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1 Poop Brown

I don't agree poop brown, si a splendid colour and I personally love it, and also I know over 100 people who share this opinion, please do also tell these website creators that it is also your favourite colour LOL. peace bruv.

I cannot believe that this color is not number one on this list. Poop brown is a terrible color! Also, pink is a nice color and does not deserve to be at the top of the list!

Everything even every color has its own place. It maybe ugly but is the soil brown so it means you hate it too even chocolate

This is the worst color ever! I really would rather pick black or even grey. This color makes me disgusted! Blah!

2 Pink

When I was 0-4 pink was my favorite color. Then 5-9 I ABSOLUTELY HATED pink. Now I have more respect for the color but it still can be ugly. It definitely is not the ugliest color but it is a little ugly. Just imagine you walked into a room that was all pink. Pink walls, pink bed, pink floor, pink decor, pink EVERYTHING! Ewww

I hate pink pink is the ugliest and the worst it should be 1st place in worst colors ever I hate pink more then the ugliest color that people talk about brown and Pantone it should be first place in ugliest color ever! ! I also hate purple blue is so against purple and pink. Blue is prettier then pink and purple combined with glitter and sparkles your making it feminine I hate it. Just hate it. Blues prettier then purple. And absolutely is PRETTIER THEN PINK. Yes!

why does people hate this color so much I'm a girly girl I'm not tryin' to be rude here but I love this and blue is worst than this.. the girl that is a 10 yrs old girly girl is awesome

My aunt thinks I LOVE pink. She also thinks I'm girly. I'm not girly. I pretend I do so she doesn't throw a fit! Good Goly EVERYONE I hate PINK! These firefighters had these bands and they were saying the colors and they said pink for the girls! That me MAD! Not even half the girls got pink! So pink was for the boys because a lot of boys yelling "I WANT PINK! " so they got that wrong. My cousin hates it except for the light pink.

3 Puke Green

I don't like puke green because it's a disgusting color and it makes me want to vomit and when I was in grade 1 or 2 I vomit 2 times because I spoiled and ate too much pizza and that's why it makes me throwing up.

"Green is not a creative color, least all of this" actually every color is creative! In please don't hug me I'm scared they said green in creative because they were gonna choose the color for their leafs, due to most leaves being green that's why they said green isn't a creative color, so green is actually creative

I don't like puke green at all. It is seriously gross and it makes you feel like throwing up. It is very, very disgusting. I do like normal green but totally not this. In my opinion, this is the worst colour ever on the colour palette.

Horrible color. I like creative and beautiful colors. This color, is disgusting. When I puke, I don't like to see this color either.

4 Barf Green

Technically, it's different or else they wouldn't have the 2 different names for it. But, supposing you could say, " same difference! "

It's a very ugly color that makes me want to vomit. Might be where the name of the color came from.

What's the difference between "puke green" and "barf green"?

Barf Green, Vomit Green, Olive, they're all the same.

5 Orange

Orange is annoying. It is awful when it is really bright, light, or neon, but it can be a good color when it is "burnt" or muted.

I hate the words used to describe other colors on this list. Brown is a beautiful color, I don't know why it gets such a bad rap among immature people. "Puke" isn't green, either. Beige is a lovely neutral color.

I don't like the color orange but I love oranges and orange juice. Is that weird? The person who is calling people LOSERS just because they don't like orange reminds me of my brother! He calls us losers because eedo two what he would do,no matter how messed up it is. Guess what, dude?! Just because some people don't like the same thing you do doesn't make them a LOSER! Mona not teach you that?!

Orange is an underrated color. Everyone thinks its to bright, Or too plain, Or what have you. But, personally, it's a great, underrated color that should be more appreciated.

Who put this on this list it's my fifth favorite color! Orange is great and bright. Whoever put this on the list is an idiot FOR REAL

6 Beige

I really just don't like beige. Nothing much to it.

Also guys, the most overrated color is blue. Like literally everyone in this generation loves it.. When a teacher asks, "What's you favorite color? " Like everyone answers blue.. Meh
I would say purple is the most underrated color but judging by the internet, that might not be true.
Also, pink isn't as overrated as it used to be. It is the stereotypical for girls, but meh.

