Top Ten Worst Club Penguin Parties

The Top Ten Worst Club Penguin Parties

Frozen Takeover 2014

I tolerated the takeovers until now. Why, Club Penguin? Why a Disney party? This is incredibly unoriginal and annoying, especially since we are still trying to rid of Frozen after 2013. I came here for Club Penguin, not Club Disney!

I hated the movie frozen, it was really annoying. And the items you could buy at this party were totally lame. The sten costume looked just like the reindeer costume and there were 2 elsa costumes that looked exactly the same. LAME.

I hate Frozen, It wont make me think any different of the club penguin advertisement party. The only good clothing items were the reindeer inflatable, the sven costume and the olaf costume, the marshmallow costume. The transformations were nothing but rip-offs of the costumes, Anna and Elsa were meetable characters but they were just dumb bots. - SheepBuggy

This was very bland in content, and the rehash in 2015 made things even worse. Overall, just boring.

Frozen Fever Party 2015

Again with the ad parties? I thought that we were at least done with Frozen, Club Penguin. I didn't even go to the one last year, but I can still say that this party is practically the EXACT SAME as the one from last year. They have the same snowball hunt, the same rooms, the same music. What happened to the Club Penguin from 2009, when I joined? What happened to the Medieval Party, Coins for Change, and the Water Party? Gone. Gone are the days when I could look forward to a party and was never let down by ad shoving and super simplistic party island "adventures". Gone are the days when parties that had exciting story-lines and quests. What are our quests now? To COLLECT SNOWBALLS? Is that what you call a "quest" now? It seems that even my 6 year old sibling can figure it out without needing assistance! These parties are like a slap across the face to older players. For the newer players, a Frozen or Star Wars party would seem like fun, but to those who have seen REAL parties on Club ...more

This party was just completely lazy and redundant. Only making two rooms new, and just making everything else the same as the Frozen Party 2014? Same 'Let it Go" song, same quest, same rooms, same everything.

Do they seriously act like this? The fashion festival 2015, the newest party attracted preps and was extremely girly. This is extremely girly, but also extremely lazy!

Spike Hike and Megg, please step up your game.

This was the exact same. Frozen Fever was nothing but an animated short, it went for 10 minutes. Why make a party out of it? And once again, I hate Frozen and it's crappy fandom, and the only new items were these weird stupid pins! - SheepBuggy

Seiously? another frozen party!? why club penguin

Puffle Party 2014

There could be a magenta puffle, a silver puffle, a bronze puffle... But they are now just taking animals in real life and puffling them. Why not just make an oarfish puffle, if that's what we're doing? At least do something original.

I agree with you

All the new puffle parties are bad. All the new puffles are crap, they're thinking about making a cow puffle.. A COW PUFFLE!?! REALLY!?!? - SheepBuggy

Why on earth would anyone release new puffles everyday jeez

Penguin Cup 2014

Penguin Cup 2014 should be more like in the Mario Strikers series, mainly Mario Strikes Charged, not some ordinary soccer crap! What?!

Aw, I liked this party. 2014 had way better parties than nowadays. - SheepBuggy

That wasn't THAT bad! Descendants party was the WORST!

It was pretty bad... although I liked the Jerseys!

Halloween Party 2014

Halloween Party 2014 was worst than ever. Dislike my comment all you want, but I loved the last one because you can turn into werewolves and go to the pet shop and get adopted, you can also turn into a bat puffle and go to the puffle shop and get adopted.. But you can't get candy, you can't get special items in this one.

All the rooms looked the same as the 2012 and 2013 Halloween Parties, the only new room was the puffle hotel, it looked exactly like the last one, and all the items you could obtain were for members only, (because you know, CP creators are sooo nasty to people that don't buy membership) and the Doorman asks you if you will help him through the hotel, I didn't want to because I already knew he was evil, but there was no option to say no, you can only say Okay.

I have one question for whoever came up with this horrid party, What's the point in making a CP party if you can't even do anything? - SheepBuggy

To be honest, (I don't care if you agree with me or not) but I really liked the Halloween party 2013 because you could turn into werewolves which was really funny to scare people with it. But you can't transform into anything in the 2014 Halloween party. All the rooms looked the same as 2013 Halloween party and the only ''party'' room was the puffle hotel, and all you can do is do whatever this stupid Doorman tells you, and it ends up being a trick instead. I got like 8 of the ghost puffles though. Other than that, it was crap!

