Top Ten Worst Coldplay Songs

Coldplay is easily my favourite band of all time: creative, interesting and a diverse range of songs. But some songs have missed the cut. Choosing ten songs to be considered the worst of Coldplay is actually very challenging. And I've been a Coldplay fan for around ten years now, so I know what I'm talking about. So here it is: a list of the worst Coldplay songs, coming from a devoted fan.

The Top Ten

1 Princess of China

One thing I would advise Coldplay to do in the future is to not collaborate with mainstream pop and rap artists, as both collaborations have made the top three on this list. This song is with Rihanna, and starts with a load of synth. TOO much synth! Did Rihanna take part in the music production too? A large majority of the song is so filled with synth it becomes unbearable to listen to!

Rihanna's vocals are amazing - definitely better than her abysmal performance in FourFiveSeconds. However this song was released in 2011 and FourFiveSeconds in 2015. But the whole thing is just so thickly-coated in synth it's just unnecessary. I tend to give this song a skip sometimes. - Wolftail

I had to mute the volume because the synth was un-audible, which as a Coldplay fan, leads into major disappointment.

Am I the only one who actually likes this song?

Biggest disappointment, to much synth and to much Rihanna. Worst Coldplay song by far

2 Lost+

Like electricity and water, Coldplay and mainstream rap do not mix. This song starts out like the original Lost!, (and yes, there is an exclamation mark in the song's title, ) and halfway through Jay-Z comes in with a verse that is NOTHING to do with the original song. For example, take a look at some lyrics from the two different vocalists:

Chris Martin:

I just got lost!
Every river that I tried to cross
Every door I ever tried was locked
Oh and I'm just waiting til the shine wears off


... Just waitin' til the... the... yeah
Aha, I gotcha, uh...
With the same sword they knight you, they gon' good night you with
S***, that's only half if they like you
That ain't even the half what they might do
Don't believe me, ask Michael
See Martin, see Malcolm
See Biggie, see Pac, see success and its outcome
See Jesus, see Judas
See Caesar, see Brutus, see success is like suicide

What. The Serious. Flip.

In Chris ...more - Wolftail

Embarrassing and awkward sounding, the original is slightly better

Definitely not one of my favorites by far but tolerable to listen to. Much prefer the piano to the rap...

Not a Coldplay lover myself, but this is just appalling! - PositronWildhawk

3 Yes

This song is just a musical mess. Not lyrically, but musically.

It starts out as slow strings, with a faint accompaniment of piano, if you listen closely. Then the strings fade and there's a sudden change of instruments, making a creepy sound that makes me nauseous just listening to it. I understand it being experimental, as there is no other Coldplay song like it, but it is downright creepy!

Then the percussion starts and the creepy instruments fade a bit, but can still be heard in the background. In this song Chris Martin's vocals seem lower than usual, compared to other songs on the same album, like Cemeteries of London and Violet Hill - both good songs.

After the first verse there's an instrumental break: similar to the creepy part of the intro but slower. The second verse makes a Lord's Prayer reference, something I don't have a problem with but just wanted to point out because it makes a thin link to a theory about the album this song is in. (I'll explain ...more - Wolftail

Goodness, this song is an absolute disaster, very creepy. I like the second part, though.

Cris your lower register isn't "sexy". Don't fall for that bull. Sing your falsetto, that's what your voice is made for, use it. And never sing like a "down" again...please.

Really, Wolftail? This is one of my favourites. If you're not into weird music, I can understand that it's not enjoyable. - PetSounds

4 Up In Flames

Up in flames. Yeah. That's exactly what Coldplay should have done. Make it, then burn it, and watch it go up in flames. Not worth a first time listen in my opinion.

A very weak song. It's bland, but has sense of calming. The chorus isn't bad - but it isn't good either. It's bearable, but has no defining qualities that makes it recognisable. The ending is just... ugh. Coldplay is just so much better than this! - Wolftail

5 Oceans

As much as I loved the album Ghost Stories in general, a few songs just didn't live up to my expectations. Oceans is one of them. However the music is clever: the soft sound of the guitars and the other sound giving the feel of being underwater is really creative and clever The vocals are too high-pitched and whiny in some parts. Sometimes the lyrics are too mumbly to be heard. This song also flows quite nicely onto the next song in the album, A Sky Full of Stars. It's okay, but not one of the better songs on Ghost Stories. - Wolftail

The whole album was dead quiet, and then Sky Full Of Stars blasted my eardrums because I wasn't used to how loud a song can get. But good song!

