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1 Nature Clarence

I actually think this show was awesome. It doesn't make any sense because it's not supposed to! It's just supposed to be a funny, silly episode to laugh at. That's exactly why it's on Cartoon Network?

Honestly I Can't Even Blame Anyone Who Hates This Episode Or Even This Entire Show Either This Show Is Utter Garbage Somebody Needs To Backstab The Entire Cast Of The Show Quickly As Possible! Even If I Has To Be After This Episode.

Nature clarence was stupid. It didn't have anything, I hated how annoying it was. Hey, at least pilot expansion and fun dungeon face off were good, this ruins it all.

HECK NAW! I love this show, it is my favorite show of all time.

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2 Honk

This Episode Perhaps Even The Entire Show Is More Annoying And Irritating To Listen To Than The New SpongeBob Episodes God! Seriously I Can't Stand This Show! Especially This Episode Of The Show Now This One Is Pretty Darn Annoying! And I Could Even Say That This Should Be #1 Worst Clarence Episode Of All Time. There's Pretty Much No Reason Why This Show Shouldn't Be Cancelled. Why Keep Making Episodes Of This Garbage The First 15 Episodes Including This One We're Already Bad Enough! Believe Me! This Whole Show Itself Is Better Off Dead Than Alive.

No, it's not. I only hate the end. I only like the beginning and middle.

Giant middle finger

Clarence teaches us to annoy people, interrupt the national anthem, and to make people against you.

3 Slumber Party V 2 Comments
4 Clarence Millions

I love that episode. They see u Rollin and Hatin + the cops try to catch u Ridin Dirty. BOOM!

5 Zoo

I think I kinda like this cartoon but lets face it
The plot was lame, the jokes were stupid and the ending JUST PISSED ME OFF! NO SERIOUSLY? IS THAT THE BEST ENDING THEY COULD CAME UP WITH?

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6 Puddle Eyes

It's basically saying that blind people are stupid, the people who support them are jerks, and the people who makes fun of them are right.

This show is supposed to be for younger kids. Yes, the plot is silly, but isn't it for every kid show? It made me laugh the entire episode.

My favorite and only episodes are: lizard day afternoon and money broom wizard


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7 Dinner Party V 1 Comment
8 Lil' Buddy

I'm not hating on the whole show, still it's like one of the worst shows ever. This show didn't really have a plot and it gave a wrong image of emos, they are not always mean and they're not always unsocial and depressed. Even though it was not the only subject of the episode, I think it was what the episode was mostly based on. It was a terrible episode though.

This episode stinks. I mean the only good part was when Clarence KOed Belson. The other kid's name is Dustin. I will make an edited version of Lil Buddy. Instead of Dustin getting knocked the heck out, he gets back up while Clarence is walking off. Dustin tackles Clarence and knocks him out with an uppercut and a roundhouse kick. The, Roman Reigns superman punches Dustin, then Dean Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds on him. Then to finish him off, Randy Orton RKOs Dustin, KOs him, and Dustin begins to dispense blood from his mouth and his nose. Plus, he didn't punch him, he pushed him.

Is so creepy and Clarence is being a jerk in this episode. - GenoKenneth

This is my favorite episode but I'm still voting so people see me saying this

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9 Man of the House

It teaches kids that when your parents aren't at home with you, you could do whatever you want. Plus Chad looks like an orangutan.

I liked this one I mean it was funny but I wish they actually beat up a robber instead of Chad

Clarence makes a huge mess of his house.

10 Fun Dungeon Face Off

This episode teaches kids that they can steal girl shoes and steal another man's fries to get them to play with you. This should be #2! Anyway! Clarence is filled with stupidity stealing Jeff's fries to make him play with him. Then we have to watch how dumb they are throughout the entire cartoon. It sucks ass. It sucks balls. It sucks ass balls.

This episode was the first and most horrible episode of all. Clarence teaches you in this episode how to steal fries from your friends and steal your friends shoes. I hope Clarence and his friends die one day.

You know that some shows are just meant to be fun and not have any serious messages...right?

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11 Straight Illin

How could you get sick from eating many cooked eggs that have been sitting out in the sun? Yes, he got the avian flu but you get the avian flu from eating raw eggs.

This needs to be number 1 because this is my least favorite Clarence Episode of all time. - Discord1

This episode was disgusting

I REALLY hate this episode.
1. How can you get sick from deviled eggs?
2. They treat Clarence like the protagonist. Seriously, why does everyone get sick in the end? That's saying Jeff and Sumo trying to make him better is wrong?

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12 Average Jeff

The episode itself portrayed Jeff just poorly, it is almost amono the worst episodes

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13 Pilot

This was a good episode. It is funny how Clarence actually filled a piñata with killer bees. It was funny how the reaction was. It proves that Jeff watches university challenge, Sumo wasnt bald and more. So, I don't know why you are hating it because of the bees, it was really funny.

Clarence filled a piñata with poisonous, killer bees.

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14 Goldfish Follies

Worst and probably only bad episode ( I like Clarence if you have a problem with it your a judger but if your OK with it then you might be cool)

This episode was weird. what was up with the new type of cartoon? I kind of liked the ending. but that's the only decent thing about the episode.

Nature clarence is the best and funniest you dumbasses but this was stupid

15 Tuckered Boys

It's unrealistic, they were up for one night! Hallucinations start when you go three nights without sleep. After like five hours they start hallucinating. Also it looked like they were on drugs.

This episode is so freaky the part where Clarence takes off his eyes like mister potato head is disgusting

How did Jeff lose his pants? And why? That was creepy

16 The Break Up
17 Jeff's New Toy

He totally freaks when Clarence "acedently" breaks his toy! WHY CN, WHY! - Puppycutsies

18 Bedside Manners

And now this Show get worse. Must they Rip off one of the worst Breadwinnrs Episodes? (From Bad To Nurse)

This started the 'Belson torture porns"

19 Freedom Cactus

For real, how is a comic strip of just a cactus farting funny? I don't see how that's funny. That's all it is. The episodes get worse and worse. They need better plots.

I just loathe this episode so much. It just copies Sanjay and Craig.

Mr. Reese was acting way out of character.

20 Jeff Wins
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