Top Ten Worst Cities In the United States


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81 Las Cruces, New Mexico V 3 Comments
82 East St. Louis, Illinois

Are you kidding? Lilo and Stitch is a great show and I think people are voting for this because the movie is better but we are just comparing shows to shows and not movies..

I live just across the Mississippi River in St Louis, and East St Louis has the reputation of being a craphole. There is SO much crime, and the only good thing to ever come out of this horrible place was Jackie Joyner-Kersee. There is virtually no police force, which is great for a town with a high murder rate and only 27,000 people, probably all living in fear of being murdered. Once when I was little, my dad had some work to do and we went to East St. Louis, and I thought I would die. And in the movie Vacation, when the tires on the truckster get slashed, that's in East St, Louis

This should be way higher.its basically little Detroit. oncei drove through this city and it look like you could film something like the walking dead here.and it looks depression because at one point of time it was a nice city.

83 Rochester, New York
84 Compton, California

How is this so low? Compton is basically synonymous with bad city in the media. So many rappers talk about the struggle of being from here. Like even if they have Compton pride they're still up front about how rough this place is to live.

This should be near the top. An awful place that people try to avoid. Crime, gangs, drugs, guns.

Terrible place I had my brother get mugged and now owns two knives

85 Portland, Maine

Ha, knew Maine would be somewhere close on the list... I live here and don't enjoy it. AT ALL.

V 1 Comment
86 Globe, Arizona

Such a classic name

87 Hattiesburg, Mississippi
88 Louisville, Kentucky

Love louisville, ky great sports and entertainment city, great place to raise a family and lots more!

89 Lexington, Kentucky V 1 Comment
90 Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is awesome! It would be nice to live there. - EpicJake

Booo! You really think charlottes dangerous no way dude its awesome.

IT IS AWESOME THERE! - FrozenisOverrated

Lol charltte @ #63 nc ALWAYS WINS

91 Mobile, Alabama

The city has the dubious honor of holding one of the largest rallies for Donald Trump

Dirty city.

92 Albany, New York

Don't go there after dark... Drunk college kids and thugs...

Oh, you mean troy too. There is lots of crime there also, And Arbor hill is a dangerous place for you

93 Little Rock, Arkansas
94 Shreveport, Louisiana
95 Barstow, California

Satanic center of the west. Largest concentration of covens in the US. You can feel the evil here.

96 Charleston, West Virginia

Nothing here.. Toxic waste and people with no pride or care... Not to mention no jobs.. A complete wasteland

97 Kansas City, Kansas

This makes more sense then Kansas City Missouri

Great BBQ and the Royals and Jayhawk's and that raps it up - mountainhawk

98 Des Moines, Iowa

The underratedness is strong with this one. Should be lower. - JakePlaid

99 Lansing, Michigan
100 Pasadena, California
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