Top Ten Worst Clothes To Wear At Your First Job Interview


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1 No Clothes

Well, there is a first for everything, on TH bright side you could meet somebody hot and have sex!

Unless If You Wanna Work At A Club LOL - topbesttopworst

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2 Underwear Only

Because prabalky when you have wedge people see your butt everyone laugh it would be very very bad.

3 Wedding Dress

Here comes the bride. Big fat and wide. - nintendofan126

4 A School Uniform

A school uniform is okay. Unless you have scribbled something on it. - Animefan12

5 Swimsuit

If you wear a bra on your interview it would be awkward and sexy/hot at the same time!

6 Aluminium Foil

Haha I can picture this... (insert 60 seconds of laughter)... Whew!... Haha! Brilliant! - Britgirl

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7 An Army Uniform

Interview... Okay, but what if you wore an army uniform on your wedding? - Animefan12

8 A Devil Costume

The persons interviewing you better not be religious.

9 A Fishing Net
10 Two Crackers and a Piece of Salami

Well placed crackers and salami can make or break your interview

Place your salami and crackers wisely - Cheese567

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? A Meat Dress

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11 A Hitler Costume
12 A Grocery Bag
13 A Network of Electric Wires
14 A Potato Sack
15 A Bullet Proof Jacket

Well, you may need it. Perhaps. - PositronWildhawk

Haha. I agree wild hawk. You could be seeing the A-team after all.

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16 A Disco Suit
17 Pajamas
18 A Barrel
19 A Clown Costume

Unless you're getting a job at the circus, that is. - Entranced98

20 Speedo
21 A Twister Mat
22 A T-Shirt Displaying Their Competitor's Name and Logo

That's it. You're fired! - Animefan12

23 A Nazi SS Uniform

Yipes! That would hurt! - SelfDestruct

24 A Suit for Women
25 Bikini
26 Justin Bieber Shirt
27 A Tuxedo
28 A Dirty Sweatshirt
29 T-Shirt and Athletic Shorts
30 A Cannibal Corpse T Shirt

I was wearing one at a job interview
at a kindergarten...It didn't go well.

It was an experiment I'm glad I have done.

Prejustice at it's best. - CannibalCorpse

31 Shirt with Swears
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