Top Ten Worst Clothes To Wear At Your First Job Interview


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1 No Clothes

Well, there is a first for everything, on TH bright side you could meet somebody hot and have sex!

Naked in front of everyone.

If you do it would be sexy

Unless If You Wanna Work At A Club LOL - topbesttopworst

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2 Underwear Only

Because prabalky when you have wedge people see your butt everyone laugh it would be very very bad.

3 Wedding Dress

Here comes the bride. Big fat and wide. - nintendofan126

4 A School Uniform

A school uniform is okay. Unless you have scribbled something on it. - Animefan12

5 Swimsuit

If you wear a bra on your interview it would be awkward and sexy/hot at the same time!

6 Aluminium Foil

Haha I can picture this... (insert 60 seconds of laughter)... Whew!... Haha! Brilliant! - Britgirl

Hey, I have shiny clothes, are they petty? - funnyuser

7 An Army Uniform

Interview... Okay, but what if you wore an army uniform on your wedding? - Animefan12

8 A Devil Costume

The persons interviewing you better not be religious.

9 A Fishing Net
10 A Hitler Costume

The Contenders

11 Two Crackers and a Piece of Salami

Well placed crackers and salami can make or break your interview

Place your salami and crackers wisely - Cheese567

Haha, this is so very absurd and funny! - HezarioSeth

Someone put thought into this item. - Turkeyasylum

12 A Grocery Bag
13 A Network of Electric Wires
14 A Potato Sack
15 A Bullet Proof Jacket

Well, you may need it. Perhaps. - PositronWildhawk

Haha. I agree wild hawk. You could be seeing the A-team after all.

Haha! I agree wildhawk. You could be seeing the A-team after all.

16 A Disco Suit
17 Pajamas
18 A Barrel
19 A Clown Costume

Unless you're getting a job at the circus, that is. - Entranced98

20 Speedo
21 A Twister Mat
22 A T-Shirt Displaying Their Competitor's Name and Logo

That's it. You're fired! - Animefan12

23 A Nazi SS Uniform

Yipes! That would hurt! - SelfDestruct

24 A Suit for Women
25 Bikini
26 Justin Bieber Shirt
27 A Tuxedo
28 A Dirty Sweatshirt
29 T-Shirt and Athletic Shorts

Worst ever!

30 A Cannibal Corpse T Shirt

I was wearing one at a job interview
at a kindergarten...It didn't go well.

It was an experiment I'm glad I have done.

Prejustice at it's best. - CannibalCorpse

31 Shirt with Swears
32 A Meat Dress
33 The Same Shirt As The interviewer
34 See Through Clothes
35 Nipple Costume
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