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81 Hattiesburg, Mississippi
82 Louisville, Kentucky

Love louisville, ky great sports and entertainment city, great place to raise a family and lots more!

83 Lexington, Kentucky V 1 Comment
84 Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is awesome! It would be nice to live there. - EpicJake

Booo! You really think charlottes dangerous no way dude its awesome.

IT IS AWESOME THERE! - FrozenisOverrated

Lol charltte @ #63 nc ALWAYS WINS

85 Mobile, Alabama

The city has the dubious honor of holding one of the largest rallies for Donald Trump

Dirty city.

86 Albany, New York

Don't go there after dark... Drunk college kids and thugs...

Oh, you mean troy too. There is lots of crime there also, And Arbor hill is a dangerous place for you

87 Houston, Texas

Too many angry rednecks for a big city. Most cosmopolitan? Compare it to London.

Anyways there is a large contingent of low-class people. Rap music (not necessarily the good kind), WWE fanatics, animal abusers, child abusers, domestic abusers, Duck Dynasty fanatics, gangsters, wannabe gangsters, methheads.

In addition, less natural beauty and not much architectural marvels. Also what good of a city is it if there is minimal public transportation but instead more angry Super Duty pickup drivers with guns?

The right-wingers have, at the very least, significant power, full control at the most [via state government]. They boast how they have a great economy solely because of low-tax policies, and push racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic views on everyone. The rejection of HERO ( the bathrooms! -except some of the perpetrators of the anti-HERO campaign have been convicted of raping children themselves) is pretty much a reflection of Houston; I mean, Steven Hotze, ...more

Not sure where to begin. Lived here mostly my whole life (besides briefly living in Orlando, Florida). H-Town has gone way downhill from what it used to be. Air pollution, no major attractions or theme parks (unless you count NASA or Kemah, neither of which are even really IN the city), lots of crime happening every day. My mom hates it too. She turns on the news every morning and dryly says "Oh, let's see who killed who! " While it's no Los Angeles, traffic is HORRIBLE! It would be at least tolerable if it had redeeming qualities that cities like even LA have like beautiful scenery, hills, or nice weather year round, but Houston's weather is completely dreadful, especially in the summer. It's so hot you can't even go outside without sweating your @$$ off! Winters are mild and great if you hate snow, but it still gets pretty cold (personally, I LIVE for winter, and long for it in the summer). Locals are all about football and the Texans, though I don't understand WHY, as they ...more

It's not bad at all! I've lived here since I was BORN! that's right, BORN! And have no complaints!

Sorry I had to vote but can someone please tell me what is the worst thing about
Houston? I live about 20- 25 miles south of here, on I- 45 and nothing ever happens that is extremely terrible.
1. Only shootings and robberies happen in the north parts that aren't really Houston, like Conroe, Livingston, etc.
2. Anything inside Beltway is quite alright
3. If they had put something like Galveston, Kemah, or League City, I would be a little mad because they haven't been to any of these places. They don't know. I am going on 13 and lived here since I was born, you haven't. - mopofloyd

88 Little Rock, Arkansas
89 Shreveport, Louisiana
90 Tucson, Arizona
91 Barstow, California

Satanic center of the west. Largest concentration of covens in the US. You can feel the evil here.

92 Charleston, West Virginia

Nothing here.. Toxic waste and people with no pride or care... Not to mention no jobs.. A complete wasteland

93 Des Moines, Iowa

The underratedness is strong with this one. - JakePlaid

94 Junea, Alaska
95 Aurora, Colorado
96 Lansing, Michigan
97 Pasadena, California
98 Santa Fe, New Mexico
99 Trinidad, Colorado

Stole the name from a Carribean island.

100 Roswell, New Mexico
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