Top Ten Worst Comedy Movies

The Top Ten Worst Comedy Movies

1 Lion King

Will you stop hating the fudging Lion King?! I have had it with these people hating this movie!

There will be million people more that hates the lion king so there

(sticking my tongue at you and all the people who lion king and lion king fans)

pop gets angry because he's a perfectionist freak and gets angry over a stupid things


I;m going to lick and a pinch to each person who love this stupid movie, Lion King

2 Disaster Movie

This movie was not screened in advance for critics, which is always a major red flag.

This movie received a 1% score on Rotten Tomatoes - THIS MOVIE IS SO HORRIBLE AND DISGUSTING! How ugly this movie is!

Poorly written sex jokes and making fun of something just because it's popular does not make a film. Some of the parodies included don't even make sense, like Batman becoming obese and the Chipmunks being homicidal rodents. I felt so drained when I finished this film that I can't even consider this a comedy. Bottom of the barrel people.

You know what’s better than I and goes without saying, but this movie... is HORRENDOUS!

3 Son of the Mask

It doesn't follow a story from the comics, not even the continuity, is painfully unfunny, annoying, horribly acted, and the effects look worse that the first. Which came out 11 YEARS BEFORE AND HAD A LOWER BUDGET!

I used to like the first one, then I saw this one. Now I don't want anything to do with the Mask franchise - VADERtheIMPALER

This is just an insult to the whole franchise I mean we have no Jim Carrey in this film instead they replaced him with the awful untalented annoying Jammie Kennedy and the effects are awful they are dated for that time period and I know the effects were alright for the first mask movie because you know it came out 10 years before but effects had changed in the last 10 years this movie had come out and the baby in the film looks creepy half of the time and the villian that has to be the lamest villian in cinemas history and Jammie Kennedy is just an bubbling idiot in this and he doesn't do a great performance as Jim Carrey does as the mask at all and yeah this films just an huge mess and there's too much freaky and dirsturbing imagery to look at and I don't know what audience this film is aimed at I mean is it kids? Because if it is keep them the hell away from this so yeah this movie blows but the first one rocks.

The first one is amazing but this is just a fail

4 Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat

Remember So I Married An Axe Murderer? That was a great movie! Compared to this one...

Even Dr Seuss’ widow Audrey(May she Rest In Peace) was so disgusted by this film that she said no more live action Seuss movies.

So, you though the cat in the hat was for kids huh? Think again. - nintendofan126

I think this movie destroyed Mike Myers career

5 Epic Movie

This movie DOES have funny gags but its too much and obvious so it becomes STUPID. I don't really like this, its quite pointless and it's a bit more crap than Disaster Movie even though that shouldn't have been made either. - marlonacott

This movie tries so hard to be funny that it forgets to actually be funny id rather sit through Sex and the City 2 than sitting through this torture. - egnomac

It really isn't epic. - Jetticus12

Not much epic but it does have its funny moments - SirSkeletorThe3rd

6 Scary Movie 5

The first 2 scary movie's were really good and funny, the rest were crap!

Two words; Lindsay Lohan. enough said.

I liked a few of these but this one was horrible.

7 Jack and Jill

This should be number 1. It’s nasty, ugly, gross and inhumanely racist.

The absolute worst comedy I have ever seen. All the sander cliches are here- Jewish jokes, asinine product placement, dumb cameos, the works, except none of them work.

Adam Sandler used to be good in films like: Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Big Daddy; but this!? This movie is a worthless excuse for complete career failure. I'm surprised that this movie isn't number one. All it is, is dull slapstick comedy, and fart jokes in random parts of the movie.

This movie gave me cancer he eyes... Sandler is already obnoxious and terrible but seeing him in drag and talking in an even more obnoxious way made me wonder if this movie was supposed to be a modern torture method for terrorists.

8 The Master of Disguise

Honestly, the first few minutes of this movie were alright, yeah, it wasn't amazing, but it was amusing.

Then it just suddenly hits you in the face with the horrible plot, characters, writing, and delivery of the writing.

There are some jokes that maybe could of worked, but the timing is really off, and it ruins the joke.

Some jokes just aren't funny at all, but they'll insist its funny by repeating the joke over and over until you can't take it.

Also, the rules this movie will make will be broken, like the grandfather of the story can't help, and it has to be the son that saves his parents.

And of course, the grandfather helps through the journey.

How the heck do you mess that up? If it's a joke, it's not that funny, and if they just screwed up, then what the heck.

