Worst Clone Wars Characters

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21 Aurra Sing

She is okay with her sniper, but without weapons she is as easy as cake.

She's hot, in an evil way

22 Anakin

Arrogant, selfish, greedy, obnoxious, wifebeater and child killer.

I hate Anakin in Cone Wars, he gets easily rage at Ashoka Tano, when she makes a mistake, and doens't follow anyone's command. and he wants to make his own law in the clone wars.

23 99

99 to me is a very favorite guy on my list. I was so sad when he died. I may have even shed a tear when he died. Okay, I did.

It was so sad when he died I shed a tear

24 WAC-47

He is extremely annoying

25 Steela Gerrera V 1 Comment
26 Ima-Gun Di

A Jedi who was epic...Until he was fighting and died. Something ticks me off. HE GOT KILLED BY LIKE, WHAT 9 Droids? He sucks in total

27 Mace Windu

I do not like Mace Windu in the Clone Wars and the Prequels. Just like in the films, he has no real personality! One episode, he really wants to save a dangerous Zillo Beast, in another, he shows no remorse for leaving Boba Fett as an orphan. Mace Windu is a real jerk in the Boba Fett story arc. All that action built up to him saying that Boba Fett needs to move on and orders him to be taken away! I was really hoping Windu would actually show some guilt for, you know, not doing the Jedi Way! He's worse than Boba Fett, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Darth Sidious, and definitely worse than Captain Rex!

V 1 Comment
28 Sy Snootles

Why do you hate Star Wars, George Lucas?

29 Echo

Did you know, Echo Actually didn't die according to I thinks one of the makers of the clone wars

Let me just say, he is awesome, I just wish he never got killed just like fives and 99, they are both just awesome. I would prefer those three including Commander Wolff, Commander Gree, lieutenant Thire, Hevy, and Fives.

30 Commander Wolffe

Let me just say, that guy is awesome. Love that cyber-magnetic eye. I also love that unidentified wolfpack ARF trooper

Why the hell is he on here

31 Commander Ponds
32 Darth Sidious Darth Sidious


33 Obi-Wan Kenobi

He is the 2nd best jedi behind YodA

Why is he here

34 Jawa
35 Nahdar Vebb

A complete doofus who died because of his clumsiness.

36 Sionver Boll V 1 Comment
37 Nala Se
38 Dr. Nuvo Vindi

He's in the worst episode EVER in the clone wars plus he can't shoot with his gun.

I hated that guy, especially his voice.

39 King Katuunko

The toydarian king looks like he might just be getting cool in the episode 'witches of the mist' but he gets killed in a few seconds.

40 Boba Fett

He was such a terrible character in the clone wars. We didn't need to see another awesome character be reduced to a little brat who can't stop whining

Boba Fett is pointless in the movies, but he uses his rocket fist in clone wars.

As much as I LOVE Fett...I hate the way he is portrayed in the Clone wars,
A. His age is ruined as he is shown to be no older in 11, Despite the fact he was the first clone created.
B. His character was completely ruined by being shown in his current age.
C. They didn't even get his armor right...It was the same as his fathers, Just re sized and reshaped for him, But in the clone wars, It looks more like black sun armor, Which is stupid.

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