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61 Orlando, Florida

They have a horrific law enforcement staff in Orlando. They harass people just for standing near railroad tracks.

What? This have Disneyland, people are cool
Don't know why this is on the list

62 San Antonio, Texas
63 Montgomery, Alabama
64 Memphis, Tennessee

Way to many gangs and guns running around and the jack boys robbing the dope is like a sport in this city if your hood shouldn't be a problem - mountainhawk

People here are evil. Avoid at all costs.

Memphis is more stupid than Fulton & Kingdom City MO. Too racist & Dark. F'ck Blues, Die forever Memphis. - jayjay0607

65 Bridgeport, Connecticut

This city has pollution! I have to cover my nose every time I go pass it on the highway! This town also, has abandoned factories with broken windows, graffiti, projects, and the only good thing is the Webster bank arena.

I live close to Bridgeport and I think it has the most in the state but when I've been there it wasn't that bad - CoolCat999

How is this not number 1? It is Connecticut's Detroit.

Boo this place is worse then detroit

66 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I lived here for a bit, there was so much crime near my house. Look at North Milwaukee. Terrible - FerrariDude64

Don't move here you get beaten up by the weather

Not all cities are dangerous Ya know

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67 Columbia, South Carolina

Not that bad of a city to be honest. It has a nice zoo and traffic isn't horrible. Some sketchy areas near five points though

68 Houston, Texas

Too many angry rednecks for a big city. Most cosmopolitan? Compare it to London.

Anyways there is a large contingent of low-class people. Rap music (not necessarily the good kind), WWE fanatics, animal abusers, child abusers, domestic abusers, Duck Dynasty fanatics, gangsters, wannabe gangsters, methheads.

In addition, less natural beauty and not much architectural marvels. Also what good of a city is it if there is minimal public transportation but instead more angry Super Duty pickup drivers with guns?

The right-wingers have, at the very least, significant power, full control at the most [via state government]. They boast how they have a great economy solely because of low-tax policies, and push racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic views on everyone. The rejection of HERO ( the bathrooms! -except some of the perpetrators of the anti-HERO campaign have been convicted of raping children themselves) is pretty much a reflection of Houston; I mean, Steven Hotze, ...more

Not sure where to begin. Lived here mostly my whole life (besides briefly living in Orlando, Florida). H-Town has gone way downhill from what it used to be. Air pollution, no major attractions or theme parks (unless you count NASA or Kemah, neither of which are even really IN the city), lots of crime happening every day. My mom hates it too. She turns on the news every morning and dryly says "Oh, let's see who killed who! " While it's no Los Angeles, traffic is HORRIBLE! It would be at least tolerable if it had redeeming qualities that cities like even LA have like beautiful scenery, hills, or nice weather year round, but Houston's weather is completely dreadful, especially in the summer. It's so hot you can't even go outside without sweating your @$$ off! Winters are mild and great if you hate snow, but it still gets pretty cold (personally, I LIVE for winter, and long for it in the summer). Locals are all about football and the Texans, though I don't understand WHY, as they ...more

It's not bad at all! I've lived here since I was BORN! that's right, BORN! And have no complaints!

Sorry I had to vote but can someone please tell me what is the worst thing about
Houston? I live about 20- 25 miles south of here, on I- 45 and nothing ever happens that is extremely terrible.
1. Only shootings and robberies happen in the north parts that aren't really Houston, like Conroe, Livingston, etc.
2. Anything inside Beltway is quite alright
3. If they had put something like Galveston, Kemah, or League City, I would be a little mad because they haven't been to any of these places. They don't know. I am going on 13 and lived here since I was born, you haven't. - mopofloyd

69 Columbus, Ohio

I live like 1/2 hour but my broadcasting for news comes from columbus

Super Ghetto very ratchet to be honest - mountainhawk

I live here and columbus is not dangerous

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70 Daytona Beach, Florida

I went here once on a trip to Florida. It's a safe place, and it's fun. - Turkeyasylum

How is this city dangerous? It is not violent whatsoever. - OhioStateBuckeyes

I love this city. It's not dangerous. - Minecraftcrazy530

71 Richmond, Virginia
72 Springfield, Illinois

Formerly the home of Abraham Lincoln, Currently the home of corruption in Illinois, because of them, Illinois is now the 4th most corrupt state in the USA

I actually like the history stuff in this city,and Chicago is the actually the real home of corruption in Illinois

73 Missoula, Montana

Shut up you guy. How is Missoula on the worst city list, but not on the best city list. Missoula deserves last place on this list! If only I could remix

Too many Tree Huggers

74 Santa Rosa, California
75 Junea, Alaska
76 Las Cruces, New Mexico V 3 Comments
77 East St. Louis, Illinois

Are you kidding? Lilo and Stitch is a great show and I think people are voting for this because the movie is better but we are just comparing shows to shows and not movies..

I live just across the Mississippi River in St Louis, and East St Louis has the reputation of being a craphole. There is SO much crime, and the only good thing to ever come out of this horrible place was Jackie Joyner-Kersee. There is virtually no police force, which is great for a town with a high murder rate and only 27,000 people, probably all living in fear of being murdered. Once when I was little, my dad had some work to do and we went to East St. Louis, and I thought I would die. And in the movie Vacation, when the tires on the truckster get slashed, that's in East St, Louis

This should be way higher.its basically little Detroit. oncei drove through this city and it look like you could film something like the walking dead here.and it looks depression because at one point of time it was a nice city.

78 Rochester, New York
79 Compton, California

How is this so low? Compton is basically synonymous with bad city in the media. So many rappers talk about the struggle of being from here. Like even if they have Compton pride they're still up front about how rough this place is to live.

This should be near the top. An awful place that people try to avoid. Crime, gangs, drugs, guns.

Terrible place I had my brother get mugged and now owns two knives

80 Denver, Colorado

Denver is a great city! Why is it here? - EpicJake

Denver does not belong on this list.

Could somebody put Littleton or Columbine for god's sake?

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