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1 I know you are but what am I

Such a bad one but this fat kid made such a bad comeback I went in a moment of silence for comebacks let us have another minute of silence for the crappy comeback.
I had to deal with this all of the time it is so annoying and dosn't make sense half the time

Oh my goodness my cousin uses this all the time. Its really ANNOYING! While I'm typing this comment she is sitting next to me smiling and laughing.

Guy Fighting With Me: I know what you are, but what am I?
Me:You're the guy who's fighting me, and the the one who's dumb enough to use that as a comeback.

My brother uses this all the time, and it's annoying and stupid. Seriously, what's the point?! Tell me. This just gets old quick.

2 I'm telling my mommy

Me: You just spilled my drink.
Little Kid: I'm telling my mommy you said that! Mommy! Some girl yelled at me, and called me a bad name.
Me: I did not call you a name, you liar, and I didn't yell at you.

Seriously, this gets old. This is a made-up story that uses the following comeback.

I have a little made-up story about what 19me said.

Kid: I'm telling my mommy!
Me: What's she going to do, shoot me with a gun?!
Kid: That's exactly what she's going to do!
Me: Oh crap...
Mom: *growls, shoots and kills me*
Kid: I'm glad that's over with.


Kids can be tattletales, and this comeback sucks.

Well that's sad... Humans are hopeless

3 Your face

Haha! My mom says this all the time! I love it! It cracks me up every time. It's shuts people up though... or they just punch you right in the face but whatever.

My younger brother uses this and I sit back and laugh at him. he thinks I'm laughing because of a funny comeback but its at his stupidity

An idiot named Landon say it all the time

That has to be the worst comeback ever.

4 Oh yeah? Well at least I like Christmas wreaths

Kid 1: My mom got diagnosed with cancer yesterday
Kid 2: Oh yeah? Well at least I like Christmas wreaths
Kid 3: *sits there contemplating their friendship*
This right here, is genius, why haven't I thought of this before? I'm gonna use this every time someone talks to me from now on. Thank you the 5 year old who said this

What kind of comeback is this?

Me: You stepped in dog poop on accident.
Kid: Oh yeah? Well at least I like Christmas wreaths.
Me: What does that mean? That's a terrible comeback.

I don't know who says this, but I really want to meet them. In fact, I might become them.

I honestly think you would make a fool of yourself using this comeback.

5 Oh yeah? Well, you're a bigger one!

Me: You're an awesome, and friendly kid.
Random Kid: Oh yeah? Well, you're a bigger one!
Me: That was just a compliment, you dummy!
Random Kid: You're a bigger one!
Me: Shut up.

Bully: You're ugly!
Kid: Oh yeah? Well, you're a bigger one!

Thanks man U talking about my dick

What in the world is this?

6 Because

This is only a word, but people use it as a comeback.

Me: Why did you try to break my computer?
Kid: Because.
Me: You stink.

People only say this because they can't say anything else

This isn't a comeback, whoever put this on here is dumb.

It's not even a comeback! It's just saying a word.

7 Well, I may be fat, but you're ugly and I can take a diet

This is actually not terrible as it requires quick thinking

This is just the worst one yet

This is completely stupid

This comeback is terrible. It just makes you look stupid.

8 Takes one to know one

It takes a mass murderer to know a mass murderer huh?

My friend uses this all the time and it's annoying

Your really calling your Self one too

I don't know I like that one

9 Yeah, and?

Oh my gosh this one is so overused

...and you literally can't come up with anything better.

10 Am not

Me: You are awesome.
Guy: Am not.
Me: I just gave you a compliment, dummy.

Me:You are cool!
Sister:Am not!
Me:Okay, let's just go with that.
Sister:Am not!
Me:I am ugly!
Sister:Am not!

Jelly: Am not!
Me: What
Jelly: A-
Me: shut up

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11 Potato

Kid: Buy me ice cream right now

Babysitter: potato

Kid: I hate you!

Babysitter: potato

Truck of potato's falls on the kid's head...

This is a vegetable. If this is really a comeback, then the idiot who came up with this should get an actual brain.

