Top Ten Worst Comments to Make at a Funeral


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21 Ha that's what you get bitch, I hated you my whole life V 2 Comments
22 Where's the food, I thought this funeral was catered
23 Can we go now?

In 2011 I said:momcan we go now,this is too boring!

Boy...that could be my last words.

24 Do dead people fart when they die?

Actually, yes. You are capable of flatulence for hours after you die. - CatCode

V 1 Comment
25 Not surprised if he's already rotted.

This is so rude to say. It would be more bad if someone replied "Yeah, let's check it out" - Animefan12

26 Damn now I'll never get my 20 bucks

He's gonna give me that $20 even if I have to wait 'til I die. - Merilille

27 Dad, can I poke him to see if he's really dead? V 1 Comment
28 He was really great in bed.

Like come on, this is a dead people we're talking about!

A bed without oxygen. How does it feel like?

29 I'm sure all of the worms are beautifying him up.
30 How long is this going to take, it didn't take him this long to die
31 Did I know him?
32 *Snap* This is so going on Instagram

Yo! That un's good! - HezarioSeth

According to the world today, this is prbably at every other funeral. - GrapeJuiceK

33 I left my phone in the coffin

Who on earth would leave their phone in the coffin? - Animefan12

34 How did he die? Haha! You're gonna love this. . .

It involved 2 forks, a chicken, and a whole lot a carpet!

35 Oops.

I have to agree saying this would really make people question you, but this seems like the thing you would whisper to your best friend in class about something

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36 See, kids? This is what God does to the bad ones

Not only will you come off as heartless when you say this, you will also make Christians look terrible. That is, if you are one.

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37 What If He Wasn't Really Dead Just Sleeping and They Bury Him Alive
38 How did I know him? Oh, it was me that killed him.

Oops... This would be really awkward. - ethanmeinster

39 I'm glad he died
40 Oh, never mind.
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