Top 10 Worst Classic Rock Songs

I love Classic Rock but these songs are overplayed, annoying, or just plain overrated. These are MY OPINION and I understand why people would like these songs but if you're mad, keep it to yourself or just tell me POLITELY your opinions.

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21 All Summer Long - The Beach Boys

I felt I should put this Kid Rock song on here (he's classic rock, right? ). After all, the two songs he copied to write All Summer Long are both on here. There! Now you have a top twenty (or is it bottom twenty? )

22 Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty

I love it. Why is it on this worst list?

23 Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

A song where only a quarter of it contains song, and the rest contains aimless noodling FOREVER.

Can be annoying but Sweet Home Alabama always bothered me more.

24 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Ugh! over-played, over-praised, and over-rated. Freddie died bravely of AIDS, big deal, it does not make him a good singer.

25 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - The Beatles

Worst classic rock song ever, after We Built This City, believe me

26 We Will Rock You - Queen

Was this put on here because they sang it with a 90s boyband? 5ive remember them? Abz? Slam Dunk (Da Funk)
They sang with Queen "We will rock you"

I knew this list would annoy me😠

27 Dream On - Aerosmith

I don't hate this band but I think that their early work goes from mediocre to just pure overrated garbage. This song is way too repetitive, annoying and overplayed. It's low on the list because the band's later hits in the 80s and 90s made up for it. - BlackPikmin1998

28 Touch of Grey - The Grateful Dead

Completely wrong. Go back to your Emo

29 Old Time Rock N' Roll - Bob Seger

In the place where I live, this is seriously the only song they play on classic rock stations. I'm so sick of hearing it, and I never want to hear it again.

Much as I love Seger, I would have to agree. Hell, Seger might even agree. Played way too much and he has written so many better songs.

Seger has written more classic rock flaming turds than The Who.

What is it - maybe he had 2 bad songs and The Who had 1? Both are/were fantastic artists. Successful as well - Billyv

30 Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi isn't terrible but they are so overrated on these Top Tens that I had to throw this in there. And the song is about as juvenile as they come.

31 We Are the Champions - Queen

Bloody awful and spawned generations of morons.

32 Just What I Needed - The Cars
33 Love In an Elevator - Aerosmith
34 Gloria - Patti Smith

I never understand what the hell likes everyone in this song, this is a very lame cover of Them's Gloria and I couldn't call this meowing cat vocal style to punk rock... - somekindofaguy

35 Heart of the Country - Paul McCartney
36 Hey Jude - The Beatles
37 Roxanne - The Police

His voice is so annoying in this song

38 Take It On the Run - REO Speedwagon

Pathetic song

39 Corporal Clegg - Pink Floyd
40 Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
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