Worst Commercials of the 2000s

Some companies have made advertisements that are unusual,creepy, disturbing, or can be straight-up annoying. the 2000s did not seem to have a shortage of these.

The Top Ten

1 HeadOn. Apply Directly to the Forehead (HeadOn Miralus Healthcare) HeadOn. Apply Directly to the Forehead (HeadOn Miralus Healthcare)

My god, can you have a bigger vocabulary when writing a script? We get it, you want to remind us of those annoying people who repeat rules and won't let you free until they repeat them 17 times - SpectralOwl

2 The Spongemonkeys (Quiznos) The Spongemonkeys (Quiznos)

This is why Quiznos will never live up to the success that is subway. This is also the reason you don't put memes- ahem- viral videos in the media. - SpectralOwl

3 Life is short (Xbox) Life is short (Xbox)

This was from the early 2000s. Microsoft's Windows Xp may have been a huge success, but this is why you can't say the same thing for their first gaming console. - SpectralOwl

4 I Am Autism (Autism Speaks) I Am Autism (Autism Speaks)

Basically, they had someone represent Autism, but saying how it corrupts your kid is really not a great advertising choice. As an individual with Autism, I am offended. - SpectralOwl

5 SalesGenie.com's Racist Pandas (SalesGenie.com) SalesGenie.com's Racist Pandas (SalesGenie.com)

This commercial was in the 2008 super bowl and not really creative, but also used those pandas to support chinese stereotypes - SpectralOwl

6 FinallyFast.com (FinallyFast.com) FinallyFast.com (FinallyFast.com)
7 The baby (PlayStation 3) The baby (PlayStation 3)

What story, message or tolerable presentation were you trying to show us again? Remember that if it wasn't for this commercial, this could have lived up to xbox 360's legacy - SpectralOwl

8 Perverted Bubbles (Shiny Suds) Perverted Bubbles (Shiny Suds)
9 Eggs (PlayStation 3) Eggs (PlayStation 3)

Just like the baby ad, this is probably the reason it did not quite live up to the xbox 360's success - SpectralOwl

10 Shower (GoDaddy)

Just... Don't google it - SpectralOwl

The Contenders

11 Creepy Little Sun (Sprite) Creepy Little Sun (Sprite)

This ad was flat out BAD! The sun said Vitamins and Minerals. So we can't have Vitamins and Minerals?

12 McDonalds Happy Meal SEGA Electronic Games (McDonalds Pakistan)
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1. HeadOn. Apply Directly to the Forehead (HeadOn Miralus Healthcare)
2. The Spongemonkeys (Quiznos)
3. Life is short (Xbox)


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