My mother and I watched this movie, and she couldn't finish it, I had to make her absorb the whole thing to grasp how horrible this movie is.

And if you won't take my ...more

REALLY?! Why does this movie exist?! What do you get out of it?! The story, and the movie for that matter, is about a racial stereotype who wants to disguise as other people. That is literally the conflict. Not only is it really weird to have for a fantasy movie, but it tells that whatever created this thought the target audience would be perfectly okay watching something as stupid and vapid as this. Even at two and a half minutes, it is impossible to think of anything this that had a point. It’s a prime example of a fantasy movie that doesn’t give a crap about its audience.

This movies such a waste of time I think it should be number 3 on the list and I know films like son of the mask cat in the hat jack and Jill,white chicks and bio dome were all a amazingly bad comedies but this feels like the worst even through I think cat in the hat is worse I'm sure some people do I mean it's higher on the list but uh I don't know there's something about this movie that doesn't do anything for me at all it almost made it onto my worst movies list I'm saying it did it almost wow is this a bad film.

Its is so bad and then you want that ends it never ends!
That is so bad even five year old don't like this crap!

9 Meet the Spartans

It literally combines 300 and Meet the Parents. What the hell do those two movies have in common?

Never seen it but it's seems like a dumb combination that just wouldn't work

This film probably convinced Gerard Butler, to appear on SNL.

This Movie should be number 1 its one of the absolute worst and stupidest movie ever and all the actors in this movie seem fully aware that their movies sucks. - egnomac

10 White Chicks

What?! White Chicks was great!

Wayans bros. at their worst and, honestly, it was insulting to everybody's intelligence. Unwatchable. Can't wait for the sequel...should make Jack and Jill 2 while they're at it.

What are you talking about? This movie is hilarious

Boring and not funny

The Contenders

11 Bio-Dome

God this movie is annoying as hell this definitely deserves to be on the list I mean Pauly shore has to be one of the worst actors ever he's so annoying it's like you just wanna punch him in the face and yeah this movie to me is just a very unfunny rip off of dumb and dumber which I think is a great comedy but this is crap I feel a little embarrassed for some of the actors here I mean they were probulay just doing it for a paycheck I don't know and the plot is pretty much about these two dumb asses who pretty much get stuck in a bio dome and it turns they can't get out so they have to stay there for at least a year so the rest is pretty much them acting like asses and their not charming or likeable their not funny instead their annoying and I kinda feel sorry actually I think a lot of you people who seen this movie feels sorry for the sciences in this movie you know the science right and I feel so sorry for him because whatever he was trying to do these retards ruined it so yeah very ...more

Honestly, I had no idea this was a comedy. -

It's a bad sign when a parody of your movie in a Johnny Bravo episode is better than your actual movie.

The only good Pauly Shore movies are A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie.

12 Sex Tape

Boring characters, boring movie. Its science.

Is this good or bad I can't tell but it's obviously not a comedy.


13 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Makes Attack of the Clones look like The Empire Strikes Back, and also makes A Troll in Central Park look like The Secret of NIMH. That bad!

Worst movie ever

Was this supposed to be funny

Ok I had no idea this was a comedy all I knew was it was a bad kids film and bad film in general and if this is a comedy this should be number one! I mean this movie is a waste of time waste of cinema pretty much just a waste of everything I mean talk about being overly disgusting and depressing it's just even by looking at the cover it has here I just can't but cringe I mean this is pretty much the worst movie I've ever seen number 1 on my top 11 list and it deserves to be number Doug Walker aka the nostalgia critic reviewed this movie I he hated he pretty much said out of all the movies he's reviewed and seen in his life this is the absolute worst and he was excited to see this movie but he was a little kid at the time so he didn't know any better and he loved the toys and the cards and I don't blame him they look very fun and their pretty parodying the cabbage patch kids dolls and one of the reasons why his mom rip ms Walker didn't let him see it was because it was rated PG and PG ...more

14 What to Expect When You're Expecting

It's not what I was expecting...

15 Superbabies - Baby Geniuses 2

Oh my God. Saw this with lil sister. I think I lost brain cells watching this garbage. - OriginalVisionary

Dear Lord! This movie made me sick to every part of my body!

16 Freddy Got Fingered

Disaster Movie is no doubt a horrible movie, but FGF is more mean-spirited and gut-wrenching. Disaster Movie is just a stupid movie, but Freddy got Fingered is a disgusting movie.

Barry Lyndon is God and Freddy got Fingered is The Devil.

enough said. - TopTenTed

The fact that The Lion King above this gives me cancer. - 445956

Does a title like that sound like its gonna be a good movie?

