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61 Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Nobody likes that it made fun of fat mall cops

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62 Zookeeper

Bloody hell, this film sucks hard. The dumbest idea for a plot, wooden jokes and the feeling that all the other notoriously bad films before it were ripped off. And that's saying something. - PositronWildhawk

63 Chairman of the Board

Carrot Top has set gingers back to the Pleistocene with this one. If he were to collaborate with Tom Green, another Biblical prophecy would be fulfilled.

64 Grown Ups
65 Billy Madison

Just think of all the starving children that we could've saved with the money used on this film.

I loved this movie when I was 5. JUST 5!


66 Drop Dead Fred

Awful just awful.

67 Beerfest
68 Baseketball

WHAT!? This list just lost all of its credibility. I laughed when I saw the lion king was number one. I shrugged it off when I saw Beverly Hills Ninja. This movie is hilarious. Shame. Shame on all of you. Is immature, yes. Is it a game changer, no. If you watch this and don't laugh then your broken.

69 The Brothers Grimsby

The elephant scene is sick and disturbing

70 This is 40

Ummm... this is one of then best movies in 21st century

71 Chicken Little
72 Zoolander 2
73 Ghostbusters (2016)
74 Seed of Chucky

Just pathetic, doesn't work as a comedy or a horror flick.

Looks/sounds/is stupid.

75 It's Pat

How the heck is this 43, it should OBVIOUSLY BE NUMBER 1

Which Hollywood executive green lighted this disaster?

76 The Hangover Part II

Literally the same as the first one set in Thailand.

You know something's wrong when the only laughs occur when Mike Tyson sings in a cameo. Did Adam Sandler write this?

77 This Is Spinal Tap

This is a classic are these people stupid?

I never finished seeing this movie and I'm not planning on finishing it not once did I ever laugh all the actors really over committed.

This movie is so stupid its a mockucumentary about the worlds worst rock band and these guys don't even look like real rock stars instead they look like they came from a costume party a party where they got their asses kicked by everyone in the room. - egnomac

78 InAPPropriate Comedy

Crazy combo of being insanely hilarious at parts but flirting with being unwatchable, as well.

79 Kangaroo Jack
80 Superhero Movie

Take this off the list or your dead

Sounds like it makes fun of marvel and dc with no funny jokes and just a lot of stereotype garbage.

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