Worst Comments On Social Media

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1 Like if you're watching in 2015

Especially the people that "time travel" and say that they are actually in 2020 or some other year in the future. - Minecraftcrazy530

On this comment when I was listening to Badlands on YouTube, it was like if you're watching in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and it kept going on! It had 45 dislikes.

I hate those and I don't know why anybody likes those - OneWayStreet

Or whatever random year - HappyFlower

2 (Number of dislikes) people are losers

People are allowed to not like a video. Its our opinion get over yourselves. - Tekiku

3 Channel advertisements

I cannot handle these... In my eyes, if you make good content, THE SUBSCRIBERS WILL COME TO YOU. And if you aren't getting subscribers, work harder to make good content! - keycha1n

4 Thumbs up if

This isn't that bad. - MaxAurelius

5 Chain comments

Like those paste this to five comments and you won't die. - HappyFlower

6 Lik dis if you cri evrytim

Please learn how to spell. :) That would be very much appreciated. Goodness, peoples' spelling.. I can't take it.. - CloudofMercury

Lol that's true. But that is how it was written like.

7 Trolling
8 Celebrity imposers
9 First comment

Especially when everyone says this, or underneath it says "one day ago," and it was posted in 2012. This should be higher up. - MaxAurelius

Wow! You were first to comment?! There are several before yours, but WOW! Obviously you know better than all of us; you must be a God in EVERYONE'S eyes! I bet you're first for everything, like first to be punched by me, should we meet in person. - PositronWildhawk

10 Like for this thumbs down for that

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11 Sorry I know I'm annoying
12 Like if this... comment if this...
13 I liked my own comment lol.
14 I commented my own selfie Bruh
15 13
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