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21 Violet
22 Beige

Beige is the kind of color that doesn't pop and it just hides and no one likes it

Beige is like a really really light grey. There is no point of it existing. It is basically white

Looks like a colour that old people wear. - Lunala

What is that!

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23 Tangerine Orange

It's the taste of tangerines

Orange all together.. yuck.. should be ranked higher

24 Turquoise

Yeah I like this colour

Hoooww? This colour is amazing and yes it's colour not color!

Bruh, this is an awesome colour.

25 White

I think you're getting a bit religious. It's just a color, man. Chill out.

AWESOME COLOR EVER this color make me relax

White is a good color and it's an angel wings color and the angel it's from heaven and the heaven is the castle of god so I disagree that this is an worst color
who write this

I like it - Lunala

26 Lilac
27 Cream
28 Lavender

Lavender is my favorite color and type of flower. While the picture is showing more of a pastel blue, the color is still fantastic. 10/10 would bean

Good but this color is not my first favorite color

This picture is white it isn't even lavender hwta

Lavender is the colou of Guest Girl from roblox hair - Lunala

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29 Maroon

The Aggies Designer Screwed Up For That Team, Man it's So ugly (The Texas Aggies)

30 Pale Pink

Pale pink is a nice, shy colour in my opinion! Also, I like pink, it's my second favourite colour after teal.

31 Blue

Who does not like blue. Blue is the best

How is blue so bad? Blue is awesome

How's blue was worst!? Blue is my favorite colors! Blue is the best colors ever! - LapisBob

What is it even on this list - GriffinDoge

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32 Burgundy
33 Caramel V 1 Comment
34 Silver

Who does not like silver? It's shiny!

35 Fuchsia

Like wow calm down

36 Dark Purple

Good color

37 Neon Yellow

Cool as I know it. But I still hate yellow

38 Pomegranate Pink
39 Navy Blue V 2 Comments
40 Magenta

It's a I don't know

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