Top 10 Worst Codename: Kids Next Door Characters

I like the show but there are some characters that really grind my gears.

The Top Ten

1 Lizzie

That brat wasn't worthy to be a canon character at all.

Lizzie probably annoys me the most because of her always getting in the way of things and just being plain annoying. However Numbuh 2 isn't far behind on my KND annoyance list. - Anonymousxcxc

She's better off as the victim of Death Note anyway.

Great, just what we need, another obnoxious, insufferable pain in the butt….

2 Sandy

Yeah, the guy can be pretty annoying for the most part. Glad he only had two episodes and not more. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Numbuh 2 Numbuh 2

I don't hate him but he is not as interesting as the other KND agents.

4 The Toiletnator

What no he's funny - BoyGenius234

5 James Nixon McGarfield
6 Negative Numbuh 4
7 Stickybeard
8 Sydney Beetles
9 Soccer Mom
10 Mustaches

The Contenders

11 Number 86
12 Tommy Gilligan

Tommy Gilligan wasn't that bad, I mean there's worse animated little kids out there. - Anonymousxcxc

13 Valerie The Werepoodle
14 Common Cold
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