Aragorn's Film Reviews: Son of the Mask

Here's something different I'm gonna do this time. I'm gonna do a movie review. And I'm gonna start with what is considered one of the worst films ever made, Son of the Mask (the sequel to the 1994 Jim Carrey film The Mask). I'm just gonna make it short and simple and hopefully it turns out good. So without further a do, let's begin.

The Story.
The story takes place in Fringe city where aspiring cartoonist Tim Avery (played by Jamie Kennedy) finds the mask of Norse god Loki. Once he puts it on he starts possessing supernatural cartoony powers. After having his first child, he realizes that his son was born of the mask and now Loki (played by Alan Cumming) tries to get the baby in order to find the mask.
If you have seen The Mask you know that it takes place in Edge City. Fringe City is too similar to Edge City so why not just keep it in Edge City? Well besides that, the rest of the story starts to get pretty messed up. There's one moment where Tim's son tries to get him thrown in a mental hospital for some reason, but eventually likes him later on. There's literally no explanation for why he hates him at first and why he likes him now so it's completely pointless. Then things start to get really messed up when Loki tries to find the baby. He causes all kinds of havoc everywhere he goes and it's not really funny. It's just creepy. He eventually finds Tim and the baby but is later stripped of his powers by Norse god Odin (played by Bob Hoskins), only to have him convince Odin literally in two scenes later to give them back, meaning there was no point to taking his powers away except to make the movie even longer (because I certainly want a movie this scary to go even longer!). After Loki finally gets the kid Tim and his wife try to get him back. After battling Loki, Tim wins and Odin arrives to kill Loki. But Tim tells him not to because Loki is his son and even if he banishes him he's still gonna be his son. So Loki and Odin finally make up, Tim gets a new idea for a cartoon and the film finally ends.
As you can tell there's a lot of things that don't make sense. Like why did the baby at first want to get his own father in trouble yet love him again later on? Or why would Odin strip Loki's powers just to have Loki convince him to give them back in two scenes later? Or why would the dog wanna kill the baby? Oh did I forget to tell you that? There's a subplot where the dog takes control of the mask and wants to kill the baby. They at least try to explain this by having him think up a thought bubble of an image where he's the center of attention again, but still this comes out of nowhere. No buildup at all. All these plotlines are pointless and don't connect to the story at all.

The Characters.
I really don't see the appeal in Jamie Kennedy's character. He just plays a whiny manchild who doesn't care or listen. His wife is also the typical bland underwritten hot chick you see most of the time. Loki is just malicious and sadistic.Odin is an a**hole father who doesn't love his son for who he is, telling him that he wants him to be more like Thor. The dog is just jealous, and the baby is very freaky! It shapeshifts into horrifying things and causes all sorts of psychotic mischief. None of these characters are likable or memorable in any way.

The Jokes.
My God is this film creepy. It has a very disturbing sense of humor. Most of the creepy jokes revolve around Loki and the baby. The baby (like I said before) transforms into scary things and does all kinds of insane sh*t. But the worse stuff is with Loki. There are scenes of him turning into even worse forms such as a girl selling chocolate, Tim's wife, and even the baby! EW! What is this an Aphex Twin video?!?
Besides all that, the non-disturbing jokes aren't any better. They're just annoying and lame. Like there's one scene where Tim (as his mask form) is sticking his face close to the camera while singing a remix version of Frankie Valli's Can't Take My Eyes Off You. Get it? God that was stupid. The reason that joke didn't work is cause nobody likes it when actors face hump the camera every chance they get.

My Overall Thoughts.
This film is one of the absolute worse films I've ever seen! It's loud, it's obnoxious, the images are probably too scary and inappropriate for kids, it's unfunny, it has terrible effects, and none of the characters are likable. My advice is to stay away from this turd as far as possible. Keep it away from your kids as well. Trust me when I say that this film will absolutely scar them for life.

Rating: 0/10

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I give this movie a very generous, amazing:
-1/10 - iliekpiez