Top Ten Worst Cliches About Teenagers

"Cliche" Is pronounced Clee-shey btw. If I missed one please add it

The Top Ten

1 They can't get off their phones

This isn't a teenager thing. This is society in general. My mom isn't a teenager, yet she's on her phone a lot. - Zach808

Not necessarily. I don't use my phone that much unless I need it to look up something. I never text or call anyone on it. - Element119

It's so annoying when anyone does that, but its more annoying for adults. - Lucretia

I'm 14 and don't have a phone

2 They are lazy

Well, I'm a teenager myself and my generation is really not very hardworking. - misfortuneluck

My parents tell me this...for crying out loud! I'm not lazy!

3 They suck in school

Not true at all. Quite a lot of teenagers are at the stage of planning what they want to do in the future, and a lot of jobs need good exam grades and sometimes even a degree. A lot of teenagers work tirelessly for the good results they need to progress to the job of their dreams. - Entranced98

I've never made anything but A's in school (I could care less about school though). - Element119

Some try hard, I don't try in school. - Lucretia

4 They all like awful music

Well, I don't think my music is awful. Awful is a subjective term anyway. But still, how are rock and metal songs awful? - Element119

Not all of them since I'm a rocker myself. - Croy987

Some like awul hip hop but some like good music - Lucretia

5 They all spread gossip

Why gossip and make it harder for someone else when its hard enough for you - Lucretia

I just don't talk to people in general. I could care less about gossip. - Element119

6 They're snobby

This is just about popular girls, not all teens in general - TwilightKitsune

Popular people. - Lucretia

7 All teenage girls like pop music

The absolute worst of the lot, not to mention some girls just say they like pop music because they want to fit in with others. Peer pressure aside, I'm sure people's honest opinions on pop music are much lower than what they generally express. - Entranced98

Well, it seems a lot do, but some don't. I like rock and metal music. - Element119

I can't stand it, brutal death metal is my music. - Lucretia

I' m a teenage girl and I love rock and jazz not pop.

8 All teenage boys like sports
9 They can't handle responsibility

Some are more responsible then they're parents - Lucretia

10 They do drugs and drink

Yeah I see this a lot lol - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I drink sometimes, but not a lot. - Lucretia

The Contenders

11 They're all emos who cut themselves

Sorry but this is stereotypical. I've never met an emo who actually cuts themselves

I know people who cut themselves, but they are not emo. - Lucretia

12 All girls are boy crazy

This is definitely not me. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. I don't care about or like romance and I have no interest in being in a relationship anyway. I'd hate to fall in love too, as that would give someone else power over me. - Element119

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