Good I don't agree with you it's a good party you are just being mean

What this party? Ugh Should CP get any better making parties and not to wimpy? No more candy? No more werewolf transformation? No more ghosts? Who am I kidding? Nope terrible days ever!

Descendants Party 2015

Worst party ever! Had 2 rooms and some bad items. Added no new gameplay features to encourage me to make me WANT to log on.

All it has is rooms and costumes. This should be number two AT LEAST.

Worst outfits ever, no quest, and a dumb highschool. AD-ALERT!

Not that much rooms which sucks

Music Jam 2014

This should be even worst then no. 1 and the rest of the Music Jam years. Just look! Music Jam gone lots worst then this one. Music Jam 2014 was never better. Just wow, just 2 areas decorated on the island. One is Town and one is the dock. And there is a 6 room giant boat connecting to the island. Meeting mascots were terrible. There were guest singers but they all sang a duck bone in their throats. That did not look like a Music Jam at all!

What makes me hate this party is like its worser than the previous parties. Usually, Music Jams in CP had to do about music all around the CP island. Those were fun back then... But when this party came, this did nothing about Music Jam at all. All there is is just having 2 decorated areas on the island and the boat part was just okay. The engine room was on having multiple penguins make music in the engine room but the room's theme looks funky. Previous Music Jams had multiple music rooms like memorizing music patterns in the Mine and the balance of red and blue team fights each other who rocks better in the Snow Forts, those were better. The singers are good, well... Nothing else in the boat that's all...

Not the worst. I loved meeting the mascots, but other than that PURE TRASH.

It was cool could of and should of been bigger though

Descendants Takeover

Worst party ever! First, the movie doesn't fit with Disney's original canon for the movies, then the takeover only had THREE decorated rooms, there wasn't anything to do, and the articles weren't the best either.

That is seriously the WORST party EVER!

And I thought advertising couldn't become more intrusive...

One reason why this party is going to suck, is that is killed the Medieval Party! WHAT?! Now every two months we are going to get a sponsored party. Why does Disney Channel have to run CP? Just make Club Penguin a normal game with no advertisements at all!

Frozen Fever Party 2016

Does simotaneously nothing to the party.

It sucks

Monsters University Takeover 2013

Is it just me, or does this party suck? Oh, it turns out it IS just me, and a LOT of other penguins too.

This abomination created the CPU School room, which inspired preps to play the game. Goodbye.

Do I even have to say anything? Making a prep room in an ad party really isn't cool. - SheepBuggy

Yet by just reading it, I can tell it could be better with waddle games. (Parody of scare games) - TeamRocket747

I really that party... :(

I wish I was here. I love monsters university.
*Waits for hate comment* - TeamRocket747

The Contenders

Waddle On Party

This is the worst party I ever found. It is a huge disappointment. enough' said.

Because it closed CP

Enough said

Fashion Show 2012

The party of the fashion show was nothing original. Most penguins just came into the game to find Cadence, because the party was so uninteresting that the Club Penguin started losing players. Club Penguin made a decision and closed the party earlier. And that has a good reason: The party was totally feminine and cliché. And the items for women were nicer. The only thing the boys did was wear a tight-fitting outfit and accompany the well-dressed girl on the catwalk. And the worst always won.

P.s its very sexist against boys

This party was just lazy. Only decorating ONE ROOM, and that's it. BORING. Plus it attracted the preps.

I did not play back then so no comment

SoundStudio Party 2015

I missed the Music Jam party, so I had high hopes for this one. I really wanted to meet Sabrina Carpenter as a penguin.

This thing is a quick copy of Music Jam but without the boat. But it is still a worst party

This is some Music poop. This is useless. No special things but a pin of Murdered Cadence by the head

Your website is a web poo

Inside Out Takeover 2015

Literally everything was for members, the only non member items were the hand globe which SUCKED, and a crappy pin. I was going through depression while I was playing this party, so It just kind of reminds me of that. - SheepBuggy

And what the heck is wrong with Rockhopper anyway?!