Have the music download/cd and this song is so forgettable I forgot it after a first listen. Wait what did I hear? What was the melody? O well. Guess it was so weak it's not even worth another listen.

6 Til Kingdom Come

It’s so good! A classic nod to Parachutes and a generally good song. SHOULD NOT BE ON THJS LIST!

This is not a bad song. Don't know why it's posted but it is definitely different from the rest on X&Y and at least the melody and words are somewhat memorable. Decent song and I have enjoyed it.

At first I didn't care for it, but it grows on you over time... - mtndewlord

A soft song compared to all the other songs on the album X & Y. The thing I liked about this album is the build up from a soft, quiet intro into a masterpiece with the electric guitars and steady percussion. But Til Kingdom Come didn't have that, falling below my expectations. I can understand it being a soft outro for the album, but tis song just stuck out like a sore thumb. - Wolftail

7 Hymn for the Weekend

What why is this so low worst song ever

"This song lacks Coldplay's primary style. Even though A Head Full of Dreams went on a more pop path, "Hymn for the Weekend" just doesn't seem like Coldplay.

Everything about this song is appalling. I really don't have one good thing to say about it. And yet I've played it more than any other song on A Head Full Of Dreams. Doesn't change things, though. Only song worse than this is X Marks The Spot.

Disgusting lyrics. Beyonce. And mainstream pop sound. What's not to dislike about it?

8 Parachutes

I disagree with the hate about this song; while it is short and undeveloped, I can't think about what the album would be like without it. Similarly to M.M.I.X., it's nobody's favorite song, but it just kind of had to be there. The transition as an album and from Trouble to High Speed would be awkward without it. I know M.M.I.X. is pretty much a transition to Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, while this song is more independent, but still; would you hate M.M.I.X. for not being much when it wasn't meant to be? Also, I feel that this song would have been worse with more put into it. While Chris Martin is beyond genius and I have no musical ability in thinking of new stuff, I don't think it would have worked for Parachutes to be longer. It was meant solely for the album. Take it out, and like M.M.I.X., it's misplaced. It's fine to not like this song, but I don't think it deserves to be seriously disliked. - pandagirl

Less than a minute long, this short track on Coldplay's first studio album Parachutes, is nothing more than a guitar and some mumbled vocals. It just seems so unnecessary for the album. - Wolftail

Nice thing. Short. Easy to play on guitar. Nice transition if anything. Underdeveloped yes. But not terrible.

What a terrible way to start a band

9 A Sky Full of Stars

I know I'm in the minority, but I really dislike this song. I find it extremely boring and overly simplistic. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy simple songs, but this song just goes way to far. The buildup is nothing special, it's the same boring electronic instrumentals after every verse and nothing interesting happens through the rest of the song. I guess I get what they where going for and why people enjoy this song, but I feel like this song goes nowhere, feels half-assed, and just sounds like a mediocre pop/house song. I rather listen another Coldplay or Avicii song than listen to this and I don't even like Avicii very much. Just my opinion though.

On a side note, I quite like Yes, Oceans, Magic, and especially Fix You. What I'm wondering is why is that last song even on this list?

Whoever put this song here is a downright idiot

Are you kidding me whoever put this on here obviously has autism

It isn't actually a bad song at all, but this song is the confirmation that Coldplay isn't that good anymore as they were in the good old days.

10 U.F.O

A bad song that flows on to an even worse song: Princess of China. Like Parachutes, it's composed entirely of guitar with some strings thrown into the small mix halfway through. This song is okay, though. It just doesn't live up to other great songs on the album, like Every Teardrop is a Waterfall or Hurts Like Heaven. The last eighteen seconds of the song are just a weird melody of hard-to-explain sounds. This song could have been much better. - Wolftail

This song is probably trash to aliens as well, (lose lose Coldplay), and it is definitely not what Coldplay fans want to hear. Like the previous person wrote, this song is followed by an even worse song...Princess of China. Annoying if anything at best. Not worth a second listen.

I liked this one, it's simple but pretty nice - mtndewlord

The Contenders

11 Something Just Like This

And that is the fall of Coldplay kids!

Absolute crap

The Chainsmokers ruined Coldplay completely.

The Chainsmokers LOL

12 Rainy Day

Another song not worth even a second listen. Very odd. Doesn't sound like Coldplay at all. Don't waste your lime buying it MP3, save 0.99 and buy some tootsie rolls, at least after you eat them there's no lame melody stuck in your head. (If you can even remember the melody in this "song".)

