Top Ten Worst Clash Royale Cards


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1 Tombstone

When the skeletons walk by the tower the tower just one shots them

Tombstone? I don't think it is really good at defense but is decent againt some threats. I prefer a lot of cards over the tombstons and I don't think the tombstone really is that good

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2 Valkyrie

This list is out dated. Back then valkyrie sucks, but the game developers increased the valkyrie's health and damage by a lot, now its AWESOME.

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3 Furnace

This card is a weird one, it can almost never be used on its own and must be used in combination with other huts. if you try to use this on its own the opponent will just attack the other side, his crown tower will 1-shot the fire spirits

4 Bomb Tower

Just so bad

It is awseome spasher, has hi hp

5 Wizard

In my opinion it's a horrible card, you don't really need this splash card, witch can counter a push really easily with help from other troops, most of the time a witch survives afterward so you can stick a giant in front of the witch.

THis card is decent. It can attack a giant and splash minions above the giant as well, but I prefer a lot of cards over the wizard and I don't think the wizard really is that good

Easily outplayed by the witch because of the skeletons.

6 X-Bow
7 Inferno Tower

This card is awesome, it can easily take out giants, golems, giant skeletons etc. before they even get a touch on the tower!

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8 Mortar
9 Rocket
10 Goblin Hut

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? Three Musketeers
? Guards
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11 Barbarian Hut V 1 Comment
12 Lightning
13 Poison
14 Musketeer

Musketeer is AWESOME, it can counter an opponents push really easily with the help of some other troops, usually she survives after countering an attack so you can then use her for your own attack

15 Sparky Sparky

Sparky is overrated and one of the worst cards. Zap spell will reset her change, skeleotns will distract her easily, mini pekka can kill her in seconds of she is not charged. A giant in front of her can be countered with cannon (place the cannon so it will lure the giant into range of both arena towers.) Your opponent can also rush the opposite lane right after you deploy sparky. Not much value for 6 elixir

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16 Fireball
17 Skeletons V 2 Comments
18 Skeleton Army

They buffed-nerfed it. Needs serious buff and anyway u can only use it till arena 3 cause after that people have well timed arrows or zap.

19 The Log

THE LOG IS AWESOME. It provides SOOO MUCH VALUE. If your opponent has a strong attack such as, giant+ice spirit+bomber+spear goblins+prince, for just two elixir the log will provide INSANE value. The log is also the only cards that can take out a princess for a positive elixir trade. The log will also damage/kill troops supporting the princess

Skeletons kill princess for positive trade too dummy

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20 Dark Prince Dark Prince
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