The puzzles took me five minutes to complete all of them.

I joined when this party was going to end.

Fashion Festival 2015

I hated this party. And I know what you are asking. Why do you hate this party. Well, I'm going to give one simple reason. Preps. Lots and lots of preps, and false themed fashion clickbait.

What I mean by false themed fashion clickbait, is that apparently, kids do not know the difference between mermaid and dragon. Most of the Prehistoric Prom I saw were either just InsideOut costumes, or other stuff. Such as princesses, dinosaur costumes, etc. Puffle Prom, and the rest were also just complete bull.

I am also leaving the game. (Unless I review a party)

Fashion Festival? What the! Stupid party!

It was so boring

Reasons why it was sorta good: it had a huge catalog (But most of the items in the catalog were crappy items or rippoffs of old items like the blue rubber duck)

Reasons why it was bad: It means more pookies, more annoying cheerleaders and more ''Attraction Seekers'' (which are these stupid people that think they are #1 models) and people didn't even dress up for the right things. I saw about 3 mermaids in the ''Everything Squid'' theme. And the people that didn't dress for the themes still ended up winning in the end or getting a bunch of points, it was annoying, maybe NEXT fashion festival there should be crosses on clothing items that don't suit the theme!

9th Anniversary Party

Too boring the 10th one is better

The Fair 2015

This party was so annoying that it made everyone sick, the only thing we have to do is receive miserable 10 tickets a day and buy kitschy items at the prize stand. The puffles circus over the years has not changed at all, it was worse than Merry Warlus, Club Penguin refers to the party as "tradition", but I've never seen a tradition that was more stupid than that. Aside from having few things to do, the only cool thing was playing around dancing, because there were not as many attractions as at the "fair" party that took place in 2015.

I loved this party it was awesome! How could this be on the list :I

Why is every party in the 2015 getting useless, SoundStudio was the first Useless Party. But don't get me wrong about the Fair 2015 in this year. Everything used to be the same, nothing new except a Hero Jump thing that rips off Doodle Bug. The Old Fair's title name is called the Fall Fair which starts out on September, now it appears later. The Fall Fair is awesome but not 2014, and 2015. The Penguin Band are such a fail at music and they rip off The Wiggles (Popular Baby Show). Well here is games that kind of not makes me amused

Puffle Paddle = About letting puffles not kill themselves by falling on the ground
Puffle Soaker = You soak fake puffles which its good, and objects that comes out of a wooden circle thing.
Puffle Memory = I HATE MEMORY GAMES (Games that you flip a card and stuff)
Puffle Balloon = This thing makes your puffle fly on the heights which would of scare the puffle
Feed a Puffle = I remembered this, Puffle Party 2009 has that too

But what ...more

Winter Fiesta 2015

Usually, Back then, there were more sculptures then the 2015. Did you actually mean, Festival of Snow?

I HATE THIS PARTY (although its like a ice museum)! The sculptures are derpy looking. They're baby drawings. I like Old CP. It also gave me an error!

Rainbow Puffle Party 2015

It was just free rainbow puffles you can get with your iPhone or iPad. Heck, Club Penguin was floating on a cloud like Festival of Flight and they did not say anything about why THAT happened!

Well just for the app it was cool but I would not have it on the desktop CP

Puffle Party 2016
Adventure Party: The Temple of Fruit 2011

An unnecessary party.This party, in my opinion is one of the worst parties in the history of Club Penguin! The penguins had to feed a volcano, which actually did not even eat the food, it was a bad influence of Waste of fruit. The name should be "Domain of Fruits" Because there is a fruit for each room, the Penguin Club has moved from a town organized to a tribe of crazy natives! And what mascot was there at the party? Yes, the Rockhopper wearing all-female and unnecessary clothing, which has nothing to do with his pirate spirit.

