Top Ten Worst Clone Trooper Names

The Top Ten

1 Boil

I lovable clone but his name stinks.

2 Waxer

A great clone but Waxer sounds like a cleaning clone.

3 Moz

Again it sounds like someone put three letters together.

lol moz - johnsox2004

4 Bek

It sounds like someone just put 3 letters together.

5 Tucker

Tucker is a real human name. No clone should have a real name, not even this pilot.

6 Loi

He is a real trooper but again it sounds like someone put 3 letters together.

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7 Dev

A bad name for an ARC. He needs a cooler name.

8 Jind

It sounds horrible every time I say it. An ARC needs a better name.

9 DD

Yes, all the names before are bad but this is the worst one ever period.

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10 Mixer

This name sucks

The Contenders

11 Fi

One of my favorite ARC troopers but his name is only Fi because of his numbers.

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12 Forry

They named Forry Forry because all his numbers are four.

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