Worst College Mascots


The Top Ten

1 The Fighting Okra - Delta State University Fighting Okra
2 WuShock - Wichita State University Shockers
3 Sammy the Banana Slug - University of California-Santa Cruz

Their is so many cool animales in the world and they choose a slug, even worse it has to be a banana slug. Its crap

4 Artie the Artichoke - Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes
5 Scotty the Scottie Dog - Carnegie Mellon University Tartans
6 Speedy the Geoduck - Evergreen State Geoducks

This looks nothing like a duck, it looks like a claim with a green penis.

7 Cayenne - University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns
8 Cowboy Joe and Pistol Pete - University of Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls
9 Scrotie the Nads - Rhode Island School of Design

Scratchy is a penis, a penis

10 Peter the Anteater - University of Irvine Anteaters

The Contenders

11 YoUDee - University of Delaware Blue Hens
12 Knightro - University of Central Florida
13 Stanford Tree - Stanford University

A tree, you would think, to make a tree costume would be very easy. But this thin looks like green poo. And who the heck would pick a tree any ways.

14 Fighting Okra - Delta State

What heck is an okra, I looked it up on the internet and an okra is a type of vegtable, a green vegtable.

15 Trole - Trinity State

Why would they pick a trole, nobody likes a trole

16 Fighting Pickle - North California University of Arts

First of all, who would pick a vegtable as a mascot. Secon of all, Why a fightin pickle

17 Gaylord the Camel - Campbell University

This one is not so bad, but its a camle. Whats it going to do, show of its humps

18 Will D. Cat - Villanova

He's scary.

19 Willy the Wildcat - Kansas State

You can't deny the fact that the name was copied from Northwestern. - Smash64

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1. The Fighting Okra - Delta State University Fighting Okra
2. WuShock - Wichita State University Shockers
3. Sammy the Banana Slug - University of California-Santa Cruz


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