I like this party, but o hate when club Penguin make it

School & Skate Party

so cul

Em 2014 foi um ano consecutivo para o
Club Penguin, teve eventos inúteis e úteis como "Welcome Russia" "Turbo Race 3000" "Merry Warlus" etc... Mas uma festa foi a festa mais chata de 2014: "School & Skate Festa "Foi uma festa batida e muito incomum. Basicamente, foi a abertura de uma sala, e o Club Penguin considerou este "evento" como uma festa. Eram tarefas diárias que eram muito irritantes e irritantes! E no começo todo mundo estava gastando suas preciosas moedas em escassos skates para andar em um skate miserável! A criatividade do Club Penguin foi incomum, eu nunca vi tanta ignorância ao dar uma festa. As recompensas foram alguns capacetes atrevidos e blusas modernas com equipamentos inúteis, que eu nunca usei no meu pingüi'm.

Puffle Party 2015

Club Penguin can't remember anything! They forgot puffle domains and still used Dog and Cat Puffle domains for the trouble. I thought there was a game from a iPhone to Computer game of Puffle Wild. Even there is a same exact room from the useless SoundStudio Party and it sucks. Bring back the old times Club Penguin because you can't remember ANYTHING

Thank you Club Penguin. Thank you for taking one of the best rooms, the Ski Lodge, and turning it into that new room. Not everything has to be Club Puffle.

I hate to say it because I love puffle parties but this one was not to good

They ruined the Ski Lodge, that's it I'm leaving Club Penguin

The Missions Thing on June 2015

It was better then the school and skate party lol

It was just bringing the missions (although they were awesome) back, and you can just play them offline too on the fun stuff section! This is the worst party ever because it was not anything!

Boring, lazy and stupid!

That wasn't even a party! Lazy CP!

Merry Walrus Party 2014

Why, club penguin? WHY CREATE THIS PARTY WITHOUT SENSE? Let's analyze this annoying party: It was practically the same scenario of the Christmas party 2013, but instead of red and yellow, they changed colors by shades of blue. The warm and cozy weather was gone, because the night was changed in broad daylight. And there's more: the club penguin team excluded the bakery from the snow forts and traded for a sleigh that occupies three quarters of the snow forts, and the worst is that they traded the good old Santa Claus for a walrus wearing a blue coat, it seems the walrus disguised himself as Santa Claus only to eat the penguins. The penguin revolt was so great that they created a twitter petition called "#SaveTheClubPenguin"

I liked having the mascot but I missed the Christmas look that everything use to have :( darn now I am sad

Blue and white? What?

Club penguin was lazy only like 4 rooms were decorated And normally the iceberg would have A tree its like a tradition but nooo club penguin sucked there minds differ

Operation Hot Sauce

Just a boring party with nothing to do. The plot was good, there just wasn't really a whole lot of stuff to do. Otherwise, It was good.

Operation: Triumph

There isn't nothing to do, boring storyline, lack of items and mostly they are for members. I also wanted to pointed out that the finale is just to plain easy and boring.

Teen Beach Party

That party was so bad that there were people throwing snowballs at the people on stage. The only redeeming thing about this party was the funky 60's stuff and the motorcycle. All of which were ONLY for members. Haha. Thanks, Disney

Zootopia Party 2016

Just another crappy takeover with nothing to do.


The party was unnecessary. Club Penguin has moved from an island vom a town organized to a wild island with crazy natives! And we also wasted our best clothes and traded them for grass skirts and hairs. The penguins had to feed a volcano that did not even eat the food! The party was to be called "Domain of the Fruits" because the Club Penguin separated a fruit for each room. It was basically a preview of the Pre Historic party. And what mascot was present on the island? Yeah, the Rockhopper, wearing female outfits, which has nothing to do with his pirate spirit. And all of the Rockhopper special items that were on the migrator were fruit-related.

Island Adventure Party the Temple of Fruit 2011

The party was unnecessary. Club Penguin has moved from an island vom a town organized to a wild island with crazy natives! And we also wasted our best clothes and traded them for grass skirts and hairs. The penguins had to feed a volcano that did not even eat the food! The party was to be called "Domain of the Fruits" because the Club Penguin separated a fruit for each room. It was basically a preview of the Pre Historic party. And what mascot was present on the issland Yeah, the Rockhopper, wearing female outfits, which has nothing to do with his pirate spirit. And all of the Rockhopper special items that were on the migrator were fruit-related.

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