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1 Pink

Although, I am not a pink guy, pink is one of the more prettier colors. Hot pink is unflattering, but soft, pale pink is very beautiful.

I think pink is the worst colour in the world

Pink is the ugliest one of all

Magenta is so ugly

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2 Poop Brown

Brown is the most hated color because it is the ugliest color.

It's poo people

Definitely worse than pink - DrayTopTens

I don't agree poop brown, si a splendid colour and I personally love it, and also I know over 100 people who share this opinion, please do also tell these website creators that it is also your favourite colour LOL. peace bruv.

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3 Puke Green

I don't like puke green at all. It is seriously gross and it makes you feel like throwing up. It is very, very disgusting. I do like normal green but totally not this. In my opinion, this is the worst colour ever on the colour palette.

I like other green color variations, but Puke Green sucks!

"Green is not a creative color, least all of this" actually every color is creative! In please don't hug me I'm scared they said green in creative because they were gonna choose the color for their leafs, due to most leaves being green that's why they said green isn't a creative color, so green is actually creative

I like dark green much more. - MaxAurelius

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4 Orange

Orange is annoying. It is awful when it is really bright, light, or neon, but it can be a good color when it is "burnt" or muted.

I hate the words used to describe other colors on this list. Brown is a beautiful color, I don't know why it gets such a bad rap among immature people. "Puke" isn't green, either. Beige is a lovely neutral color.

You got to be kidding me! Orange is the best suckers!

Worst coulour possible represents the worst football club (Blackpool).


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5 Beige

It's really plain and just has no personality

I hat this

I really just don't like beige. Nothing much to it.

Also guys, the most overrated color is blue. Like literally everyone in this generation loves it.. When a teacher asks, "What's you favorite color? " Like everyone answers blue.. Meh
I would say purple is the most underrated color but judging by the internet, that might not be true.
Also, pink isn't as overrated as it used to be. It is the stereotypical for girls, but meh.

Beige is awful. But that is my opinion, and I respect yours, but I won't vent about it in the comments like most people do.

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6 Barf Green

It’s terrible

What's the difference between "puke green" and "barf green"?

Stop voting it it's my favourite colour, the only reason you pot-heads don't like it is because of the name, and I totally didn't just vote this - LavenderSheep

Technically, it's different or else they wouldn't have the 2 different names for it. But, supposing you could say, " same difference! "

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7 Yellow Gray


Yeah, I haven't seen many colors.

What the heck, how does "yellow gray" even exist?! - MaxAurelius

I don't even know what this color looks like yet, or at least what is categorized as yellow gray, so I have no opinion on this - Orefossil


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8 Blue

Pink is above this?

Completely overrated. I specifically don't like shades of blue mixed with green and blues that are too light/bright.

Blue is the best color

Blue is the best in the world

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9 Gray

Makes me want to hurl

To hell with this stupid color


I love this color! - IceFoxPlayz

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10 Green

Me and my chickens favorite color.

The way I do not like green is all green looks like poop

Hey green is an awesome color! Whoever put green on has no taste in colors. And whoever doesn't like green is stupid.

Unhealthy color?! It is the color of grass, trees (leaves)... natural, nice and refreshing

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11 Poop Green

You're telling me poop green is better than green?


no thanks

*chokes on vomit for a while then explodes* - Orefossil

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12 White

White is the BEST color! Not the worst! - Glasslinger

The majority of this website is white. If you hate it, leave - ShopkinsLover

If you hate white so much, I'm surprised you're even here. Look around this page, and you'll understand. - Qryzx

It's boring. And it's the most common color. - Userguy44

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13 Olive

That's my favorite color in the world!

Not a very pleasant color for the eyes, that's for sure. - Orefossil

This is the worst color it TOTS looks like vomit

This is like a darker version of yellow green, and ether way yellow green is completely disgusting like this is to look at

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14 Yellow

Literally doesn't rhyme with anything accept words I can't use in my ep

Yellow makes me think of pee

Its too bright - thunderclanrocks

puke yella

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15 Purple

Purple: The color of grape medicine, barney, and cancer. BLAH!

