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41 Lavender

This color would have to be my favorite shade of purple. It looks so pretty! Who put this color on the list?

What's so bad about Lavender

It's such a pretty color...why is it on here? - FloydtheCat

Lavender calms me - Orefossil

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42 Dark Brown

My Guinea pig is this color - Orefossil

43 Light Blue

Light Blue is awesome! I'm saying this once again because my best guy friend has super bright, light blue eyes that sparkle!

This is a disgrace! How could you put this here?!? This is my favorite color. I am disappointed in you.

Light blue is an amazing color! I don't understand, who put this on the list? - Orefossil

I love light shades of blue like this color - RoseCandyMusic

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44 Dark Pink

This color is just boring for me ( I don't hate this color) - RoseCandyMusic

Is This Even A Real Color?


45 Salmon Pink

I love this color it is so amazing

This color is great - RoseCandyMusic

I don't eat seafood. - Orefossil


46 Dark Green

Dark green aka THE WORST COLOR! I hate this color so much it look like if green barfed and out came... DARK GREEN

Very soothing and natural - Orefossil

47 Red

Hey, I like red! It is a cool color. Why is it on the list?

What? Red is a good color, the color of Christmas, and Valentines Day. Who stupid weird thing put this on there.

Anyone who hates red is STUPID

Red is a good color, but it can make my eyes bleed - Orefossil

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48 Poop Green

Oh god... Dreadfulness - LavenderSheep

Is that even a thing?

*chokes on vomit for a while then explodes* - Orefossil


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49 Light Blue Gray

This was the color of my 4th grade class t-shirt and it disgusts me!

Calming color - Orefossil

XP so disgusting

50 Yellow Green

I can live with normal green, dark green, and sometimes neon green. But this color is gross. - mayamanga

I don't like yellow green. - Anonymousxcxc

Don't ya mean lime? - Orefossil

It's a very gross like color I'm surprised it's not in the top ten let alone not on the list yet. W t h people? Pink may not be the best color (light blue, baby blue, Sky blue, etc...) but it's not 'boring' you people are so stupid. How is one color that is bright and pops out 'boring'? Do you even have any explaintion for that, doubt it. I hate this planet just becoming misogynist for no reason.

51 Cream

Cream is beautiful.

This color makes me think of ice cream - Orefossil

52 Alpine

+Lavender Sheep It's a shade of blue - Orefossil

Whats is Alphine anyway - LavenderSheep

53 Cyan


54 Neon Pink

I'm surprised that this isn't higher. - Anonymousxcxc


55 Neon Blue

There's multiple shades. Please be specific. - mattstat716

No no no no no NNnOo!

Stupid ugly Windows 8 logo color bleh!

56 Black

I don't like black... This color might be dark, but... Anyone realize that it's so negative? Yes, black clothes might look cool, but just imagine, if everything was COMPLETELY black, would you like it? Most of us might get a depression or something. I'm not saying that this color is bad, because this is MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, but I think there are way more happy and creative colors than black... In fact, black isn't even a color, so I don't really know what is it doing here.

I love black but I agree with you if is everything black it seems so scary - lovestarlist

What?!?! What the HECK is this doing here?

Black is amazing its on zebras duh

I like this color, it's the most common color next to white, heck, this text is black, LOOK AT IT! - Orefossil

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57 Aquamarine

It's a pretty color

Is every color on this?! - Orefossil


58 Tan

This is the color of cinnamon rolls, AKA my fave dessert. I like tan.

Whoever hates this wants to change there skin color

This Looks Terrible As Pants

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