Top 10 Worst Comedy Movies of the 1990s

And now it's time to look back at the worst comedy movies from the 90's decade from 1990-1999. Despite being called comedy for the most part they fail to deliver the laughs and mostly left you feeling more annoyed and make you wish you were watching anything else.

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1 Bio-Dome

All this movie is, is two obnoxious, annoying and insufferable idiots who spend the entire movie annoying anyone who's unlucky enough to cross paths with them made even worst when said idiots find themselves locked in a bio-dome for a year with several other scientists and instead of just kicking them out and starting the experiment all over they allow them to stay big mistake as the two annoy, harass and destroy everything, this movie exactly recreates the pain you'd feel if you were locked up in a bio-dome with these annoying freaks for a full year. - egnomac

I feel sorry for the scientist who we're supposed to hate because he's a villain. If anything, the two main characters are the villains for wrecking his work - GlassweighanCountess

A 1990's version of Sanjay and Craig, Fanboy and Chum chum, Teen Titans Go, Breadwinners and Rocket Monkeys

Not even Satan himself would air this crap in Hell.

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2 Blues Brothers 2000

A sequel no one asked for that fails to recapture the spirit of the original. - egnomac

John Goodman for Jim Belushi...horrible trade.

I never even bothered to see it, I found out how bad it was from WatchMojo, and I consider it non-canon to the original, to put it bluntly: THIS MOVIE NEVER HAPPENED. End of story. - SailorSedna

3 Jack

Defiantly a low point for Robin Williams. - egnomac

This movie definitely had a few weird themes and scenes that kind of seem messed up, but mostly sad instead of comedic - Criz

Jack is a horrible name - GlassweighanCountess

4 Beverly Hills Ninja

The biggest tragedy about this is it was Chris Farley's last movie and even he regretted doing this as he was devastated when he saw the movie in theaters as he felt like it was a painful reminder that he was just the dumb fat guy. - egnomac

As far as a comedy go it is a classic, but then again every movies he has been in before his death is a classic. Sure it is no where near as good as Tommy Boy, it has it's funny moments. If you want a terrible Chris Farley movie go with Almost Heroes that is his true regret of a movie - germshep24

So much hate on this list for undeserving movies: Beverly Hills Ninja, Black Sheep, Good Burger, Jingle all the way have no reason to be on this list, sure their not the best comedies of the 90s with the exception of Jingle All The Way which is a Christmas classic. but they are by no means the worst - germshep24

5 It's Pat
6 Black Sheep

A horrible rehash of Tommy Boy with none of the charm and humor that made Tommy Boy such a great comedy. - egnomac

It wasn't as good as Tommy Boy but it is still very enjoyable - germshep24

7 Junior

The real Arnold comedy that should be on this list not the underrated classic that is Jingle all the way - germshep24

Mpreg. enough said. - Drewman1211

8 Heavyweights

I saw this movie yesterday and I agree with you. - PerfectImpulseX

Still a better Disney movie than Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure though. - PerfectImpulseX

9 Chairman of the Board

A terrible Carrot top movies about a skater bum (becauses 90s) that becomes the heir of a fortune 500 company - germshep24

10 Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

What kind of movie is this? - MrCoolC

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? Space Jam


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11 Almost Heroes

If we are going to throw random hate at Chris Farley movies, lets put it at truly deserving movies not is 7/10 movies - germshep24

12 Good Burger

No matter how bad it seems, but it's still actually funny. - MrCoolC

I love this movie! Why is it in "worst"? "Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, may I take your order? " - AnnaO

Nah this is so bad its good. - Swellow

Why is Good Burger on this list? I actually thought it was pretty decent... - FloppyMink

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13 Ed

Horrible baseball movie. I've seen the reviews. This movie does suck. - LightningStrike

Avoid watching this film. It's bad. - girlcool

14 Surf Ninjas

Its nothing that we haven't seen before from movie like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise and 3 Ninjas everything about this movie just screams 90's. - egnomac

15 Nothing but Trouble

Chase, Moore, Candy, Surprisingly yes, it does. There isn't a single laugh in it. - truckturner

An abomination created by Dan Aykroyd - germshep24

More like, Nothing but Terrible. - MrCoolC

16 Cool World

It's got amazing animation. Pity literally everything else is awful. Sort of a Salvador Dali/Tim Burton/Looney Tunes fever dream. - BKAllmighty

Originally, this was not gonna be a comedy at all and had a much better premise planned, which is no surprise considered the works, not all but most, of Ralph Bakshi. P.S Keiran Lee videos on yespornplease

17 North
18 Home Alone 3

Early drafts they wanted Macaulay Culkin to return as teenage Kevin McCallister, but Macaulay sadly dropped out of acting. Guessing if he hadn't Home Alone 4 would've been adult Kevin.

Considering the crappy-ness of 4 and 5 (which were appropriately direct-to-video), this film isn't that terrible. I mean, I had the VHS of it as a kid and I didn't hate it. I'm sure I was among the intended audience so it can't be that bad. - BKAllmighty

But have you seen Alex nowadays. Cute in film and see him now

I honestly liked this one the most in the franchise - darthvadern

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19 In the Army Now

Anything Pauly Shore is terrible an obnoxious - germshep24

20 The Stupids
21 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

We like real comedy not stupidity like this so to number 1.

If you are mature as an 8 year old

Wait WHAT? - LightningStrike

22 Jury Duty
23 When Harry Met Sally

Wrong for two reasons; 1) It's a great film, and 2) It's from the late 80s. - truckturner

Good movie has no place on this list. come on ill have what shes having!

24 Baby Geniuses
25 Vampires Suck

Didn't this come out in the 2010s, a Twilight parody.
Twilight Saga didn't come out till 2008.

This not from the 1900s smart one

Jenn Proske was born in 1987, Matt Lanter was born in 1983 Chirs Riggi was born in 1985. A bit of an awkward 90s film.

26 My Best Friend's Wedding
27 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag
28 Father's Day
29 Dirty Work

Terrible movie directed by Bob Saget - germshep24

30 Billy Madison

Am I the only one who didn't find this that funny? I honestly found it to be obnoxious and lazy. Happy Gilmore is way better in my opinion.

31 Son of the Pink Panther
32 The Legend of the Titanic

Octopus with a nose saves everyone.

33 Titanic: The Legend Goes On

Why do you think these two are on here? Because Titanic 1997 movie was on here which was not a comedy, I notice it was deleted.

Its party time.

34 Jingle All the Way

Campy, but enjoyable. Arnold is sometimes at his best when he's not trying to be serious. - BKAllmighty

This film is actually really funny. - girlcool

This movie is actually pretty good and really funny, especially when dwarf Santa gets sent flying with a good hit. - Criz

A Christmas classic, and very underrated movie - germshep24

35 Nine Months
36 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
37 The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
38 Mixed Nuts
39 You've Got Mail
40 Super Mario Bros.

Looks terrible - darthvadern

The cast hated the movie.

41 Patch Adams

This was surprisingly kinda sick (no pun intended).

42 Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
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