Top Ten Worst Code Geass Characters

The Top Ten Worst Code Geass Characters

1 Nina Einstein Nina Einstein is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

I didn't have to even think about choosing her as the worst character. Everything about her is creepy and insane, how she is obsessed with a princess and wants her for herself without her consent. Yes, Euphemia is kind towards you, Nina, but does that mean you should consider her superior over others? There was no need of comparing Milly and Euphy together, there was no need to sacrifice tens of millions of people just over revenge for your obsession. You didn't have to be so racist towards Japanese people, especially when your obsession favours them. And you're someone who should be the one extremely hated over the whole world. You do not deserve to live freely. You do not. How much you have done wrong, you must have been in prison for lifelong.

Yes, I hereby announce that Nina Einstein, a stupid know it all scientist, is the worst character by far in the whole series. No question asked, hands down.

I don't know why people hate on Lelouch. He is my all time favorite character! Nina, on the other hand, should get a lot of hate. Just because your favorite role model died doesn't mean you should create an "energy nuke" (as I call it) and travel the Holy Brittanian Empire with a sly and evil prince that wants to dominate the world! Also, before killing Zero she should have at least planned to see who he was, but she just goes on a rampage to EXPLODE him.

Nina is the most useless worthless and irritating character in the series. She should have died.

Yeah, she's just awful in every possible way. Stack that with the fact that she's kind of useless in the grand scheme of things...Boom you get a character that everyone automatically hates. I could feel the whole fandom look away in embarrassment every time she opened her mouth. by the way, the profile pic says it all

2 Rolo Lamperouge

Everyone hates him for killing Shirley, but he was bread to be a killer. I feel sorry for him considering he actually did have good intentions somewhere inside. All he wanted was to be loved by someone, but his life had been to cold to know how to love correctly.

I hate him for killing Shirley. - SelfDestruct

I used to hate him so much, but actually, he and cc were the only ones who were loyal to Lelouch till the end. After he sacrificed himself to save Lelouch, I stopped hating him that much - smill

Lol. nobody likes Rolo...and with good reason

3 Schneizel El Britannia

Is he evil and insane? Sure. But, I think he made for a good endgame villain. In my opinion, villains are best when they are smart and eloquent.

He was a dickhead.

Nina does deserve hate but Schneizel deserves 10X that. - SelfDestruct

4 Suzaku Kururugi Suzaku Kururugi is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Changing a great empire from the inside when the one you're serving is the advocator of its policy? I can't even see where you're coming from

He's a whiny little puppy that has no clue how the world should work

This guy is the one of the most annoying and irritating character that I have met in almost any anime I have seen. I see no reason why Lelouch should be hated more than him since he's such a jerk

He is so annoying and irritating! Every single time he comes on screen, I endure physical pain.

5 Rivalz Cardemonde
6 CC

Lying to every time. She was on the side of Charles VV and Mariane, she said nothing to Lelouch, not about Geass or that she know his parents or that his mum is still alive. She was more an enamenie as a friend.

Super annoying, always causes a problem. Kallen is a better love interest for lelouch

Annoying manipulative and terrible.

So ugly...god I'm disgusted by this autic alien

7 Nagisa Chiba
8 Sayoko Shinozaki
9 Kaguya
10 Lelouch Lamperouge Lelouch Lamperouge, whose real name is Lelouch vi Britannia, is the title character and protagonist of the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Opinions are really split on Lelouch. But I think his moments of insanity were due to him being greatly swayed by emotion. Every time something really bad happens to him, he loses his head. However, he always managed to compose himself and reaffirm what he was fighting for. Personally, I really liked Lelouch and in the end he did what was right at great cost to himself fulfilling the promise he made to Nunnally in the beginning.

Lelouch isn't a bad character.lelouch is the best

He is the worst.. He gives damn to no human who gets in his way...

Everything you think is wrong guys. He cared for everyone really deeply, he had to kill euphie because she was killing a lot of people. He tried to save Shirley but couldn't because he can't geass on a person two times. He wanted to Stop rolo from using his geass, he wanted to save him. He was good from the start. He planned it all in the start, he knew that if he doesn't change the conditions, the world would always suffer from war. He also cared of CC. In the end, he sacrified himself because he wanted to finish it all. Best character of all time(After L)

The Contenders

11 Mao

Does anyone else dislike Mao? And If you ask me why, It's because he's annoying and won't accept It If C.C. doesn't love him. Oh and I'm sure he was so dependent to others back then. Well, If he was dependent as a 6-10 year old, I understand, But If he did try to do things himself back then, He wouldn't be an immature character who would go on a mental breakdown(He even tried to chainsaw her so they can go(in other words, Abduct) to his house on Australia). If he and Juvia Lockser teamed up, both Gray and C.C. would be dead right now...So would Lelouch... - MLPFan

