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61 Fart Face V 1 Comment
62 That doesn't even make any sense V 3 Comments
63 Because I'm black

A guy I know who said this to a black guy

This is racist. Who cares if someone is black?! No one!

V 1 Comment
64 That's Racist!

I don't care about this comeback.

I like this comeback. People need to stop being racist.

But what if somebody's being racist? - Powerfulgirl10

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65 You got no proof of that

It's hilarious when people use this then later get in trouble. - Powerfulgirl10

Kid: You got no proof of that.
Me: Oh yeah? Well, why do you have a sack full of money?!?!
Kid *gulp* Umm...
Me: Arrest him boys.
Officer 1: You're under arrest!
Officer 2: Get in the van so we can take you to the slammer!
Kid: {Screaming] YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!

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66 i am cool you are not V 1 Comment
67 Make me

People in my class say this ALL THE TIME. By the way, who's Colton?

V 3 Comments
68 You look like Justin Bieber

Someone LEGIT said this in my class once. Two people in my class get into fights a lot, and one kid said" You look like Michael Jackson! " and the other said "You look like Justin Bieber! " The one kid who who got called Michael Jackson was (not to be racist) black, and the other was white. Not to be racist, but Michael Jackson's not even black. Go look up pictures of him, and I'll prove you wrong.

I like his music, but not HIM. Also, lame comeback. There's also one that was " you look like Michael Jackson."

What kind of comeback is this? I like Justin Beiber's music, but not him.

You act* like Justin Bieber is more offensive.

He's a dick. - mattstat716

V 1 Comment
69 I'm calling 911

Just because somebody calls you something doesn't mean you call 911

So you get arrested for nothing. Huh...

V 2 Comments
70 Your mom looks like a toaster oven! V 1 Comment
71 Thank you for noticing
72 You cared enough to comment

You're right. I did. - mattstat716

73 That's your opinion.
74 Because I want to

Usually when people say this it is because they don't know what's going on, so they start doing what everyone looks like they're doing. But that's not what you're supposed to do, and someone actually smart asks them, "why are you doing that? " and they don't want to be embarrassed so they say that.

75 Stop it. I don't like it.

I know, I wasn't saying it to make you happy.

Just Like Your Mother When I Did Her

Me: I'm Dora the Dumb Explorer! Darr! Blah!
Kid: Stop it, I don't like it.
Me: I know, I wasn't trying to make you happy, because you LIKE Dora. I was trying to insult the show.

Seriously, the show is dumb.

76 Whatever V 2 Comments
77 That's what she said

My sister says that all the time

! I hate it! That's what she said? Really? You can't come up with a better comeback? Perverts.
This should be #1

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