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21 Gary, Indiana

If the creepy abandoned buildings don't turn you away, the smell will.

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22 Oakland, California

Oakland is nice in some parts. SOME.

23 Birmingham, Alabama

Yeah those gangsters need to die! And gun criminals!

.It has become terrible in the last 5 years

Yeh its pretty bad damn gangsters

They stay on the first 48 so with that said Helll NOO but they have some sexy women - mountainhawk

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24 Fresno, California

You know there's over ONE HUNDRED gangs there?. Fresno has to be more dangerous than Chicago.

You know there's over ONE HUNDRED dangerous gangs there? Fresno has to be worser than Detroit.

25 Huntington Beach, California

Yeah the beach is horrible, the weather sucks. I highly recommend you all stay away. Especially all the inlanders.

Huntington beach is the best beach ever! You probably have never been there and you just are judgy!

Shut the hell up. The beach is a great place to live. - Mcgillacuddy


26 El Centro, California
27 Washington, D.C.

Who ever said that it's controlled by republicans are only referring to the 10 people with power... The other 6 million (probably 7 million by tomorrow) are as liberal as it gets. Very rude people here that will stab anyone in the back to get power. The most southern city in the north meaning you wont be getting any of that southern hospitality here. If you have any regards to the well being of anyone but yourself then don't move here.

Ruled by Democrats who think they rule the world. Danger to anyone who likes Trump or anyone who would Drain The Swamp. Once he stops joining them.

Worst city every worse drivers and rudest people ever

Why are people rude

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28 Fairbanks, Alaska

If we are about to vote Alaska cities the worst of the list, we can vote all the cities of North Alaska... come on guys, the are much worse cities in the south states

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29 Jacksonville, Florida

Hillbilly, redneck, police state, Nazis, Jews, crime, drugs, usual scientific racism, hate, oppression, bribery, corruption, violence, police shootings, most anti-traditional liberal deep southerners who hate northerners around. Hit children - legal - to keep them quiet - almost as bad as New Jersey on hating their own children. Great beach but they'll arrest you for a beer and bring your own fun, none there. Backwards, hate education or getting ahead and think everyone should be the same, poor and beaten down maybe picked up from communist Cuba - eeechhjk.

Recently lost murder capital of Florida crown to Miami.

Jacksonville is a great place to leave.

I LIVE here and there is nothing bad about it

30 Riverside, California

4 people killed in plane crash - SpencerJC

31 Dora, Alabama V 1 Comment
32 St. Louis, Missouri

One of the highest murder rates in the country

I've lived in St Louis for all my life. And believe me, there's a lot of stuff to do, and there's nice storms, but I HATE STL

Downtown st louis is nice.but the rest of st louis is awful!

33 Long Beach, California

I come to live with my uncle in Long Beach, California during the summer. I can't say it terrible, but it's okay.

34 Buffalo, Wyoming

Kinda sounds like buffalo wings

35 San Diego, California

Here's the problems: too sunny for me, pointless beaches that lure you in, pointless mountains, pointless deserts without water, too neutral, boring weather, and people that leave the toilet seat up. - imacg4

YES, it horrible here!

It never gets too cold, it never gets too hot, it almost never rains.

Dozens of beautiful beaches on the west side, nicely wooded mountains on the east side, awe-inspiring desert on the south side.

Whatever you do, DO NOT move here!

It has everything, only bad thing is taxes, cost of living.

Why is this even on the list? Ideal weather, much to do, and much less stressful then LA. San Diego'ss worst neighborhoods aren't even bad enough to be considered ghetto.

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36 Hell, Michigan

There is such thing, I was on a travel channel show called extreme towns, there's a restaurant that has some very spicy wings, and a Halloween themed ice cream shop, and a gift shop

This is actually a real place. Not kidding. - Turkeyasylum

I remember hearing about this on bbc news and hell being 'frozen over' - Harri666

The name alone makes it scary 0_0

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37 Kalamazoo, Michigan
38 Jackson, Mississippi

So racist and stupid. I live here and its hell. I want to leave and go live in California. nothing to do.

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39 San Bernardino, California

A lot of tiny flies in san bernardino or a lot of crimes - SpencerJC

40 Anaheim, California

Beautiful women abound, too bad they don't like people passing thru. Otherwise blah. Everyone knows Disney World, home of the child eating alligators and terror, is better.

They got Disneyland

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