Purple is do disgusting. Makes me think of grape medicine. BLECK!

Purple looks like vomit to me. - DumbFriesNub

Disgusting Color

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16 Blood Red

My blood is the same colour

Yeah this is a dumb color this should be #1

Red is nazi

I like this color - thunderclanrocks

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17 Turquoise

Turquoise is beautiful - WinterSky

It's so good its not like blue thateveryone loves for no good reason - thunderclanrocks

What I love turquoise is so nice me makes me think of beaches and oceans and tropical places seriously though who dislikes it

Is this your opinion or just your reaction when you look at your face in the mirror?

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18 Indigo

Purple but worse

It's one of my favorite colors - Orefossil

I hate indigo so much. I remember when I was a little kid every time we had to do something that involved crayons, I'd pick this up thinking it was blue. God.

It is a little bit village type. But it is not that bad or that good. Blue lovers may get angry. SORRY for them.

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19 Burnt Umber

It looks amazing on wood. - Orefossil

I hate this color

Please vote good people

NOO don't burn umbreon

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20 Hobo Brown

This is gay

Hobos are very offended by this, they are coming to sue us all - Orefossil

Laugh out loud wut? Is hobo brown even a color?

21 Brown

Brown hair and brown eyes are the only thing that brown looks good on - thunderclanrocks


A bit boring honestly, but I don't really feel strongly about any color. Brown can look good too, it's just that I don't like it as much as other colors.

I love that color so much it remindes me of chocolate.

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22 Dark Yellow

Doesn't look very nice to me

23 Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a fine color in my opinion. Even though I almost NEVER SEE this rare color - Orefossil

It's really light blue+lavender+light gray and it's cool

Reminded me of Blues Clues. Best character 10/10 - mattstat716

My worst color by far. Sorry to people who like it.I prefer Lavender

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24 Sepia

It is so pretty

Disagree! It's gorgeous

Ew. I didn't even know what this color looked like so I had to google it and I really wish I didn't.


25 Gold

Gold is meh... It being the color of the first place trophy is irrelevant. - Qryzx

I don't hate it but I prefer silver - FennikenFan9

Gold is the color of the metal you get at first place in the Olympics! So why is it a top hated color? - Orefossil

Gold is the best color ever!
Whoever put this on here is an idiot - Aknn

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26 Fleshtone

I'm confused- since we all have different amounts of melanin. - MaxAurelius

flesh? seriously? by setting a certain "tone" for flesh, is that implying that there's supposed to be a certain color that we all have to be?

Haha! Haha! Flesh tone! That's beautiful! Not really, I just say that when I think something is super funny! That sounds stupid because fleshtone sounds like ONE color when it's a variety of colors. Black, tan, olive! Haha!

I guess people who hate this color can't stand looking at their skin, eh? - Orefossil

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27 Burgundy

It's the color of blood. Gorey. - Orefossil

Burgundy is the worst color I just hate it

I totes agree with you! :(:(:(:(:(

28 Peach

Peace is a nice mixture between orange and pink, so I like this color. - Orefossil

Actually I think Peach is a rather nice Color

What are you talking about it's like a orange there's a color and a fruit

A color with the same name as a food is so confusing

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29 Light Pink

Pink isn't that bad, but when it comes to light pink... Yeah! Its bad alright

Light pink is babyish - Orefossil

Look. I know I might get lots of hate and dislikes for this... But dig down deepr a little bit. Sure, if you're an emo ( Most of you aren't, just THINK that you're emo. ) you might not like this color. But it doesn't matter if you're girly, tomboy, any of those, you can always like this color. Even though people say this color is 'girly', it's pretty cute. If this color wasn't great then Pink Sheep wouldn't use this as its favorite color.

Wow dude! Calling us WART-HOGS just because we HATE pink! You SUCK! I'm emo so pink, yellow and any color other than BLACK, BLACK, and RED are nonexistent in my life.

