Top Ten Worst Clash Royale Epic Cards


The Top Ten

1 Lightning

On arena 1-4 mabye 1-3 its kinda bad as it isn't worth the cost to kill troops a fireball could do, but as you get higher and start versing giant+wizards or golems etc lightning is a great epic card.

2 X-Bow

I agree. Its practically a waste of elixir, its practically impossible to get it to target your opponent's tower, it's deploy time is so long and it doesn't really do much damage if your opponent has tansy troops.

It costs six and its rubbish

3 Witch

The witch is AWESOME if you know how to use it right. You can counter your opponents attack with a witch and some other troops, the witch would still be alive afterwards so you can stick a giant in front of her and the same witch would be used for both offense and defense. A level 2 witch summons level 7 skeletons.

If your opponent does a prince and bomber attack, you can counter with a knight and a witch, the knight will take out the bomber and the witch will generate skeletons to take out the prince with the help of the tower and the witch, after countering the attack the witch would still be alive so you can stick a giant in front of her and you would have your own push going.

4 Baby Dragon

Hold it. WHAT?! The card ALONE is not the best thing in the world, but if you have something to combo with it like inferno dragon it's pretty good. See, it doesn't matter how bad the card is. You need to learn how to use it.

5 Skeleton Army

This can be an amazing card on defense. Totally wrong.

6 Giant Skeleton

Sure you can use skeleton army on him but he always gets the last laugh because he explodes on his death and kills literally everybody that played a part in killing him.

Untrue. This card is one of the best tanks, being the only tank with a medium speed and ridiculous death damage.

7 Dark Prince
8 Prince

Prince sucks if you are battling an experienced player, also gives your opponent a perfect chance to counterpush.

9 Mirror

Yeah, its not worth it

10 Balloon

The Contenders

11 Guards

Only 3 weak skeletons with bad defensive shields. Easily countered with any spell or high damage card for an insta kill

12 Tornado
13 Clone



To slow and weak to swarms

15 Rage


only good for pushes otherwise sucks

16 Golem Golem

Just a bad card, I would choose ballon over it or peeka any day

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