Beige is awful. But that is my opinion, and I respect yours, but I won't vent about it in the comments like most people do.

Beige is fine. It's very neutral and goes with a lot of things. I love it with either lime green or aqua!

I can't stand beige because everyone and their mom paints their houses this. so boring, dull and no imagination

7 Yellow Gray

I always love yellow because I adoring yellow bouquet roses, happy, and cheese. Taco bell is best to hang out that bring me joy and happy. Cheese yum..

Yeah, I haven't seen many colors.

What the heck, how does "yellow gray" even exist?!

I kinda like yellow gray it weird but kinda cool

I hate Yellow Gray. It's so nasty looking.

8 Poop Green

You're telling me poop green is better than green?

It should be at the top of the list how bad it is.

If your poop in green go to the doctor

If your poop is green eat less iron

9 Blue

Blue oh how I hate it so much every time I see it I feel like I am being tapped on the heart by a needle. It is seen so much that I have gotten used to the pain but at some occasions it hurts. I don't see how it is peaceful or calming Blue should be at the top. Blue is also the most boring color. I love the sky, but why does it have to be blue? I believe that people how love blue love the sky and have said "If the sky is blue, Blue will be my favorite color! " Now the color YELLOW SHOULD BE THE BEST and now the color black how could anyone hate it? Black creates a better image of high technology and is way more calming than blue. The only good thing about blue is that it helps make pink for pigs

It's really annoying that I see pink first place and that people make things like this and lists of the worst countries EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT OPINIONS!

Everybody should know better because it seems as if teens are always blue and black lover

Blue is actually an amazing color! But I'm probably only saying that because my best guy friend has really bright, light blue eyes that sparkle! He's so hot!

Whoever put this on this list. This should not be on this list, Because Blue is the best colors ever! It's my favorite colors!

10 Gray

Dark Grey because when you see a dark grey cloud in the sky, it means that a thunderstorm is most likely approaching, as for other factos, it's not much better. Grey is just a boring dull colour that doesn't seem like anything to be honest!

Fifty Shades of Grey style... Whips, chains, and tears. Even if its not exactly how the book or movie portrays it though...

It is not that shiny. A little bit ( You can tell very much) boring. You will not get any creative idea.

Condemn this color back to the depths of hell that it came from.

The Contenders

11 Hobo Brown

Hobos are very offended by this, they are coming to sue us all

Out of every color name why hobo brown

Well the clue is in the name

Laugh out loud wut? Is hobo brown even a color?

12 Green

My little brother loves everything Green, especially if it's a John Deere tractor! But it's not on my favorite color list.(I only have two favorites anyway: BLACK and
RED.) And I'll say this once again... Just because someone doesn't like the same color or thing as you does not mean that they are Losers, Idiots or anything else! Wow!

Overrated color should b #1 people only care about it because it's the color of American money but foget vomit, mold, & snot r also green. Green is nasty even cartons no this as when someone farts a green mist comes out there butt representing the stink

It actually used to be my favorite color before black! And I still like green! Mostly because it reminds me of Roronoa Zoro from One Piece! Even though I don't watch One Piece.

Green is not a creative color

But it is still good as it represents nature and plants, the reason it's hated is because 70% of shiny pokemon are this color.

13 White

I feel bad for people who can't stand this color, WHITE IS EVERYWHERE. It is the most common color to find. In fact I'm typing in a WHITE box right now. But I don't feel annoyed by that. White is fine, it looks good on furniture, and SNOW!

If you hate white so much, I'm surprised you're even here. Look around this page, and you'll understand.

Scientifically speaking, white isn't a color so how can it be on the worst COLORS list?

My art teacher agrees must destroy all white on paper with color

14 Olive

Yellow mixed with brown. Those colours are both OK alone but together, that is an eyesore.
(Sorry to the people who like olive.)

Olive can be slightly good for cavern pictures that have grass inside of them, or falling leaves.

Yellow and Brown are okay, but together they result in this puke-colored thing

This isn't a bad color, but it's not my ideal color pencil in my pencil bag.