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30 Razzmatazz

So red-purple, basically. - MaxAurelius

31 Red

If you get past how it's kind of rough on the eyes, Red is nowhere near bad. - Qryzx

Best color in the world

Red is the worst colour of all the world

I hate red

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32 Byzantium

I love this color - Orefossil

Fricki ng I HATE BYZANTUIM! WHAT evEN DOSE THat men I mean I am emo but that dosnt mean that I like by anitim and even if I was not emo I woud still hate this color CX!? ~~~

33 Tan

This is the color of cinnamon rolls, AKA my fave dessert. I like tan.

Whoever hates this wants to change there skin color

This Looks Terrible As Pants

34 Neon Yellow

I don't like neon colors, they burn my eyes - Orefossil

I still don't like this color even this color is a neon color - RoseCandyMusic

To be honest I have to agree on this one. - FennikenFan9

35 Fuchsia

This color, however, is awful. Neon can be good... when done correctly. Fuchsia is a color that takes forever to get right, though. It's ridiculously difficult to get Neon perfect, and usually you can ONLY use neon and black. - mattstat716

I love Fuchsia

Ugly color in my opinion - RoseCandyMusic


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36 Light Blue Gray

Calming color - Orefossil

This was the color of my 4th grade class t-shirt and it disgusts me!

XP so disgusting

37 Vermilion
38 Coral

Coral is all different colors. - MaxAurelius

It's a good color - Orefossil

In my opinion I think this color is very bright and poppy and just gives you and awesome feeling

Do you even now what coral is

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39 Fluorescent yellow


Ow my eyes - Orefossil

Too bright and makes things look tacky. Sorry fluorescent yellow lovers.

Fluro, clashing colours make everything tacky.
(Purple+green, pink+green, purple+yellow)

40 Black

It reminds me of death.

I don't like black... This color might be dark, but... Anyone realize that it's so negative? Yes, black clothes might look cool, but just imagine, if everything was COMPLETELY black, would you like it? Most of us might get a depression or something. I'm not saying that this color is bad, because this is MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, but I think there are way more happy and creative colors than black... In fact, black isn't even a color, so I don't really know what is it doing here.

I love black but I agree with you if is everything black it seems so scary - lovestarlist

I like this color - IceFoxPlayz

What?!?! What the HECK is this doing here?

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41 Dark Brown

My Guinea pig is this color - Orefossil

42 Salmon Pink

This is literally my FAVORITE pink. It's very pretty. - Qryzx

I don't eat seafood. - Orefossil

I love this color it is so amazing

This color is great - RoseCandyMusic

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43 Cream

Literally every almost every colour on this list I LOVE

This color makes me think of ice cream - Orefossil

Cream is beautiful.

44 Neon Blue

There's multiple shades. Please be specific. - mattstat716

No no no no no NNnOo!

Stupid ugly Windows 8 logo color bleh!

45 Alpine

+Lavender Sheep It's a shade of blue - Orefossil

Whats is Alphine anyway - LavenderSheep

46 Magenta

Why is this the best color!?!?!?!

A bright mix of purple and pink. - Orefossil

This is pretty

Jack Spero made this the worst color

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47 Facebook Blue

Okay now you just took it way to far why is there a color named after a website and if its that bad why is it on a website besides this one

WHAT THE HECK! - MaxAurelius

They called a color after a website... Is there a Top Tens yellow? - KKwing

It is not a creative color

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48 Light Blue

Light blue is an amazing color! I don't understand, who put this on the list? - Orefossil

This color is amazinggg

Light Blue is awesome! I'm saying this once again because my best guy friend has super bright, light blue eyes that sparkle!

This is a disgrace! How could you put this here?!? This is my favorite color. I am disappointed in you.

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49 Magma Orange

I know it looks pretty, BUT DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING THIS COLOR - Orefossil

Gosh dang I will chop off the fingres off your bodie if you don't take it back! I LOVE! this coluor (yes I spelled color the British way because I love brithish and doctor who! )

50 Lavender

Lavender is ok, but I think it is the worst shade of purple, and it looks awful with green.

Lavender calms me - Orefossil

This color would have to be my favorite shade of purple. It looks so pretty! Who put this color on the list?

What's so bad about Lavender

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