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1 Tombstone

How is this #1?! Tombstone is an extremely useful card! It's an amazing counter to anything that charges, like the prince, bandit, mega knight, and dark prince. Arguably one of the best cards for stalling. How is this the worst card in the game?!

The princess towers just shoot the skeletons as they spawn. This disgraces every skeleton card out there.

What? This card can defend against a prince, giant even royal giant... - Jmoore

Tombstone is awesome, you should just use it on defense,

it counters a lot of things like prince - GamingWithCharlie

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2 Sparky Sparky

Because u don't know how to use it retard they wont push the other lane because if they do they know sparky will take their tower plus anything they put down will be instantly destroyed and not everyone has zap by the way and even if they do it will charge back up great value for 6 elixir giant wizard sparky bowler is obliteration - stoner69

Sparky is so easily countered by many things! There are just so many better options out there to use. Plus, Sparky must be backed up by LOTS of other troops to make it somewhat half-decent. For a 6 elixir cost, the card is horrible.

Sparky is overrated and one of the worst cards. Zap spell will reset her change, skeleotns will distract her easily, mini pekka can kill her in seconds of she is not charged. A giant in front of her can be countered with cannon (place the cannon so it will lure the giant into range of both arena towers.) Your opponent can also rush the opposite lane right after you deploy sparky. Not much value for 6 elixir

She sucks so bad 95% percent of the time she will just attack some lame skeletons or goblins but she especially sucks against a electro wizard. she wont be able to attack. she should be a rare card

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3 Bomb Tower

Not for skeleton army barbarians or any other swarm cards dumbass bomb tower is way better than inferno - stoner69

Bomb Tower is really bad. Inferno Tower is a much more powerful alternative. - BillyBobJoe

It can't even attack air troops, and there are other options such as the Inferno Tower.

Bomb tower is useless. What a waste for 5 elixir!

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4 Goblin Hut

Just so annoying but when delayed these guys can do a lot of damage when their built up - stoner69

This building can actually do tons of damage but since the bowler was realesed this building is now stupid

Its still a good card shoudnt be on this list

Goblin hut is stupd

5 Barbarian Hut

This card is good against most decks that use building targeting troops. It has so much health, it can take a Lightning and still be helpful to take out the building targeting troop. Hog Rider is really hard to get to the tower when the opponent has this. - BillyBobJoe

4 barbarians equal 5 elixir, and this equals 7 elixir, while this spawns MORE barbarians. - micahisthebest

Not worth 7 elixir

It costs so much elexire and you can easily just counter it with a miner, fireball, rocket. Or if someone places down the barbariun hut you can just simply place elite barbs on the other side because he won't have enough elexire to counter it. Make sure you use fire spirits or log with the elite barbs because he might have scarmy

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6 Clone

Umm, clone is amazing! Spell bait then clone a night witch or any decent troop and you almost always take a tower!

That's because you use it when their at the tower dummy clone is great on golem lavahound battle ram or gob barrel and definitely op on balloon and giant skeleton so u stupid - stoner69

Well, why is this so low on the list? Any spell can kill the clones, ice golem or simply use a damage dealing troop and *BOOM* 3 elixir wasted for your opponent. What? Prepare for a counterpush


7 Mortar

Its blind spot and long deploy time makes it useless. - MChkflaguard_Yt

This card is so Damon useless, same about Tessa, bomb tower, and poison

Not really good in offense, and can easily be taken down.

This should be number 1
this card is terrible and the tombstone is better than this

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8 Valkyrie

This list is out dated. Back then valkyrie sucks, but the game developers increased the valkyrie's health and damage by a lot, now its AWESOME.

