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21 Nobody Dies Nobody Dies

Ok, I know it sounds cruel, and Disney is for little kids and stuff. However, it would be 15x more realistic if you killed off some characters at some point. I'm not saying with big gory deaths. Just you know, even it out. It's not there aren't enough cheesy things.

Exactly. Disney is for kids but can't you kill characters in tamer ways? - ClimaxDome

22 Hero Always Must Have a Love Interest Hero Always Must Have a Love Interest

Why is it that the hero must always fall in love? Some of them are nice, like Mulan and Shang Yu. Some of them are an important part of the plot, like Cinderella. But I don't understand why movies like lion king need a love interest. Don't get me wrong, I like nala, but I think that she could have just stayed friends with simba

23 Disturbing Sexual References

WAY too many! please stop! - EliHbk

24 Surprise Villains Surprise Villains

At first, it kind of worked, but now Disney thinks it's a good idea to turn random characters into last act villains! Not working, Disney!

Fine in "Wreck-It Ralph" and even "Frozen" (and "Toy Story 3" if that counts), "Big Hero 6" I out loud said "oh come on! ", "Zootopia" I literally stomped out of the theater in a rage. Didn't even bother with "Moana" and probably won't see another new Disney movie again for a while if ever now that their twist/attempt to stay "fresh" has become stale and overused.

Surprise motherfvcker. - AlphaQ

King Candy
That one villain from BH6 who I forgot his name
Bellwether - Cartoonfan202

25 Anti-Feminism Anti-Feminism

Take for instance, the teenage girl being the best friend/arch-rival of the other. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Example; The girl is a scardey-cat, and then in the scary situation, The boy saves her. and there's usually a love at first sight moment after that. - Iamcool

26 Bad Guy Has a Wide Chance to Kill the Hero but Doesn't
27 Villain Has a Big Chance to Kill Hero Waits So the Hero Has Time to Escape
28 Animal Sidekick Animal Sidekick
29 Light is Good Light is Good
30 Somebody Unimportant Dies Somebody Unimportant Dies

This is so annoying, and yet this makes me sad. - wrests

Really? - AlphaQ

Hate it -_-

31 The Plight of the Orphan Plot Line The Plight of the Orphan Plot Line

The kind where the main character is a young soul, abandoned or orphaned who is surrounded by extreme forces and having to overcome many obstacles to find their identity. Pinocchio, Bambi, the 2016 Pete's Dragon to name a few.

32 Wisecracking Male Hero Wisecracking Male Hero

Hey, girls can be funny, too, and not just in a non-threatening dorky way. There are some welcome exceptions, such as with both the female characters in 'Wreck-it Ralph'.
I think it wouldn't hurt to have gender dynamics be a little more diverse. - SourNote2014

33 Overprotective Parents Overprotective Parents

Mufasa being the worst of them all. Glad he's dead.

34 The Love Song The Love Song
35 A Song About the Protagonist's Hopes and Desires A Song About the Protagonist's Hopes and Desires
36 A Villain Song A Villain Song
37 Comic Relief

I hate it - Roguy

38 Trying Way Too Hard to Appeal to Everyone with Pop Culture References and Heavy-Handed Contemporary Morals Trying Way Too Hard to Appeal to Everyone with Pop Culture References and Heavy-Handed Contemporary Morals
39 The Heroes Lose
40 Villains are Usually Girls and Heroes are Guys

I mean really?!
Mother Gothel
Evil queen
Cruella Deville
need I say more?

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