Top Ten Worst Cities In the United States


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121 Salem, Oregon
122 Colorado Springs, Colorado
123 Pueblo, Colorado
124 Idaho Falls, Idaho
125 Eugene, Oregon
126 Amarillo, Texas

Nice people. That's it for the good point. City government is the most dysfunctional in the nation. Low education level, ugly town surrounded by ugly, flat, barren land for hundreds of miles in every direction. And, Amarillo's biggest negative is that it is in Texas. Ugly town in an ugly state, the place "has" it all, yuck!

127 Minneapolis, Minnesota

I hate it here! I'm a minority, and wirked for Dungarvin LLC Minnesota! Fired with quotes like, "Big Black Boyfriend"

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128 St. Paul, Minnesota

Have you seen the mall it is huge and it is getting bigger and bigger. on summer it is beautiful the rivers are just magnificent full of nice people

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129 Fort Collins, Colorado
130 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Ghetto Kevin Gates Hurricane Chris Lil Boosie Webbie need to say more - mountainhawk

131 Bakersfield, California

I have no idea why this city isn't #1 one the list. it is really industrial and polluted, basically just take all of the crappy things you have ever heard about tacoma, put it in the hot desert where even the mountains are treeless and then you have bakersfield. la smells like a fresh mountain meadow compared to this place and I can't think of a single good thing about it.

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132 Corpus Christi, Texas

What is there. The beach? But it's pretty dirty, like much of the city.

Also made the honor of being one of America's Douchiest Cities

133 Virginia Beach, Virginia V 1 Comment
134 Topeka, Kansas

High property crime. I moved out and into the country then came back in 5 years.
If you will move here the move to the extreme north, east, or west. The southwest and on Fairlawn are OK.

135 Dodge City, Kansas
136 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
137 Fort Worth, Texas
138 Indianapolis, Indiana

Very racist prejudice people are very stuck up and proud of nothing everything is backwards in this city the worse kind of black people you will ever meet you will scratch your head and be like hold up your black can't tell just get in each others way bring each other down misery loves company that is indiancrapolis for you and you will get locked up for nothing just by word highest domestic rate when the women are causing the problem Big B! tche$ meaning it's a big girl state yes sir 200or bigger they love to run up and fight men when they are two times bigger than you and then when they get treated like men get beat up time to call the law and play victim and then bond the men out or put money on his books and phone saying baby I love you and miss you like I'm in jail for a unrelated crime SICKENING - mountainhawk

139 Honolulu, Hawaii
140 Helena, Montana V 1 Comment
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