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21 Light Pink

Look. I know I might get lots of hate and dislikes for this... But dig down deepr a little bit. Sure, if you're an emo ( Most of you aren't, just THINK that you're emo. ) you might not like this color. But it doesn't matter if you're girly, tomboy, any of those, you can always like this color. Even though people say this color is 'girly', it's pretty cute. If this color wasn't great then Pink Sheep wouldn't use this as its favorite color.

Light pink, is just ugly. However, other shades of pink are really pretty.

Wow dude! Calling us WART-HOGS just because we HATE pink! You SUCK! I'm emo so pink, yellow and any color other than BLACK, BLACK, and RED are nonexistent in my life.

Pink is ironically on the top AND the bottom. - mattstat716

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22 Purple

Who put purple on this list?!

What does Barney, cancer, cystic fibrosis and lavender all have in common? All are purple and all are terrible. (Especially lavender! )

I only like lavender, violet, and magenta. All other shades of purple can get out of my life. - Anonymousxcxc

Purple is okay. - mayamanga

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23 Indigo

I hate indigo so much. I remember when I was a little kid every time we had to do something that involved crayons, I'd pick this up thinking it was blue. God.

It is a little bit village type. But it is not that bad or that good. Blue lovers may get angry. SORRY for them.

I like this color! - mayamanga


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24 Fuchsia

This color, however, is awful. Neon can be good... when done correctly. Fuchsia is a color that takes forever to get right, though. It's ridiculously difficult to get Neon perfect, and usually you can ONLY use neon and black. - mattstat716

I love Fuchsia

Ugly color in my opinion - RoseCandyMusic


25 Neon Yellow

I still don't like this color even this color is a neon color - RoseCandyMusic

To be honest I have to agree on this one. - FennikenFan9

26 Coral

In my opinion I think this color is very bright and poppy and just gives you and awesome feeling

Do you even now what coral is

U have no sence in color woman!

coral shouldn't be a color

27 Hobo Brown

Laugh out loud wut? Is hobo brown even a color?

28 Gold

Gold is the best color ever!
Whoever put this on here is an idiot - Aknn

I don't hate it but I prefer silver - FennikenFan9

If you think gold is horrible you're blind. I don't even know what to say.

It sooo good and shine

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29 Burgundy

Burgundy is the worst color I just hate it

I totes agree with you! :(:(:(:(:(

30 Byzantium
31 Fluorescent yellow

Too bright and makes things look tacky. Sorry fluorescent yellow lovers.

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32 SeaGreen

Sea Green is a nice color... - mattstat716


Well... lovely color!
Take this off the list!

I like this color…

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33 Magenta

This is pretty

Jack Spero made this the worst color

bad color

This is just rude!
Magenta is my favourite colour! Next to turquoise!
Please change it.

34 Blood Red

I love every shade of red.

I like this color - mayamanga

I like this color. - Anonymousxcxc

It's on here because edgy people pissed off someone. - mattstat716

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35 Facebook Blue

It is not a creative color

Can't believe Facebook Blue ripped off a Cyan/Blue mix. - mattstat716

It is a creative color

This color really exist? - RoseCandyMusic

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36 Midnight Purple V 2 Comments
37 Dark Blue

How is this the last color you see on a page on top tens?

Its called navy!

Navy is a darker shade. - mattstat716

I hate blue

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38 Dark Red

Its called Crimson And it's a great color

People say 'red makes u angry' well to me, dark red doesn't do that. It actually is pretty calming to me. Plus it just looks so cool ❤️

39 Dark Brown
40 Light Blue

Light Blue is awesome! I'm saying this once again because my best guy friend has super bright, light blue eyes that sparkle!

This is a disgrace! How could you put this here?!? This is my favorite color. I am disappointed in you.

I love light shades of blue like this color - RoseCandyMusic

I'm glad that this is near the bottom. - JoDBoss

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