12 King Charles
13 Shirley Fenette Shirley Fenette is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

She is a useless plot device, not cute, she is made cute by the writers.
She is made perfect with flaws that make her perfect, she is an ultimate Mary sue.
She is only used for a hindering romance tumor plot that only presses on your nerves.
She is pretty much a generic stereotype with a coating of the ultimate pure perfect girl.
The writer's did an amazing job writing her words about "being lonely" I admit, but still, something in her is just so hard to engulf.
She only serves to hinder the plot from progressing by only caring for her "love life"
In a story that contains war and political issues, live should be a secondary device, not one of the Main pillars.

She is a bad character to be honest, other females "aside from Nina" did an amazing job in the story.

While watching her, I can't help but feel like the writers are sticking out of the screen, knocking my head and saying "she is pure hearted" which is the most thing I hate, when writers try to ...more

I once heard someone say she's a character who wouldn't make sense without Lelouch, and I completely agree. Her entire role is "someone with a romantic interest in the protagonist." Even when her dad died, she ran straight to him to get his pity kiss instead of grieving with her mother. She is completely selfish and shallow, not to mention useless.

She is so annoying and she acts like shes the most important person in the world and the world. She gets in the way and cannot think for herself she needs other people to "help her along" She is just annoying.

She thinks that she's Lelouch's girlfriend or something. I don't hate her as much as I used to. But still - MLPFan

14 Kaname Ohgi

How is he even not top 10? The most impact traitor that betray Lelouch whenever what his lover says without a doubt and influence other members

Unnecessarily needed. Too much screen time.

Undeserving, hypocrite, and why is he not at the top, traitors must die

Ohgi sucks every time Why isn't he in the top two?

15 Jeremiah
16 Kallen Stadtfeld / K├Ázuki

Honestly, it's disgusting how they sexualize this character constantly. Either that, or they try to make her seem like a badass. Window dressing either way. Any time they get real with this character it's always terrible, like abandoning her mother or her irrational behavior regarding Lelouch. She's all over the place

All she she does is worship Lelouch, she disrespects her mother when it was obvious that her mother suffered for her. She kissed Lelouch without his consent. Honestly, she loved Zero more than Lelouch so don't you dare tell that they would have made a good couple. With that said it's her fanbase that I hate than her personally. As most of the time I'm indifferent to her.

She is the most selfish character ever. Everyone is blinded by something as superficial as her "badassness" and "feminism". She is not a feminist if she treats Lelouch like her master, following him like a puppet. She even tells him to manipulate her and others in Turn 7! Even so, being badass is not a characteristic virtue. It's more of a natural trait.

She was just there for the Fan-service

17 Milly Ashford
18 V.V.
19 Nunnally vi Britannia

Ungrateful sister. Stupid, she even didn't realized that she became pawn. Never believed her brother who raised her. Useless, when she finally can walk and see, she only used that to disturbing Lelouch. She got amnesia about Lelouch's kindness. Traitor. She didn't deserve got loved by many people.

Because or her Lelouch lost in The Black Rebellion.
Because of her most of Lelouch plan destroyed.
She is true betrayer.
I hope she died

I don't hate her per say but she is 100% useless. I don't want her to die but she becomes such a liability in the end. Season one I loved her but season 2 she just got on my nerves for always being an obstacle or a hostage or a pawn just aaargh!

20 Charles zi Britannia

Congratulations, You officially became the most hated person in the world! For Betraying your family and screwing up entire nations. Gosh the Janitor sure forgot to sweep of this nasty piece of trash!
He sucks, Its like he is shoving batteries up his butt singing I have the power!

He's at 21 but characters like Lelouch, Kallen and Shirley are higher than him? What's wrong with you people? - smill

He is cancer

21 Jeremiah Gottwald
22 Miya I. Hillmick

What a thot.

23 Clovis la Britannia

He is Hot And Sexy
I wanna Kiss him

He is so sexy

24 Marianne vi Britannia

She is extremely important to the story, but when it's revealed that she's alive, it literally doesn't lead anywhere. She just dies 10 seconds later.

She is a daughter of a bitch

25 Gino Weinberg Gino Weinberg is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.
26 Rakshata Chawla

Useless...With a capital U... 100% useless...Dumb, Lazy, Annoying, Smug little thot! >:(
Rakshata pisses me off so much!

27 Diethard Ried
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