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1 Dhaka

I know Dhaka would be dirty but Bangladesh citizens might offended by that. Bangladesh is still poorest country in the world but still improving. I hope this city and Bangladesh grow well.

Densest city of the densest country in the world. Dirty city with cramped suburbs and gangs. People working in sweatshops etc... Fact is DHAKA IS THE WORST!

Very very dirty and poor. Seems like a bad place to live.


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2 Mumbai Mumbai

It's a great city

Mumbai? Seriously? Its one of the best cities in the world

Piece of garbage is this city. Pukes on Mumbai - Ark-M

Haha! Lots of jealous and angry Pakistanis here.

Guess what? Mumbai is wealthier than your entire country will ever be.

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3 Detroit

Look, maybe not technically as bad as Nairobi Kenya or some other third world hell, but Detroit doesn't have an excuse. Every other city on this list (Besides London, which objectively can't be on the list) can blame war, or horrible poverty, or bad infrastructure for its inability to be a halfway descent city. Detroit though, used to be a world class city, perhaps the quintessential American city, where you could put in an honest days work and get a house with a white picket fence and 2.3 kids. Now it's a terrible place, with burnt out houses and ruined buildings. If I could sum up Detroit with one word it would be shame.

As a person who's actually visited Detroit, and therefore has a first-hand view of what it's like, I have to admit that I don't understand what you're talking about. Sure, I'm not into politics and don't listen to the news much, but from what I've experienced, it's a beautiful city with great attractions for older tourists (not much will entertain younger people). I've visited many, many times, but not once have I seen a dead body, crime, or even anything shady going on. Maybe it's because I only visit once in a while and for a very short period of time, but I don't see anything particularly wrong with it.
Before you make a biased and offending list like this, make sure you actually visit all the cities you're going to list. I don't think you understand that people living in this city have feelings, and can therefore be offended by this list. How would you feel if someone insulted your city and said it was horrible? Angry or sad? That's what I thought.

There is no way Detroit should be anywhere near the top 10! We have other war-ridden cities that could take this spot easily. And also, to those who think Detroit is ungoverned, you are dead wrong. They have a mayor, and the basic things a city should have. You may not see it, but Detroit has exited bankruptcy, and are currently making their way back as a great city. - Turkeyasylum

If you’re going to tell people to not vote for this city, don’t vote for it to make a comment. (Wait...)

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4 Karachi Karachi

Today it so much hot in Karachi its 55 degree and over thousand people died with hot because of no electric powers

Why this is not good

Ridiculous karachi is not worst city. It has everything which a beautiful should have. Don't label it one of worst city we are best and we are Asian Tigers.

Dhaka, Mumbai and Karachi are worse BFFs.

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5 Gary, Indiana

Indiana is best for its races. It's a peaceful place.

Gary Indiana isn't the worst city in the world but definitely one of the worst in the U.S. some parts of the city are completely abandoned and full of trash. It also has a very high murder rate. Creepy place. - OriginalVisionary

6 Napoli

Napoli is a horrible city, like nearly always in Italy.

Dirty, smelling bad, dark, polluted, chaotic, insecure, low style, like ruin, destroyed and Italian people do not speak anything else than Italian, slacker, impolite, lazy, arrogant, rude, they are always trying to rip you off.

The hotels are old and expensive, that everywhere in Italy, roads are dangerous.

Avoid this old fashion country.

I vote Napoli, but my vote can extend to all Italian cities. Every italian city, from north to south is in the same, pitiful conditions. Dirt, garbage in the streets, flock of people with no apparent job to crowd the streets, pick pockets and criminals everywhere, no public services... its is a scenario you can find in every city of Italy.

Napoli is the most beautiful city in the world. Beautiful culture, stunning architecture and amazing people.

Its called Naples

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7 Beijing Beijing

Worst ever with dirty dogs and pigs stupid people litter everywhere!

Too much pollution - SpencerJC

8 Pyongyang Pyongyang

Everything you do could end you up in prison. The people are brainwashed. If you go there and your from South Korea, America or Japan, you will probably be tortured. plus horrid weather, freezing winters and hot, wet summers

The capital of North Korea. Do I need to say much else? - Turkeyasylum

See that big pyramid in the center of that photo? It's been an empty shell since it was built 30 years ago.

Why isn't this number 1?

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9 Caracas, Venezuela

This should number 1. It’s even one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Plus it was even ranked the murder capital of the world - HoldenFanatic

10 London London London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south eastern part of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia.

London is a good city to living on I living in London for 19 years and its still getting better so I think you haters Go back! And Don't Insult my Country! - MissBritain

Wow... still can't believe I've seen Istanbul and London in this list, so many jealous haters...

You can't be serious...

London = Terrorists, Heaven for Muslims - MagmaFox

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11 Amman

Call of prayer at 4am. Just lovely. Who doesn't want some Arab shouting over loud speakers telling you and your family that it's time to pray to Allah.