This song is just weird. The piano intro leading onto a small jumble of sounds representing what seems to be like a rainy, upbeat, modern city. The theme of this song seems so modern compared to the themes of other songs on the same like Prospekt's March/Poppyfields or Cemeteries of London. Overall this song is just so unfitting for the album and weird. However, it's one of my favourites, definitely in my top ten. - Wolftail

13 Adventure of a Lifetime

It's a fun song

14 Birds

This is similar to the 80's, all of those scenes, are TRASH


An awesome, upbeat, uplifting song. Go listen to it right now with this in mind!

What? No. NO! It's my favorite song off the album and its already on the worst list? People are crazy! - mtndewlord

15 Another's Arms

This song is just creepy. Some of the imagery it creates is slightly scary in a way, and the music doesn't help to improve that. I seriously dislike this song. - Wolftail

Least favorite song on the album.

This song is calming althought a lil bit creepy when you heard it at first

I barely even remember the title of this song much less the words or melody. Guess that means it was pretty lame. Yes. I have the MP3's for the CD and this one is forgettable. Don't buy it. Tell your ears to run and never look back.

16 Midnight

I've already seen 5 songs from Ghost Stories on this list of horrible songs ever made by Coldplay. Surprised there are not a few more as Ghost stories IS the worst album made by Coldplay EVER. I don't even remember Midnight. I'm usually asleep by midnight and I could probably sleep through this entire song as well.

This song has no Coldplay in it whatsoever. It's just a terrible keyboard sound with Chris martin's vocals over top of it. Boring, creepy, cheap, and just dumb. Not a true Coldplay song in my opinion.

This song is boring but when you see this song live (you can find it on youtube) you'll start adore this song

17 X Marks the Spot

Undeserved song from the Coldplay. It shouldn't have been included in the album and some old B-side songs are way better than this one. Too exaggerated pop with repetitive in its lyrics and melody, which is not listened from ordinary Coldplay songs. (Even it is not ordinary, it is not catchy as Mignight though)

18 Fix You

Obviously the person who posted this as the worst got it mixed up with "We Never Change" from Parachutes. Polar opposites, "We Never Change", if not the worst while "Fix You" arguably one of the best. I understand, author, we're all human and all make mistakes sometimes. Good thing I caught it in time, otherwise people might not give this song a chance, which it very much deserves.

Who ever posted this is sick.

What people this is Coldplay's best song not their worst.

It is a great song

19 Paradise

This song is easy to play, especially on guitar. Good falsetto interesting descending sequence, easy to remember, whistle and get used to. Did I mention nice use of the piano? Definitely not one of the worst, rather in the top 20 best if not 30.

Hey this song is awesome

Remove it please

Great song

20 What If

Awesome song with an awesome loud chorus. Don't know why it's on here.

21 A Whisper

Just boring. Rush of Blood to the Head album is amazing, but this song is definitely the worst on there. Super repetitive and it always gets a skip when it comes on for me.

22 Army of One

Feels like it goes on forever

23 Magic

This song is actually really good. Probably the only good song off ghost stories. Sure it's quiet, and a little repetitive, but every album needs a song like this to be complete. And this one is actually listenable.

No way. I love this song.

I don't believe in magic. And when I heard the song it affirmed my disbelief. Unmemorable, shallow, weak lyrically and "musically". Forgettable lyrics and song, thank goodness.

A musically weak song.

24 Atlas

To be honest. I haven't heard the whole song. The little I heard was so horrendous that if Chris played a joke us all and the rest of the song was Clocks it would still be horrible. Not worth even a complete listen in my opinion.

No I love this one! - harryholman

25 Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

...What...this song is great...

26 Low

Just terrible in every way.

27 Death and All His Friends

This song had literally no lyrics. Someone should have added this earlier.

28 Miracles (Someone Special)

Generic song. And there's even rap in it? - Userguy44

29 Clocks
30 Bigger Stronger

It may be a Radiohead rip off (Exit music (For a film)) but it's a good song.

31 Don't Let It Break Your Heart
32 A Head Full of Dreams
33 The Hardest Part

I think is boring and that's all...

34 Charlie Brown

God no

35 Swallowed in the Sea

I personally find this song quite boring and average. In general, I don't really like Coldplays acoustic songs, I prefer the songs like White Shadows and 42

36 Hurts Like Heaven

I can't stand this song. Not only is it void from any decent rhythm or catchy lyrics, but it's also a clutter of a song executed horribly. Coldplay tried and failed when implementing the same rhythm from the second-half of Yes, but it ends up falling flat and coming off as an annoyance. I'm glad that this didn't end up becoming a modern Coldplay hit like Paradise or A Sky Full Of Stars, because this song alone is evident that Coldplay lost their roots to their old music.

37 Christmas Lights
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