Worst Cliches

I created this list because it combines movies, video games, TV & artworks all together in one specific spot.

The Top Ten

1 Stupid Villains (action movies)

Do cliche comments on YouTube count for this list? - Powell

This always happens in action movies. The villains points the gun at the good guys, instead of pulling the triggers, he talks to him. The James Bond franchise keeps overuses this cliches. Here's an advice for ya: When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk. - MrEmerik2000

2 Parodying The Matrix (2000s)

In 1999, The Matrix revolutionize the cinematic technique by inventing Bullet Time. When the actions slows down, the protagonist try to dodge bullets when the camera rotates. It was until everything from the 2000s when everyone tries to be funny by imitating it, like the dog dodging a bicycle, a high-heel shoe and a sink. Or a man dodging milks from a cow. Or maybe Rayman from Rayman M/Rayman Arena try to dodge the attacks but ending up falling over. It's being overused to this day. - MrEmerik2000

Everything parodies it - AliciaMae

3 "I want to apologize, but I'm gonna kill you"

*cough* Chemical Attraction web comic on FA. - MrEmerik2000

4 Escort Mission (video games)

Ashley from Resident Evil 4 is the absolute worst. - MrEmerik2000

5 The False Alarm (horror movies)

This one is related this horror movies, the cliches goes like this: You hear something, you wait something to happens, all the sudden... It's just a friend try to scare you. It's not like there's doing a prank. Is there a reason for grabbing their shoulder and when you try to get attention? How about a simple hello? - MrEmerik2000

6 "I brought you here, but I was actually the bad guy"

Merlina from Sonic and the Black Knight, Hans from Disney's Frozen... - MrEmerik2000

7 "You beat me, but I'm still better than you"

Bah! A fool of a knight not even worth slaying. Get it? It's from Sonic and the Black Knight. - MrEmerik2000

8 The Secret Talk (movies)

Have you remember from one scene from 2001, a Space Odyssey when there's a backfire on the character? Peoples couldn't realized that the computer HAL can suddenly reading lips. - MrEmerik2000

9 Instadeath (video games)

I think the most punishable one was Kid Icarus Uprising, if the tempura wizard hits one, you turn into a walking tempura and eats you alive. - MrEmerik2000

10 Water Levels (video games)
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