Totally filthy with trash stinking in the heat and LOUD especially at night. City-sponsored concerts that last till 1am!

Amman is the worst city in the world, and the people there are the most cheap people on the planet

City full of scammers

12 Norilsk

The normal evening landscape in Norilsk is similar to the landscapes you see in post-apocalyptic doomsday horror films. The pollution is terrible - styLIShT

Post-apocalyptic city

Awful city in russia - Dvafan2

13 Milan

Dark, dirty, no green place, public transports absent, nasty and dowdy population, flats to rent or buy are extremely old-fashioned and expensive and difficult to practice a high level job there if you are not Italian, but this problem is everywhere in Italy they refuse a foreigner to have a higher post than them. So difficult to be a manager there, and Italians are extremely shiftless ans unpredictable, they are always right and never in time.

Arrogant people are living in this dark and dirty city without any charm.

14 Nairobi Nairobi

Nairobi is such a beautiful city with great scenarios. Everything is so expensive from food to hotel to bad traffic. City police will let loose a serial killer for cheap bribe. Politicians are to blame for putting Nairobi in this position.

JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE VISITED IT doesn't MEAN ITS BAD. Its not perfect, corruption is there but it's a good place.

Horrible am I right? This place is full of robbers. If you speak English there they will steal your stuff

Politics killed this city

15 Ho Chi Minh City

I don't want call that city by the new name cause that name is from the bloody first president that bring the poor criminal to this country, so Saigon is the name of that city in my mind and almost all the Vietnamese in oversea. I was born and lived in that city for 16years before came to oversea. I must say there is no place has lots of fun than Saigon and there is no place has so much criminal, robbery thus gov police, huge population with heavily traffic from 4pm-8pm and polluted. Everyday people walk out of home always face with robbery and police will catch them for any reason to get some bucks. Traveler, foreigners you guys will never know how to being a Vietnamese citizen in Vietnam and in oversea as well they don't respect you you don't have any benefit like another country to go oversea. We don't have anything such as human right, right to speech. This country is hell! Please forgive for any Vietnamese in oversea that doing the bad things like stealing, girls turn to ...more

16 Rome

Rome? why rome?

17 Malmö
18 Mogadishu Mogadishu

Even before the war, the city was a hellhole, mainly because the city was the center of tyranny and oppression in Somalia

The heart of a stateless part of Africa.

Biggest hellhole in Africa

19 Camden NJ
20 Limerick
21 Hanoi

The Vietnam war is over people, the Hanoi Hilton is now a museum or something like that

This is a stupid city

22 Phnom penh

It's the capital of Cambodia.

Dangerous shady city

What is this city

23 Moscow

Because Putin lives there, we vote this? That's just stupid...

Bad government in Russia now

Because Putin lives there

Moscow is amazing. It's so annoying how the world thinks Russia is a battlefield or a corruptland. I visit Russia and its beautiful. But you must drink Vodka! ☺😀

24 Islamabad

Y is Islamabad here. It is pretty safe here. I've been living here for 9 years

25 Port Au Prince
26 Kabul

It's still beautiful though. The idiot news only shows the poor part. My family lives in the average area, and it's close to a beautiful blue mosque.

The capital of Afghanistan is destroyed thanks to wars.

It must be on number 1! It is like a terrorist capital.

Kabul Used to be beautiful no thanks to The Arabs and Russians who destroyed it

27 New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi is the capital and seat of government of India. It is also a municipality and district in Delhi and serves as the seat of Government of Delhi.

Who dared to insult my country will rot in hells of hell!

Worst city ever it has too much pollution

28 Sudbury Sudbury Sudbury is a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 1908. It is one of the two districts serving the city of Greater Sudbury.

Garbage sketchy city with nothing to do.

29 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
30 Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is like the best. I am an Israeli 16 year old who moved from Kiev.

31 Jakarta

It's so polluted and very very very dirty! Traffic jam at Jakarta is the WORST on the earth! This city is the WORST CITY ever in the WORLD! Jakarta is very very very CROWDED and DISGUSTING!

Jakarta is the worst city in Southeast Asia and even Indonesia. It's very unplanned, the skyline is ugly because the villages with those ugly red roofs ruined it. Traffic and pollution is the worst on the planet. Worst governor and mayor in racist Ahok. Also, very hot as hell.

This city so fakin sucks!

City itself is messy and disorganised.. how can this be the CAPITAL of a COUNTRY

32 Manila

1) Smog & Pollution = That's why a majority of the population have asthma. Going outdoors means putting on a mask, otherwise enjoy the carbon monoxide and damage to your lungs.

