Top Ten Worst Cities In the United States


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201 Portsmouth, Virginia
202 Earth, Texas

I have never been here but the name makes me laugh because you are on Planet Earth

203 Harrisonburg, Virginia
204 Ventura, California
205 Shakopee, Minnesota

The school district for 1 of the high schools needs to improve on the bullying issue and all the public schools in Shakopee need to improve on teaching more respect. The houses are also right next to each other in most in the city.

206 Savage, Minnesota

The houses are right next to each other and there school system isn't very good.

207 Prior Lake, Minnesota

Even though their school system is better than Shakopee's school system, the schools aren't very good in Prior Lake.

208 Crystal, Minnesota

There is a lot of crime in this city. I recommend you don't live in this city.

209 Toledo, Ohio

Nothing to do more than once. No fun access to the river. No swimming at the one beach on Lake Erie half the time due to pollution. All food and store chains, one mall, no regular activities offeted. You can go to the zoo and museum so many times. Hordes of teenage moms on welfare. People act ghetto. Blacks & whites are racist against each other. Shootings are so common not all make news. Foreclosures abound. Houses are abandoned. Road construction is neverending. They tear down and rebuils so much nothing historical is left. Businesses leave. No notable musicians come here. Nothing to do on a regular basis but eat out and shop. The mall has had gang shootings. Thugs walk into the street to stop cars. Everyone steals with no remorse. Litter is everywhere. Cops take hours to respond and don't even do that for car accidents without injuries. Women in spiked heels with handicap tags run into the store. People with no tags park in handicap spots as if those spaces are for royalty.

210 Spring Valley, New York

My bro was born there - jimster123

211 Jacksonville, NC

This town is small. Small nothing to do at all

212 Troy, New York

This city is drowning in crime. I feel sorry for the people living there.

213 Baconsville, South Dakota

No bacon and their are barely any businesses.

214 Syracuse, New York
215 Rome, New York
216 Grand Haven, Michigan V 1 Comment
217 Fall River, Massachusetts
218 Medford, Oregon

Rude, racist people, bad drivers and drugs.

219 Lowell, Massachusetts

It has old brick buildings that are ugly and parts I can barely breath by the factories

220 Nashua, New Hampshire
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