Top Ten Worst Combinations of Good Foods


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21 Strawberry Milkshake & BBQ Sauce Pork

I puked while eating this! NO JOKE!

22 Ketchup & Smoothie

What? What's gonna be next, mustard and soda pop? - Pony

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23 Avocado & Blackberries
24 Strawberries & Mayonnaise

My friend tried this, she almost threw up.

I LOVE strawberries, but not very pleased with mayo.

25 Banana & Sprite

I end up trying this, I ended up burping a lot and throwing up. - MeaganSaysHI

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26 Doritos & Mountain Dew
27 Combos & Lemons
28 Marmite & Banana V 1 Comment
29 Pineapple & Milk

Put these things in a blender and you got a pineapple smoothie. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

30 Bacon & Hot Dogs

That would actually be so damn delicious! I mean, hot dogs are basically sausages, which are commonly made of pig, and bacon is made of pig too. Mmm, wanna eat this now

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31 Cheese & Bananas

I've actually tried this combination and I ended up in bed, sick...

To be honest, even if I liked either foods, that was bound to happen. - PositronWildhawk

32 Ice Cream & Butter V 1 Comment
33 Chicken Nuggets & Apple Juice
34 Watermelon & Oreo

Believe it or not, this combination actually exists!

Watermelon Flavour of Oreo actually exists.

35 Cappuccino & Lays Chips

Just like Watermelon Oreos, these exist to.

36 Chili & Banana Oatmeal

EWW! That sounds so gross, but good...? Two gooey foods mixed together to make one weird food.

37 Mangoes & Pickles
38 Tomato Soup and Salsa
39 Macaroni and Cheese & Barbecue Sauce
40 Doritos & Milk V 2 Comments
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