2) Traffic = Drivers and road officials have lack of discipline or no discipline at all. Quezon City to Makati is roughly 17km or 10.5 miles. In the USA, 10 miles is an average of 20-30 mins. But in this city that 10 miles one way is 1.5 to 2 hrs. So that's a total of 3-4 hours on the road. 3-4 hours trip in the US equates to driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and that's around 300 miles already.

3) Road Rules = There are no road rules. It's every man for himself. Trucks, buses, cars, SUVs, PUVs (public utility vehicles), tricycles, motorcyclists and pedestrians fight for space regardless of right of way. It's a jungle out there. Think of it as the animal kingdom and insects cross your path without warning. Well, actually there is an alert, which means feel free to honk your horn at all ...more

I don't want to go there because if you tune the T.V. everyday people in the city always to be reported to die murdered sexed etc

Dan Brown refers to Manila as Hell on Earth in his book "Inferno". Manila, the capital of the Philippines (my home country) is heavily polluted ( you can smell sewage in the air) and there's lots of corruption. The city is the most densely populated on Earth, meaning there could be 10 people living in a small apartment. Children are kidnapped and forced to work in hard labor or even become prositutes. Conjestion is severe in Manila, with 6 hour traffic jams. - ethanmeinster

Too crowded

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33 New York

It's an alright city, but there's a lot of sketchy people there, aka the mobsters and mafias

Used to be a good city, but then the hipstesr took it over. There is gang activity in some of the bad neighborhoods, but the presence of the mafia is almost none. A lot of people who's fathers were in the mafia have tried to distance them selves from the mafia as much as they could. I just wanted to clear up that myth

Worst city I've ever been too. Got famous over a couple of buildings and movies made nearly 100 years ago. Expensive, dirty, rude, and old (The airports and train stations are just disgusting). It's hella overrated.

How is New York City a bad city?
It's one of my favorite cities in the world
Mexico city is the worst city not NYC Remove it off the list
Mexico City needs to be on the list.

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34 St. Petersburg
35 Pare
36 Istanbul Istanbul

Istanbul is beautiful! I have been there billions of time and nothing is bad there.

Istanbul, are you kidding?

WHAT?! OK, I understand there are so much traffic, but come on! Istanbul is a good city. Istanbul is full of history and culture. That makes Istanbul a great city.

Why is this here? Istanbul is pretty city.

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37 Cairo Cairo

Beautiful city with old modern buildings. Its getting year by year and the revolution ended so everything is back on track HATER.Oldest civilization HATER.

The bad government and all the troublemakers scared all the tourists from the pyramids though

38 St. Louis St. Louis
39 Boston Boston

Most rude and small minded people on the planet. - Thisgoronsonfire

I hate boston it happend in 2013 Attacks - SpencerJC

40 Madrid

The worst city in the world

I am a Italian and my familly and me us have attaked by full of Spanish. Madrid is complety ugly city worsth in full the world.

41 Los Angeles Los Angeles

Are you kidding. Los Angeles is a beautiful city.

Just too much gangsters and thugs in this city. Other than that pretty good - MChkflaguard_Yt

Gangs in Los Angeles are far in the south of the city.

Too many graffiti all everywhere
Clean again
Clean again again
Never clean
Too many people graffiti at abandoned buildings or downtown or koreatown - SpencerJC

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42 Freetown, Sierra Leone

In all respect to the people from there, there is an Ebola outbreak at large in Sierra Leone, and it can be fatal. The city is also unfortunately quite undeveloped and poor...

43 Chicago Chicago Chicago, officially the City of Chicago, is the third-most populous city in the United States. With over 2.7 million residents, it is also the most populous city in both the state of Illinois and the Midwestern United States. Chicago is considered one of the most important business centers in the world. more.
44 Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

Netanyahu does nothing but causes trouble to my Palestine. Meanie

It was a great city, but has become a war zond

Bombings just about everyday, killings of kids, Hamas and State of Israel kill each other, Bad place to go.

Israelis should leave Palestine alone and go back to Europe

45 Miami

Highest murder rate in Florida. Most can't speak English. Some Cubans are dangerous and hate Americans and they aren't the only ones.

Hurricanes every year - Dvafan2

46 Kansas City
47 Melbourne

How is Melbourne on this list? It was voted as the world's most liveable city multiple times.

Who placed this on the list? God, this place is awesome!

Melbourne is a very clean place.

Person who put this on the list.
Have even been to Melbourne?

48 Glasgow

I'm Scottish, but I agree. Glasgow is a dump, but it is improving.

Insted of us being exterminated, you should..

Glasgay is the most repugnant place in the universe. The so called 'people' are the scum of the Earth. The world would be a better place if they were all exterminated.

49 Ciudad Juarez

Most crime ridden hellhole in the world. I live in El Paso (nice safe city surprisingly) and I always here about the crime in Juarez. A lady killed a baby once just to hide drugs in it! That's JUST CRUEL. This must be placed higher ASAP

50 Kolkata
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