Top 10 College Degrees You Should Stay Away From

College's goal is not to help you find a job after, it is to make money. STAY AWAY from these degrees if you wanna have a career after college.
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1 Liberal Arts

Students who graduated from engineering schools still need to get vocational school training before they can be employable. For example, mechanical engineering students still need to get HVAC training, plumbing engineering training , piping engineering training, structural engineering training, or fire protection system engineering training. I am a mechanical engineering student who get training in piping engineering . U.S engineering schools need to be a practical approach when they educate students because industries expect engineering students to have at least two year practical experience before step into industries. Vocational engineering training get help students get two year industry experience!

It's a shame that technical degrees and trade schools are considered "inferior" to a conventional 4 year degree. Higher education is an investment. You have to put your money and time where you will gain a profit. A 2 year degree in a technical field at a community college costs about 5,000. If you study something related to electronics, programming, industrial mechanics you will easily find a job with a starting hourly rate of $20+ dollars. No experience required, employers are willing to hire you straight out of college.

Liberal Arts aren't as bad as you think. The real problem is HOW THEY MAJOR IN IT. When the millennials try to major in it, they are trying to go to Harvard or similar and rake 100,000,000s of dollars for their nonexistant dream career and get indoctrinated with BS whereas a smart person would go to community college and then pick the shortest of the majors that they offer just to get that piece of paper to go to med school or law with a high GPA in a short time.

Look at Econ, a short program that can be done in a state college in 2-3 semesters. There is a reason why so many billionaires major in it, it is because it is short as F***. It is even better if you already have a CS associates degree or something in the trades because then you don't need a CS bachelor.

At least It made me realize that college was pointless, something that business school would ever do with its fake employment stats and fake job market for phony careers.

When people talk about how they wish they did X, they aren't talking about how expensive a second bachelor is, but rather the possibly and difficulty of obtaining one unless in Europe where it is easy to change careers.

2 Art

Your child can have a complete free ride in college and it will not matter. He and she is going to be poor compared to the tradesmen or the military person with GI Money in every single way. You simply cannot pay even $5,000 dollars back. We all know liberal arts are bad so there is no reason to mention it, but here are the other fates with college that are equally horrible.

Once you stay for 4-6 years and obtain a little more than 120 units, you are stuck and signed onto their contract forever, being unable to switch careers due to FAFSA limits, but if you go into the trades or a coding bootcamp first you can avoid being unable to pay back a worthless degree and get your education paid for by your employer or yourself for free.

If he/she is going into business or accounting expect nothing but low paying menial office jobs that pay low only one dollar more than flipping burgers. If he/she has low grades in engineering expect nothing but grunt work. If he/she has low ...more

You can be successful with a film or art degree if you know someone and are having your education be paid for. Outsourcing, boomer's inability to retire, and a bad economy created the student loan crisis. Not people choosing the wrong major.

Your only fate with a degree like this one and other worthless others like Biz Admin is getting a 5150 and being unable to become a cop for life.

Are you 22 years old, unemployed / self employed short term, need a drivers license. THEN DO NOT GO AND INSTEAD FIX YOUR LIFE FIRST STARTING WITH THE LICENSE

3 Philosophy

Engineering : Your being paid to be a middleman who can cut costs and improve efficiency.
Computer Science : Your being paid to be a middleman who can cut costs and improve efficiency.
Data Science: Your being paid to be a middleman who can cut costs and improve efficiency.
Accounting: Your being paid to be a middleman who can cut costs and improve efficiency.

College is a meme. WAKE UP!

College opening doors (at least for 4 year degrees) is likely the BIGGEST LIE ever pushed by your parents. Education opens up doors, 2 year degrees open up doors, but college DOES NOT OPEN UP JACK unless you are ex-military or already have an employer paying for your education. In fact it actually removes doors because you become stuck to one job field due to the abuse of FAFSA money and sheer difficulty of getting a masters in a STEM field which will make it a pain in the ass to switch careers and all of the jobs you can get with a masters are really just stats / cs / engineering with a different name.

All of these involve working for someone else who does not want to hire you and are a complete time waster. I even saw a phd computer scientist regret all of his education on the comments section because he knew what is really going on within the system.

Think of it this way. What jobs does it open? Even STEM is lame compared to being a 1099 independent contractor who has ...more

How to check if a field is legit or fake,

1) Look at the size of the companies around you
2) Check how many employees are there
3) Look if their is actual demand for the field
4) See how many temp agencies are in the field. If it is nothing but temp agencies then leave.
5) Check the BLS Occupational Stats to see if there are any jobs.

The cause of the millennial's poverty isn't their major, but that is a part of it. The cause is due to HOW THEY FUNDED their education. Tell your parents that you only have one institution that you can fund in your lifetime, make sure it is one that will gainfully employ you ASAP.

4 Business Administration

College confidential is untrustworthy. Engineering is not more boring than accounting and Chemistry is not worse than business. Chemistry is a degree that acts like a building block. It isn't for being a chemist, its for med school / high paying jobs in many chemical related fields. Business and CS unlocks nothing that can be done with just a HS diploma except for the CPA which is not worth the investment considering you only have 6 years to fund your degree. CS is a good career choice that makes tons of money, but you can self teach both business and coding. You can't self-teach building a robot using metal parts or learning how to design a car with a team.