R U Kidding Me? What kind of comeback is this? Oh, here's the answer, it's NOT a comeback.

What. Is this really a comeback? I just laughed out loud at this comeback.

12 Swearing

People do this just to sound tougher, but FAIL, it doesn't work. Lots of the boys in the fifth grade classes at my school do this a lot, and so do some of the girls. This is basically just cursing. And they are just inappropriate, too. I hate hearing or seeing people swear.

Yea its true this deserves to be on this list. Every time I swear I sound like a moron but the word just automatically comes out! I try to avoid swearing!

people do this to look cool. it doesn't work, it just creates an unattractive image and then you look stupid!

Just using a bunch of cuss words isn't going to do anything, if anything you'll probably just get laughed at, told off or beaten up...

You can argue without having to swear, it's not that hard. (-_-+)

13 What?

Me: Hey Bitch You Live With your Mum

Kid: Don't Have A Mum (U Wot M8)

Me: Saying U Wot M8 Is Not Tough

Kid: What?

14 Well, you're fat as an elephant

This is so old and such a complete cliche

Oh yeah baby

Bully: you are dumb
Me: well, you're as fat as an elephant
Bystander: Oh, Snap
Elephant falls on the bully's head

15 I don't like what you're doing and I want you to stop!

This is what my teacher says... I watched a movie called sonic boom and Amy used that word... teachers says I had to use this useless comeback.

This is actually a good comeback. But not many people listen to this one, though.

This is one that a lot of my classmates uses and it annoying as crap

This one is so old I feel of my pet DINASOR

16 So what

My Sister uses that all the time. It's so annoying. What does So what even mean?

So what basically means "So? ". I like this comeback.

Yes I would consider it good

I like this one actually.

17 You're being a bully

People who are bullies don't listen to this one.

I know a kid in my school who says this all the time when I get pissed off at him and yesterday I almost punched him in front of the principle

18 At leased my farts don't smell like Fruity Pebbles

Farts smell bad, not good. This doesn't make any sense. Farts are not funny, and this is a stupid comeback. So the idiot who came up with this, you need a brain, go look at a dictionary, and look up fart. Then see for yourself. Look at the mistake you made and fix it.

Can't say I've ever heard this being used, but it sounds like it would definitely stop someone bullying you.

Farts ain't supposed to smell good..
That doesn't even make sense

Farts aren't supposed to smell good. Check the dictionary people!

19 Good for me

Well, what if something bad is going to happen to you, like death, cancer, or you falling off a cliff? Would you consider that good?!

So you dying is good?

20 I don't care

It's ironic because 97% of the time they do care

But you replied so you care.

me: you're as fat as an elephant.
kid: I don't care.
Me you cared enough to answer.
kid dies from epic roast!

21 Nuh uh, you!

I am the same guy who posted that hilarious comic. I am NOT that strong or crazy, I SWEAR!

Me: Shut up!
Kid: Nuh uh, you!
*punches the kid in the face and flings him in the air*
Kid: *crying so much with a bloody face*
Me: That wasn't me. Someone accidentally threw a rock at his face. I SWEAR!

I don't behave like this at all! BELIEVE ME!

22 I'm innocent

Me: You stole all my money!
Guy: No I didn't. I'm innocent.
Me: What's in your pockets?
Guy: Your money.
Me: Ha! I knew it!

its funny but it doesn't work

23 Violence

This results in getting injured.

24 I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you

Pretty much the two year old's version of I know you are and what am I

I disagree with the guy who says this is a good comeback. IT IS SO DUMB!

This is actually pretty good

This comeback is rubbish

25 Yo mamma

This is just plain old stupid. Who came up with this?! My brother uses this 24/7, and it's VERY ANNOYING. I don't know how people find this amusing, but the jokes are WAY worse than this.

For example:
Yo mama's so ugly that she makes blind kids cry!
Seriously, what's the point if this?! It's pointless!

I hate this. In 6th grade, every time I asked my friend a question, she responded "Your mom."
I don't ask her questions anymore.

Whoever said that their brother uses this comeback on them, he's technically insulting his mom too.

I don't even get why this one was invented. It sucks.

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