15 Yellow

Why is pink so hated? It's one of my favorite colors! What about orange? That's such a gorgeous color, and normally I hate bright colors! Brown and grey are kinda ugly, but they are natural and don't hurt my eyes. But yellow? How can people consider pink bad with yellow around? Yellow is awful!

This should be number 1 because yellow is the most stupidest and overrated color ever. The reason why its stupid because its like pink on STEROIDS! And the reason why its overrated is because EVERYTHING IS YELLOW! The same problem goes to blue and red and I like those colors. But YELLOW? ITS NOT PRETTY! And that's why I always yell and say ow over the excuse of a color.

I hate the sun I rather have the moon because at last the moon doesn't hurt my eyes or blind me but still has enough light to see to make things relaxing. It's also never harsh like the sun always is (expcally in summer).

Just yellow by itself is a pretty cringing and blinding color. Much more hard on the eyes than pink.

Yuck. To whoever thinks yellow is the best colour, think: Would you ride in a YELLOW car? No, yellow dress for your prom? Yuck! Yellow wall paper? NEVER. It is the colour of the sun, but that doesn't prove anything

16 Purple

I don't know how anyone could say that purple is nice. Tell me a purple thing that is good or at least useful for people. The only purple things I can thing of are detergents, poison and chemicals, Barney and different harmful reactions and symptoms that could kill a person.

Purple is so damn overrated. Almost everyone I know is in love with the color purple, and at least some of the shades. I’m so sick of it. Whenever I hear/see someone say it’s underrated, I think they are on some serious crack.

What does Barney, cancer, cystic fibrosis and lavender all have in common? All are purple and all are terrible. (Especially lavender! )

Purple is the best color ever I am sure you would have many people argue that it is a great color!

17 Burnt Umber

Please vote good people

It looks amazing on wood.

Umber? You mean brown?

I hate this color

18 Blood Red

It's on here because edgy people pissed off someone.

Yeah this is a dumb color this should be #1

Is bloody and smells like blood

I like blood red my friend drinks blood she is so weird lolz

19 Brown

The color of poop...I mean it’s not as bad as indigo, because it is the color of most chocolates and cookies.. I mean...who doesn’t like cookies?!

I Really hate Brown Even though My eyes and brown and my hair is Black who ever put this on the list it is the worst color yeah brown is the worst color its true.

A bit boring honestly, but I don't really feel strongly about any color. Brown can look good too, it's just that I don't like it as much as other colors.

Seriously I am only 9and I hate brown. I live in the forest and every time I turn around I see a brown tree! It gets very boring after a while.

20 Dark Yellow

I’m not a big fan but, it’s ok just it reminds me of green and it is very sad to see that people think I’m wrong. Because I..think I’m right.

Yuck... Dark yellow is the following

- makes you want to barf

So horrible, this should be No. #1

Doesn't look very nice to me

21 Turquoise

Is this your opinion or just your reaction when you look at your face in the mirror?

I love this color what is so horrible about it? It is bright, unique and vivid!

It's very pretty it's like looking out into a calm ocean in the morning

Waaay too overrated and the picture here looks dark and ugly making things worse...

22 Indigo

I hate indigo so much. I remember when I was a little kid every time we had to do something that involved crayons, I'd pick this up thinking it was blue. God.

It is a little bit village type. But it is not that bad or that good. Blue lovers may get angry. SORRY for them.

It's one of my favorite colors

Purple but worse

23 Fleshtone

Haha! Haha! Flesh tone! That's beautiful! Not really, I just say that when I think something is super funny! That sounds stupid because fleshtone sounds like ONE color when it's a variety of colors. Black, tan, olive! Haha!

I guess people who hate this color can't stand looking at their skin, eh?

I'm confused- since we all have different amounts of melanin.

Why flesh tone Just why

24 Sepia

Ew. I didn't even know what this color looked like so I had to google it and I really wish I didn't.

It is so pretty

Disagree! It's gorgeous

25 Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a fine color in my opinion. Even though I almost NEVER SEE this rare color

It's really light blue+lavender+light gray and it's cool

This color is beautiful and deserves so much more love

Reminded me of Blues Clues. Best character 10/10

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