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1 Pink

I really hate the color Pink, and I'm a girl! I rather pick Blue and purple than pink! Blue is refreshing in your eyes, and purple is so cute and emoish to me! Hehe

Yuck, hate pink. It looks so girly and scary, you wanna be paralyze. I'm 11 and I go to elementary, why I hate music now? Because my music teacher is a pink lover and have everything pink! Pink duck tape, pink poster, pink phone, and others. But worst of all PINK BOARD, oh my gosh, I hate PINK!

You're kind of overreacting. Pink is not a bad color; nor is brown. Darkened Lime, however... - mattstat716

Personally I'm just glad I can see color at all. It must be awful for blind people hearing about colors, but never having the opportunity to see them. You guys are entitled to your own opinions, but I think you should be able to look at any color and see there is beauty in all of them. I don't love nor hate pink it simply adds character to what it's applied to.

Pink is to girly and it's icky and blue is so soft and beautifu l

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2 Poop Brown

It is the worst color ever I hate it looks like poop

I cannot believe that this color is not number one on this list. Poop brown is a terrible color! Also, pink is a nice color and does not deserve to be at the top of the list!

I hate that color! It is so gross, it actually looks like poop. It makes me loose my appetite!

This is the worst color ever! I really would rather pick black or even grey. This color makes me disgusted! Blah!

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3 Beige

I like beige because beige is the of the colour of potatoes and potatoes make chips and lots of other nice things so how is beige hated so much because really if you hate beige you kind of would despise potatoes and potatoes are almost one of the essences of life

Well, human's skin is already beige and if the hair colour is beige, so weird

Beige is fine. It's very neutral and goes with a lot of things. I love it with either lime green or aqua!

I can't stand beige because everyone and their mom paints their houses this. so boring, dull and no imagination - taishisohma

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4 Puke Green

Excuse me while I go barf up a color! Yuck!

Ah, awful color. Please, vote this!

Green is not a creative color, least of all this

Puke is my number 1 weakness

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5 Green

Hey green is an awesome color! Whoever put green on has no taste in colors. And whoever doesn't like green is stupid.

Its not the 8 worst go look on top ten best colours and see for your self I love green it's my 2 favorite colour

It actually used to be my favorite color before black! And I still like green! Mostly because it reminds me of Roronoa Zoro from One Piece! Even though I don't watch One Piece. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Green is awesome and green is a very creative and whomever created this just hates green

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6 Orange


Really? Orange is the best color in the world! How don't you like it loser

So you're calling the people who hates orange an "loser" this generation is great. - Mumbizz01

Who put this on this list it's my fifth favorite color! Orange is great and bright. Whoever put this on the list is an idiot FOR REAL

Wait a minute,Orange got 6th place in Favorite colors

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7 Blue

Rocks is the best color ever true blue

Blue is the best on my opinion :) It makes me relax and think about times that make me happy. I hope reading this makes you change your mind about blue

Blue is actually an amazing color! But I'm probably only saying that because my best guy friend has really bright, light blue eyes that sparkle! He's so hot!

Why is this so heavily disputed blues the real deal

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8 Barf Green

What's the difference between "puke green" and "barf green"?

Technically, it's different or else they wouldn't have the 2 different names for it. But, supposing you could say, " same difference! "

Very Smart Guys, it's on the list already

Barf green is the worst color

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9 Yellow Gray

I always love yellow because I adoring yellow bouquet roses, happy, and cheese. Taco bell is best to hang out that bring me joy and happy. Cheese yum..

I hate Yellow Gray. It's so nasty looking.

I kinda like yellow gray it weird but kinda cool


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10 Gray

Dark Grey because when you see a dark grey cloud in the sky, it means that a thunderstorm is most likely approaching, as for other factos, it's not much better. Grey is just a boring dull colour that doesn't seem like anything to be honest! - aligarasi

Gray I don't mind because when the clouds are that color, it means rain and/or a thunderstorm! Yeah! LIGHTNING, LIGHTNING, LIGHTNING!

Fifty Shades of Grey style... Whips, chains, and tears. Even if its not exactly how the book or movie portrays it though...

Gray/grey is mediocre. It's neutral. - mattstat716

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11 Olive

This is the worst color it TOTS looks like vomit

This is like a darker version of yellow green, and ether way yellow green is completely disgusting like this is to look at

its such an old granny color imo :S - pinkified

It reminds me of puke

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12 Turquoise

What I love turquoise is so nice me makes me think of beaches and oceans and tropical places seriously though who dislikes it

Is this your opinion or just your reaction when you look at your face in the mirror?

I love this color what is so horrible about it? It is bright, unique and vivid!


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13 Yellow

Your have stupid opinions yellows my happy color

Respect his "stupid opinion," then as you may call it, you close minded fool. I think his opinion is "genius," not stupid. - SacredGalaxy

Am I the only person who dislikes yellow? I mean I don't dislike it as much as I do pink or purple (minus violet, lavender, or magenta), but I still dislike it. - Anonymousxcxc



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14 Periwinkle

It's really light blue+lavender+light gray and it's cool

Reminded me of Blues Clues. Best character 10/10 - mattstat716

Beautiful color!

My worst color by far. Sorry to people who like it.I prefer Lavender

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15 Brown

A bit boring honestly, but I don't really feel strongly about any color. Brown can look good too, it's just that I don't like it as much as other colors.

Did you just say brown is the color of poo and no one likes it? Goodbye self esteem, didn't get to know ya anyways... ( I got brown eyes and brown hair :( )

I Really hate Brown Even though My eyes and brown and my hair is Black who ever put this on the list it is the worst color yeah brown is the worst color its true.

Brown reminded me of everything I dislike and gross stuff, for some reason.

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16 White

This color is literally nothing

Scientifically speaking, white isn't a color so how can it be on the worst COLORS list?

My name means purity...white mean purity...I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU!

I like all grayscale monochrome stuff mostly and white is beautiful

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17 Burnt Umber

Please vote good people

NOO don't burn umbreon

Umber? You mean brown? - mattstat716

I hate this color

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18 Sepia

Disagree! It's gorgeous

Ew. I didn't even know what this color looked like so I had to google it and I really wish I didn't.


19 Peach

What are you talking about it's like a orange there's a color and a fruit

Actually I think Peach is a rather nice Color

A color with the same name as a food is so confusing

Peaches are delicious and the color is ok🍑

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20 Fleshtone

flesh? seriously? by setting a certain "tone" for flesh, is that implying that there's supposed to be a certain color that we all have to be?

Haha! Haha! Flesh tone! That's beautiful! Not really, I just say that when I think something is super funny! That sounds stupid because fleshtone sounds like ONE color when it's a variety of colors. Black, tan, olive! Haha!

Well... I mean, red flesh insides... so... maybe you're all overreacting and taking the wrong idea. Just saying, not proving. - mattstat716

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