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21 Let's see what other things come out your brain... oops I meant the peanut V 2 Comments
22 I'm innocent

Me: You stole all my money!
Guy: No I didn't. I'm innocent.
Me: What's in your pockets?
Guy: Your money.
Me: Ha! I knew it!

V 2 Comments
23 Nuh uh, you!

Me: Shut up!
Kid: Nuh uh, you!
*punches the kid in the face and flings him in the air*
Kid: *crying so much with a bloody face*
Me: That wasn't me. Someone accidentally threw a rock at his face. I SWEAR!

I don't behave like this at all! BELIEVE ME!

I am the same guy who posted that hilarious comic. I am NOT that strong or crazy, I SWEAR!

24 I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you

Pretty much the two year old's version of I know you are and what am i - ryanbuchanan

Oh, sure. This boulder I pushed off a cliff will bounce off of you and fly right back up, crushing me. Almost like a cartoon. - mattstat716

I disagree with the guy who says this is a good comeback. IT IS SO DUMB!

This is actually pretty good

25 Yeah mom
26 At leased my farts don't smell like Fruity Pebbles

Farts smell bad, not good. This doesn't make any sense. Farts are not funny, and this is a stupid comeback. So the idiot who came up with this, you need a brain, go look at a dictionary, and look up fart. Then see for yourself. Look at the mistake you made and fix it.

Farts aren't supposed to smell like cereal... - Powerfulgirl10

Farts ain't supposed to smell good..
That doesn't even make sense

V 2 Comments
27 Stop bullying me!

Babies say this a lot, and this could be useful at times, NOT.

28 I'm dobbing


Do you mean dabbing?
In which case, congrats on failing professionally. - mattstat716

29 Violence

This results in getting injured.

30 Yo mamma

This is just plain old stupid. Who came up with this?! My brother uses this 24/7, and it's VERY ANNOYING. I don't know how people find this amusing, but the jokes are WAY worse than this.

For example:
Yo mama's so ugly that she makes blind kids cry!
Seriously, what's the point if this?! It's pointless!

I don't even get why this one was invented. It sucks. - Powerfulgirl10

V 2 Comments
31 Your mom goes to college

She went there, anyway! So quit saying that, dummies!

V 1 Comment
32 You ate all that and a bag of chips
33 So?

Kid: Oh no! Dora the Explorer almost died!
Me: So?
Kid: I'm just messing with you, BUT I WISH IT HAPPENED!

V 2 Comments
34 Big Head
35 Your Ass V 1 Comment
36 Oh yeah? Well at least I'm not an idiot! V 3 Comments
37 Gamer V 2 Comments
38 Shut up you fart dart

I've never heard that one before

V 1 Comment
39 Big whoop
40 Because I said so

Parents say this a lot, and this is just stupid. This isn't a real, or a specific reason.
Me: Why can't I just roll up the lady's sleeve to do the incision on her arm instead of cutting it off?!
Doctor: Because I said so.
Me: I can't just destroy her clothing.

V 2 Comments
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