From Reddit: MafuyuChan

"I heard its harder to get a job because you have to try harder to stand out...if possible try not to stay in general business administration and try to specialize in a specific degree is guaranteed to get you a job anyways so don't let the "useless"comments get to you"

Bad advice, biz admin and the concentrations are part of the scam since all of the concentrations are in fields that are easily outsourced or have no value. When people say "these guys take business because they do not know what to do" it is because the field is fake and gay.

I remember watching Honest Careers on YouTube who said this major is good as long as you focus on three fields, Accounting, Finance, and IT. To him I say BS.

IT is a field that uses certs, while not poor paying, you don't need a degree for it and you shouldn't get a degree for it. If your in school for IT then drop out and restart from the beginning as soon as possible in engineering since engineering is the most flexible.

Finance is essentially filling out forms and sucking the corporate mouth of a dead decaying industry who will no longer be around in a few years. Fintech, Quant Finance, and Data related jobs in finance pay and are in demand, but none of these are obtainable with a degree in finance or business nor will you have the time to add math classes to your degree unless they are prepackaged in.

Accounting is just as fake as finance. It looks more legit at first, but it is more of the same. The unemployment data is fake, the salaries are fake, and the ...more

I've seen people jealous of biz students because they get to party when they forget the context. They party because they knew that their field is fake as hell and face no consequences because they are rich or already own a company (and no a side gig does not count as a company no matter how well it pays). Do not pay money for this degree or any of its forms that all have similar worthless coursework, especially if you want accounting. If you want accounting, major in math or econ and take only 34 units of the relevant classes. Major in Math/CS if you want rigor and Econ if you want an easy ride. Both of these are way more employable and pay more than gen biz.

5 Gender Studies

Transfer transfer transfer do not get a second bachelors if your still in college.

So bad that no one will actually want to take it unless they are mental.

LOL, Gender Studies is a waste of time for anyone right of Karl Marx

The Trades as a whole is worse than engineering.

6 Anthropology

Key words and phrases from teachers to tell if your major is fake:
"Any mention of handling clients"
"Anything that has to do with managing a place with no way to manage it"
"Any mention of diversity or that you are special"
"Check if there are any equations. If no, then your degree is fake."

If you are in a worthless liberal arts college. It is best to leave even if you are in a STEM major. It's all lies. A Computer science degree or any stem degree from there is worth nothing. You need to go to a good university.

Useless, the only job from this is to be at a museum.

7 Religion

Getting a degree to get a job is stupid, do you account for taxes, where you are going to live, and other factors. You do don't.

8 Feminist Studies

The only job where you do not have to relocated is Nursing and anything hospital / health care related.

9 Music

I want you to really think about it, do you really want to waste your only attempt at getting a bachelor's degree easily on this. If you don't do engineering now, it will be even harder in the future.

10 Drama and Theater Arts

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? Victim Services Management
? Economics

Many people who have this degree will tell you it is worthless. Others will tell you that it is great. If you get the BA which is worthless and teaches only theory, you will need to go back and get math, stats, and cs skills. Finance is the same way. This is the best degree if your concern is mainly graduating and nothing else and have nothing better to do.

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11 Humanities

Once you reach 130 units you will trigger a potential financial time bomb.

12 Graphic Design

This one should not be on the list, this is more of a degree that won't open as much doors as others, but I wouldn't call it completely useless.

This degree is worthless compared to any REAL degree especially those in STEM.

13 History

Take that college algebra course no matter how dumb it is if you missed ALEKS. Also you do not need to be a STEM major to take it. Leave Non-STEM as soon as you can.

Look up SAP and how hard it is to get money for a second bachelors. Do you really want to fund this thing.

14 Art History
15 Tourism
16 Acting
17 Finance

They should just hire 8th graders. You can't beat the index. You got robo advisors to do this joke of a field.

Nothing but selling cutco knifes and MLM ponzi schemes.

18 Psychology

The autistic / low info strategy:
1) Finish the degree
2) Start another one with zero financial aid due to loan limits while triggering student debt that can't be paid off.

A real plan:
1) ditch the worthless degree
2) find a ways to pay for community college
3) get a job with the 2 year using knowledge from an in demand field.
4) Major in engineering / cs while taking a few chem courses.

Want to go into a real field if your grades are low in your current degree.
This is how. Get the refund when the semester starts, drop out. Put it in bitcoin or an altcoin. Go to a community college. Try to start anew.

Psychology is one of the worst majors, many people in the field cannot reproduce any of their own studies and they just make things up.

All the good paying jobs are competitive and require a phd. As a BA, it will provide no job. As a phd, it isn't that bad and is pretty good.

19 Theater
20 Retail Management

College seems to have all sorts of worthless degrees and the business school is one of the worst offenders net to the humanities. You can't study management and who in the right mind would want to study being a retail manager. Your not going to boss anyone around since management has to be earned though work experience.

Dumbest concept for a degree I've ever seen.

The Business version of Gender Studies.

21 Creative Writing
22 Architecture
23 Criminal Psychology
24 Acupuncture
25 Linguistics
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