Your kidding me, Valkyrie is so good! So many people use it, it's good as a tank and does splash. It does not deserve to be on the top ten worst cards. Remove it

Valkyrie should not in worst card list

My arena is 7 and I still use is a good card it can kill witch wizard musketeer etc... I believe It is useful

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9 X-Bow

Swarm it with cheap troops before 3.5 seconds is up, and boom the X-bow is gone - MChkflaguard_Yt

If it locks on tower and u don't have zap lightning or ice spirit your dead definitely if they use rage - stoner69

You should use a right combo before it

It ok, but you can easily take it out with a prince or dark prince easily

10 Furnace

This card is a weird one, it can almost never be used on its own and must be used in combination with other huts. if you try to use this on its own the opponent will just attack the other side, his crown tower will 1-shot the fire spirits

How is this bad if you don't counter every wave of fire spirits theyll chip down your tower so much you wont realize it plus prince and valk deck is op with it since theyl forget about the fire spirits and drop minion horde but then itl be insantly killed and they just wasted 5 elixir and their tower is gone this card needs a nerf if you ask me - stoner69

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11 Wizard

The Wizard is always very used and sometimes gets the job done. However, there are so many other better way to counter a swarm. The Executioner just steals all of its thunder. Not only that, but it dies to fireball quite easily if you don't have him leveled up.

In my opinion it's a horrible card, you don't really need this splash card, witch can counter a push really easily with help from other troops, most of the time a witch survives afterward so you can stick a giant in front of the witch.

Easily outplayed by the witch because of the skeletons.

What? Wizard is so good! Pretty much all of my friends use him and they dominate!

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12 Mirror

Mirror should be higher on this list. It definitely needs a buff. It's basically a joke of a card. - BillyBobJoe

Mirror is op with right troops su h as sparky wizard or knight u really are retarted dude plus mirror the gob barrel on each side so they have to choose - stoner69

13 Inferno Tower

Its good but inferno drag has made this card be used a lot less and for good reason since the drag is a moving inferno tower but the tower itself has more range and damage plus theyyl zap lightning freeze or ice spirit or use skeletons to distract it so your golem can destroy it along with support troops then your tower is dead - stoner69

This card shouldn't even be on this list. This, alongside the Barbarian Hut, destroy any tank beatdown decks (though if they have Lightning, Barb Hut is better). - BillyBobJoe

Not bad at all - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

I agree

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14 Witch

Witch is amazing it is in my opinion it is one of the best cards in the game

Are u mental? This card has one of the greatest splash areas' and can deal with big pushes

Needs a buff too weak - stoner69

15 Lightning

What? Lightning is actually super useful and in my Opinion 10X better than Rocket, it chain attacks 3 targets in the circle with the highest health points even if thy only JUST walk in it when it already starts electrocuting, it can also restart inferno towers/dragons if it doesn't kill them, it almost instant which can be super handy as rocket and fireball take a bit longer, it can also take out 3 troops that may be supporting a PEKKA, RG, Giant then its alone and you can deal with it. Only downside I'd say is that it can be countered if your smart but most people don't know how. - SagieBoi

Better than rocket can take out three annoying troops insantly that youd have to deal with later such as wizard musketeer and witch - stoner69


Not worth so much(6)elixir - MChkflaguard_Yt

16 Inferno Dragon

True its only good for crown towers or defense but if used with baby drag and lavahound if it locks onto the tower the tower is yours - stoner69

How can this be on the list? If it lock on a crown tower the tower is serverly damaged if not destroyed. - MChkflaguard_Yt

17 Rocket

Too expensive and too slow because if you time it wrong 6 elixir down the drain - stoner69

18 Musketeer

Musketeer is AWESOME, it can counter an opponents push really easily with the help of some other troops, usually she survives after countering an attack so you can then use her for your own attack

You cought me off guard. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? THE MUSKETEER IS WELL, how do I say it, well, a perfect high damage, medium health, and a cheap troop for only 4 elixir - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

Piece of crap

I mean its good but easily outplayed by wizard and witch - stoner69

19 Poison

Perfect for graveyard decks - stoner69

Poison is 4 elixir and doesn't have any good use except for graveyard
Why not just use zap or arrows

20 Three Musketeers

3 muskies are decent, they can be an ok replacement for inferno tower or super tough tank destroying troops, Decent but they are amazing when protected or if you have the heal spell. - SagieBoi

If it is used well then the ultimate annoyance generator is there - MChkflaguard_Yt

These are op with elixir collector drop em in middle and if they don't react you got two crowns - stoner69

Too much elixir, but on 2 time elixir, your unstopable

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