Top Ten Worst Cities In the United States


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101 Santa Fe, New Mexico
102 Trinidad, Colorado

Stole the name from a Carribean island.

103 Santa Ana, California
104 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
105 Roswell, New Mexico
106 Farmington, New Mexico
107 Del Mar, California
108 Anniston, Alabama

An amazing amount of white trash live here.

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109 Utica, New York
110 Dallas, Texas

They own the first 48 Man it is super dangerous you have to be strapped when you go out never know what's going to happen - mountainhawk

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111 Kansas City, Missouri

Why is it called Kansas City if it's in Missouri?

Cheap and lots to do. Also AMAZING FOOD

I love this place a bunch of theme parks or is it on Kansas

I like this city because its name makes me laugh!

112 Lincoln, Nebraska

Most underrated city in the america

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113 Casper, Wyoming
114 Billings, Montana
115 Clearwater, Florida
116 Laredo, Texas
117 Fargo, North Dakota

Nothing but snow and ice. Might as well be part of Canada

I can sense that the people who complain about "snow & ice" aren't used to it... Fargo is a nice city to live in, sorry that it's cold, and doesn't have 2 million people living in it... - delien

118 Pierre, South Dakota
119 Yuma, Arizona

The landscape there is like Iraq, sand and gravel for miles, but without the sound of AK47s and mortars going off

120 Salem, Oregon
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