big they're still covering up today - corruption and child terror (US Departments of Children and Families are actually the old unconstitutional star chamber courts abducting and child trafficking over 400,000 abducted US children at any given time - evil. Continuing from Clinton's ASFA and SSACT Title IV-E federal money for child sex trafficking to torture and severely abuse and psychotropically drug children to make them mentally ill for life - EVIL. TRUE TODAY.

Why is this on the list? This city is awesome!

No way! Omaha's great! It might not be big or fancy, and yes it has it's bad parts, but overall it's a nice city.

50 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Terror Bombing killed more people than any other by an American. 168 dead and 680+ injured. May have been because of Waco but Emerson believes it may have been due to Jihadist terror and the corrupt media tried to discredit him. We all know he was right telling us about 9/11 long before it happened.

SO... MUCH... TORNADOES! Why the hell do people still live here?

People still live in Oklahoma because they have that strong small town spirit. And I admire that.

Bad place

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