The only thing I liked is DADDY WOULD YOU LIKE SOME SAUSAGE! To me, its infectiously funny.

Freddy may have gotten fingered, but everyone who paid for a ticket got screwed.

17 The Starving Games

This movie makes me wanna starve to death.

So stupid that they included Captain America, Iron Man, and Nick Fury.

What this garbage was actually a thing?

Thank goodness this thing bombed at the box office. Otherwise it would continue encouraging Friedberg and Seltzer to continue making crap movies like this

18 The Back-Up Plan
19 Due Date
20 Movie 43

Not that bad. There are two really stupid scenes, the one with Emma Stone ( but I like her as n actress ) and the one with Hale Berry. The other scenes were in my opinion funny. I don't say that this movie is a masterpiece but I've seen worse comedies in my life than this one.

All that talent, all that awfulness.

This is to movies what Action 52 is to video games

This is it. The one movie that managed to beat Garbage pail Kids

21 Juno

I’m starting to think Ivan reitman’s brother Jason created Fox searchlight pictures

22 Click

This movie was good not really for a comedy but it has heart and I disagree with it on this list.

One of the best adam sandler movies

I hate this movie!

23 Fifty Shades of Black

Crap! Not funny disgusting

24 Hot Tub Time Machine

63% average on a beloved comedy by many comedy fans on this list? Wow. - TopTenListmaker

Now this is just getting pathetic

Worst movie I've ever seen.

Gross, unfunny, and annoying do not a comedy make!

25 Sausage Party


26 Nine Months
27 Grown Ups 2

If you like fourth grade humor and wooden acting, this is the film for you.

Toilet Humor: The Movie

Worst the first one was way better

There is no plot at all. It's just making jokes.

28 Meet Dave

Haven't watched it. Wouldn't intentionally poke my eyes out, either.

29 Foodfight!

It's the worst animated abomination of all time, and one of the worst comedies of all time. Stupid puns, innuendos everywhere in a kid's movie, terrible animation, terrible motion capture, terrible jokes, etc. I recommend you destroy any copy you find.

The animation was so bad it should be a horror movie

Ugly animation

30 Dance Flick

It's almost like a crappy version of Hit the Floor or something... - Chaotixhero

31 Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

I actually like this movie

...moving on

32 Knocked Up

This was a great movie what

33 Phat Girlz
34 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
35 Date Movie
36 Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
37 The Love Guru

This film killed Mike Myers' career for good. That's why he never did Austin Powers 4.

The career killer of Mike Myers.

RIP Mike Myers movie career. - egnomac

38 Your Highness
39 Little Nicky

Suffering through this film let's you know what Jeffrey Dahmer is experiencing in the depths of Hell. It has no redeeming qualities and makes you hate Adam Sandler.

I really like this film

40 The Room

I Wanted To Burn That Movie, So Tommy Wiseau Must Be Dead and go to hell When he dies!

This movie was so bad it was good. It's perfect for ridiculing with your drunken friends.

This Movie Is Evil!

This movie needs to burning!

41 Scary Movie 2

This is the only scary movie I dobt like. It's boring and not funny - Sabbath

42 Norbit

Eddie Murphy is a cross between Adam Sandler and Tyler Perry.

We know she's fat but why make fun of it?

Hysterically Funny, more like Terrifyingly Stupid!

I liked this one

43 This Is Spinal Tap

This is a classic are these people stupid?

I personally never found this movie that funny. - egnomac

I never finished seeing this movie and I'm not planning on finishing it not once did I ever laugh all the actors really over committed.

This movie is so stupid its a mockucumentary about the worlds worst rock band and these guys don't even look like real rock stars instead they look like they came from a costume party a party where they got their asses kicked by everyone in the room. - egnomac

44 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

This movie even ruined children's lives, too! No wonder it got a greatly negative reaction by the overall popularity! Chipwrecked should be top 1! It ruined MY whole life, too!

45 Vampires Suck

Not as much as this movie does.

46 Year One

Liked by no one.

! this is the best scary movie!
"Grab my little hand"
And the part with the turkey was hilarious to, take this off of the list

47 Adventures of Pluto Nash

This interplanetary bomb received 5% on Rotten Tomatoes and lost $92.9 million dollars. It's so unfunny, it makes you think Pauly Shore is hilarious.

48 Strange Wilderness
49 Bridesmaides

No way! It was hilarious!

Worst movie I have ever seen.

50 The Campaign
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